Changed in V1.00 : Shortcodes

With the upcoming release of NextGEN Gallery I’m using the WordPress Shortcode feature. This means that I have updated all shortcodes. Existing post/pages can still contain the old shortcode, but for new parameters and features (templates) you need to use the new shortcodes. Here is the list of codes :

[ gallery=x ]  => [ nggallery id=x ]

[ album=x,compact ] => [ album id=x template=compact ]

[ singlepic=x ] => [ singlepic id=x w=width h=height ]

[ imagebrowser=x ] => [ imagebrowser id=x ]

[ slideshow=x ] => [ slideshow id=x w=width h=height ]

[ tags=abc,def,… ] => [ nggtags gallery=abc,def,… ]

[ albumtags=abc,def,… ] => [ nggtags album=abc,def,… ]

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23 thoughts on “Changed in V1.00 : Shortcodes

  1. cnb says:

    well, i have to test them out.#
    thx alex and have a nice day

  2. Is there an ETA for 1.00?

    Very much looking forward to this 🙂

    Many thanks!!

  3. Loren says:

    Hi Alex,
    In my theme I would like to use the tag and be able to select a specific gallery. Is that possible?

  4. Loren says:

    oops! It looks like i have to encode the php somehow. The tag I want to use is nggDisplayRandomImage()

  5. Is there a way to alter the slideshow so during the fade the images have a direct overlay? Currently they fade to black, or whatever the background color is set to, and then the next image fades in. can we fade on top of the next image?

    Also, is there a way to put a border around the frame of the slideshow?


  6. luis mostaza says:

    thanks for the update, although it seems to me the short codes are more complicated, but its alright.

    One thing i wanna point out tho is that you can no longer Shift select multiple images to upload. The latest relesae forces you to choose one image at a time and wait till it uploads before you can pick another. Could that be fixed, please?

  7. luis mostaza says:

    Oh, sorry I also forgot. When you want to insert an image into the post, you go to Add an image>Next-Gen Gallery and then pick the gallery.

    After you do this, the dropdown list of pictures appears, but nothing happens when you click on the “Show” link to insert the image. You can’t edit it or anything either.

  8. Fabian Lange says:

    Can you include the code listing in the plugin description? It makes it faster to lookup the possible codes, by just visiting the plugin overview page.

    PS: This is just an awesome plugin 🙂

  9. m@rk says:

    Alex! Herzlichen Glückwunsch zur lange herbeigesehnten 1.0!

    Ich liebe dein Plugin und habe die Entwicklung ja seit langer Zeit verfolgt.

    Tausend Dank für die hervorragende Arbeit,
    weiterhin alles Gute!

  10. Corey Dutson says:

    Hmm. It seems that between this update and the last one I was running (0.99 I think) everything has stopped working. I’m using the nextgen tool in the post writer to insert the code, and it’s not working.

    The only thing I can think of is the fact that I am using a plugin that splits the post from pre and post more tags. The reason I find this odd is that it worked before the update, but now none of my images on the website work at all!

    Any help you can provide would be helpful.

  11. Not sure why but if I try to insert more than 4 single pics on this page…

    The page content fails to appear.

    Please let me know what you think.

  12. Geir says:

    This is just the most fantastic image publishing solution. It’s integration with WP2.7 is an eagle, ad I really only see this as the highway of future WP image publishing.

  13. Viktor says:

    [slideshow=xx] is not running any more?!?

  14. alex.rabe says:

    Ups missed it… updated the post now

  15. Saxfield says:

    Great PlugIn, but I have Probs with the slideshow. The new Code dosn’t work … :o(


  16. […] UPDATE: Here is a list of shortcuts that can be used with NextGEN. […]

  17. Viktor says:

    slideshow is still not running!!!

  18. Ramona says:

    Updated to wp 2.7 and your new gallery. Galleries show up on my page fine, but albums only show the preview image with number of photos, but when you click on the link no photos show. Please advise. Thanks.

  19. Geert says:

    We have the same issue on, overview page loads, but when you click on the link to the album, we get a 404 page (loads nothing)

  20. Geert says:

    Just found the mistake, I was still using the old tagging, and changed it to [ album id=x template=extend], and now the deeper links to the albums work again!

  21. Well,
    I like to show the thumbs in a list order and when I click on the thumbs it will display in a div within the page, not in pop up div.
    How to do that using NextGEN Gallery? any idea?

  22. Norman says:

    Danke für das Super PlugIn!
    Leider bekomme ich keine Kompakte Ansicht der Alben hin!
    Muss ich da noch etwas besonderes in den Einstellungen beachten?

  23. Chp says:

    Hi, any have information about how to add a frame to the slideshow..?


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