NextGEN Gallery V1.00 – A revolutionary gallery system

Today is a great day ! It’s the release of NextGEN Gallery v1.00, a breakthrough gallery system for WordPress 2.7, with a revolutionary UI …(Ups, take the keynote from Steve Jobs). Ok, let’s get serious :

I’m working on this release the last half year, from the very first version ( Published at 09.march 2007 ) till today I learned a lot about PHP, WordPress and plugin coding. The code of this plugin evolved not in all direction straight forward, so it was time to rework parts without including more and more features. It’s a hard way to program a gallery system, which should not end up as Gallery2/Coppermine clone, but contain all needed features for the requirements of 10.000 users.

This new version is for myself a milestone, the code is now much more flexible and a good start for future enhancements. Here is a small summary about the changes :

  • It import all tags into the WordPress core taxonomy system, so it drop two database tables
  • Added a flexible template engine, so that you can restyle the output for your needs
  • Support of ImageMagick , thanks to the work of Frederic de Ranter
  • Core support of MediaRSS and Cooliris/PicLens, thanks to the work of Vincent Prat
  • Move / Copy images between galleries
  • Show Exif / Meta information inside the imagebrowser or single picture

A look into the future :
WordPress increases with every major release the amount of functions, also the core gallery systems is now much more flexible and I’m sure that it will be still be extended in the future. I think I should start a nice transition into the core gallery so that you can switch of the plugin if you didn’t need it longer for your purpose. For example : Some users requested a comment feature on every image, this is already a feature of the core gallery system, so I didn’t need to reprogram this part. NextGEN Gallery offers a folder and gallery based structure, the WordPress Gallery is a post/page based gallery structure, but it’s possible to sync both structures with a index key.

I’m open for all your ideas and recommendation, thanks to all the testers, translators and users which support me during the last two years.

Get the new version here :

Download NextGEN Gallery Version 1.0.0
Release version @

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56 thoughts on “NextGEN Gallery V1.00 – A revolutionary gallery system

  1. Andrej says:

    have a problem whit upgrade database – tables…

    Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted ! in /httpd/html/kapersk/www/wp-includes/wp-db.php on line 636

    Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted ! in /httpd/html/kapersk/www/wp-includes/plugin.php on line 326

    Can you help me?

  2. The_cobra666 says:

    Can’t upgrade. The script says it needs to update the tables in the database. After that, it only show’s: “Upgrade NextGEN Gallery”

    It doesn’t do anything.

  3. alex.rabe says:

    Please request help ONLY in the forums. Thanks

  4. Rutger says:

    Woohoo, thanks again!

  5. Andrej says:

    Alex, no your response in forum… 😦

  6. jonas says:

    Thanks dude! Great work…

  7. JF says:


    I am trying to use the plugin in 2.7… but every time I try uploading a picture, I get the follwing message : Directory /homepages/16/d251863804/htdocs/wp-content/gallery/broadway contains no pictures

    Any idea why??

  8. xxx says:


    will the “show thumbnail description” feature come back? i’m really missing it.


  9. luis says:

    I can’t wait. Your decisions about the plugin are in the right direction. Go on!.

    Greetings From Asturias, Spain :).

  10. dumu says:

    Has been upgraded and work fine.

  11. Me too. I can’t seem to get descriptions working on singlepic views even with the caption=”desc” thing.

    Yeh, I know I should say this in the forum but for some reason it doesn’t remember my username at the moment.

    Otherwise: WELL DONE. v1.00 Woohoo!

  12. ElliottB says:

    Just upgraded, and I’d like to say thanks for all the work. However, upon upgrading both your slideshow viewer and nextgen-flashviewer plugin stop to function. It’s reminiscent of the SWFObject change. It’s not detecting flash correctly. I’ve reverted my galleries to subtle thumbnails until I figure it out. Any ideas?

  13. marcO says:

    Excellent work as allways – but it think i ran into one bug regarding the mediarss feed. If you use the widgets to preview some pictures the mediarss feed is created twice – leads into doublicates in cooliris view. Furthermore it also is causing problems if you have a galleryview with thumbnails and the widgets previewing some pictures on the same page. again the mediarss feed is not correct.

    check here :

    so what about removing the mediarss feed for the widgets?

    –rgds marcO

  14. ElliottB says:

    Commenting on my comment. I’ve found that if I check ‘intergrate slideshow’ it fixes the flash viewers. — Did you make it where detection is only enabled when that’s checked?

  15. alex.rabe says:

    Thumbnail description are now part of your template, you can inserted above or below of a image what ever you want.

    I will have a look for the Media feed issue

  16. Rob says:

    Wow, Alex, you have outdone yourself! This is absolutely *the* best gallery plugin out there!

  17. waikon says:

    Hi Alex,

    I am using the Gallery page with the lightbox effect. When I click on the thumbnail, it shows the picture in original size with the lightbox effect. There is a description under the picture, and I would like to put EXIF data into it. Now I see ths V 1.0 with “# Show Exif / Meta information inside the imagebrowser or single picture”. Will it solve my problem? and would you please tell me how to get it works?


  18. xxx says:

    alex, could you gimme a short description of how that works (what i have to insert where)?

  19. luis mostaza says:

    Dude, you fixed the bug I told ya about! Thanks a bunch man! Now I can continue using this kickass plugin!

    Keep up the good job!

  20. Superb plugin which I have been using very successfully. Was just thinking ‘can i move images from one gallery to another?’ and then discovered in your new version that is possible. Superb. But, although I have searched around a fair bit, I cant find an explanation of how best to upgrade from the version I have to this new one. Is it just a case of me ftp’ing the new stuff into the plugins folder? Or is there a more elegant/better way of doing it?

  21. rich says:

    I had a problem with singlepic. It used to open a larger image, exactly like a gallery, so I was using singlepic to display small photo collections.

    How can I customize the new code to make it behave like it used to?

  22. flikteoh says:

    possible bug with displaying thumbnails in shutterbox. other thumbnails in the same page will be displayed even from different posts.


  23. Amber says:

    Thank you so much for updating NextGen Gallery frequently. I love this plugin very much and it makes my life 10x easier than it would be without NGG’s existence.

    However, may I make a suggestion?

    Every time I upgrade, I have to go back in through the actual code itself and remove the divs around the images because I don’t like the divs there. So, I was thinking that maybe in the future, when you are working on new releases, that you might consider including a way to style the HTML that outputs the images themselves in the admin panel. It would sure be useful and convenient. 🙂

    Thanks again for your continuous work on NGG! Can’t wait for the next.

  24. CB says:

    Hi, great great plugin !!! 😉 merci beaucoup !

    I’d like to know if i can translate [View with PicLens] in French and how ?



  25. Paul says:

    Hey there, wanted to say this plugin is great and saves me a huge amount of time. Also your support in the forums has been really fast, so thanks for that.

    Will the ability to select which “loading” animation to use for Thickbox be back, or is that gone for good? Not a huge gripe, I just happened to like the little dot circle. A similar question is what was the reason for getting rid of the “Full Size” link with thickbox?

  26. pk says:

    Hey man,
    a nice gallery I used your plugins. It’s great!!

    But I need to edit some parameter a bit. I wanna show GID in the list in
    gallery -> add gallery -> upload a Zip/upload images
    There is only show the title right? now I edit addgallery.php
    echo ‘gid.'” >’.$gallery->title.”.”n”;

    to be
    echo ‘gid.'” >’.$gallery->gid.’ | ‘.$gallery->title.”.”n”;

    Ofcause it could be show.

    Go ahead in new-post, it shows the nextgen button in the post box.
    In here I click this button to select Gallery, album, picture
    My question is how to edit the code to show GID in this?

  27. mori says:

    Yeahh Alex,
    really had to check it out.

    Maybe a feature request if you didn´t already did it with v1.00.

    The possibility to UPDATE or REPLACE a Picture with a new file.


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  29. Misu says:

    Thank you very much for your efforts Alex 🙂

  30. Jonny Bauer says:

    very nice work your gallery. But I’ve got a Problem using it. All the galleries i’m making look like this

    whats wrong with the gallery?

  31. senshi says:

    Hi, there is still a little display error, if you use the media – library popup. Perhaps it is a mistake in Word Press, i’m not sure. Alex, do you think it is possible to fix it in your plugin?

    Here is a screenshot of this display error.

    Es gibt noch einen kleinen Darstellungsfehler, wenn man den media library Popup benutzt. Vielleicht ist es auch ein Fehler in WordPress, da bin ich mir nicht sicher. Meinst du es ist möglich das in deinem Plugin zu beheben?

    Hier ist ein Screenshot des Problems

  32. Pawel says:

    Upgraded to 1.0 with WP 2.7. Works ok, but I’m really missing Full Size feature in thickbox. I guess this is due to different version of thickbox in WP 2.7.

  33. margot says:

    I’ve upgraded to WordPress 2.7 and the latest version of NextGen Gallery. Works great except that the navigation doesn’t appear on the slideshow. The name of the image pops up, but that’s it.

  34. Pawel says:

    I’ve managed to bring back “Full Size” into thickframe, but I had to install other version of thickframe (which is not compatible with 2.7 admin) and enable it only for content pages.

  35. hello,

    1 think:
    – Galerie / Bilder hinzufügen –> Bilder hochladen: the dropdone-list liste some entrys without a name it’s like a empty line.

    a crete plugin!

  36. Jonny Bauer says:

    finally i found my problem!
    needed the wp_head in my theme
    now its working pretty nice! awesome work! 😀

  37. dan says:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: nggallery_manage_gallery_main() in /home/www/html/wp-content/plugins/nextgen-gallery/admin/manage.php on line 46

    This appears when I click on the “Galerie verwalten” button.
    Wordpress 2.7 and Nextgen Gallery 1.0.1

    They have an idea of what it could?
    Thank you

  38. Spielkind says:


    I have two problems.

    – I see not a “Fullsize” Link

    – I created [singlepic=1264,250,250,,] and i have not a little pic but a link to the pic

    chanced this [singlepic=1264,20,200,,] (250 to 200) than i have a little pic.

    in the options von nextgen chanced thumbnails to 100×100.


  39. […] that gallery is no more, thanks to the just-released NextGen Gallery 1.0 plugin for WordPress 2.7+ by Alex Rabe. It’s a little buggy and takes some work to get set up the […]

  40. BlaKKJaKK says:

    Upgrade to 2.7 and 1.0 NextGen and no problems. Works great! Thanks for all of the hard work! This is definitely one of the best WP plugins around.

  41. ducheng says:

    wordpress 2.7

    Warning: ini_set() has been disabled for security reasons in /srv/www/httpd/phost/1/eu/pytalhost/18as/web/wp-content/plugins/nextgen-gallery/admin/addgallery.php on line 5

    Upload can not generate thumbnails
    Thank you

  42. senshi says:

    @ducheng have you tried uploading via FTP, then import folder?
    Perhaps this works.

  43. Jörn says:

    As always, you did a fantastic job.

  44. Spielkind says:


    the plugin
    WP Ajax Edit Comments
    is the Problem

    this was the error

  45. Jimi Wikman says:

    @ducheng your host has disabled ini_set() and you need to comment out the references in NextGen or ask them to re-enable it on the server.

  46. Sergei says:

    Slideshow widget not working after I put off “Integrate slideshow” in “Gallery settings”

  47. Sergei says:

    I have some posts with images in category. When I push link to see them in slideshow, all images in all posts activated in slideshow mode. Its a problem for me. And second problem. In firefox 3.0.5 in NextGen widget options have a trouble with changes “width” and “height”. I think its in stylesheet problem

  48. marshall says:

    does anybody know how to make nextgen gallery SEO friendly, is adding tags to images working for that? thanks..

  49. Claudiu says:

    Just wanted to say that you’ve done an amazing work and i would like to thank you for this great plugin.
    Also I would like to recommend a feature called “Rotate picture” and it should sit right beside the Resize feature.

  50. Jim says:

    Great plugin, finally upgraded! Very smooth transition, however …

    (Sorry to post this here, but I can’t find the answer in the forums.)

    When I insert an image at “full size” no link to the larger file is created and the Thickbox class is not applied. The effect only works when inserting a thumbnail or singlepic.

    Thickbox feature works fine from galleries and random/recent image scripts. But we need to insert the images using full size then resize them as desired.

    I’d rather not enlarge the thumbnail size in the NGG options, but is that the only solution since the upgrade, or am I missing something.


  51. justin says:

    Is there a way to add a price per image and add to a shopping cart.

  52. Wim says:

    It’s a great plugin. Thank you very much!

  53. Steffan says:

    Let me know if you find something that works. I need something like this for another project.

  54. God says:

    @Full image@ link is missing.

  55. james says:

    I am having troubles customizing templates for your NextGEN Gallery plugin for wordpress. Perhaps you could expand upon the tutorial a bit or offer a sample php and css file so that it is easier to understand what is going on.

    Thanks, keep up the good work!

  56. PS says:

    Is there a way to make the [ singlepic ] link to a gallery page instead of opening a large version of the singlepic?

    Sorry if dumb question, but I can’t find the answer.

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