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A new NextGEN Gallery Addon is available at wordpress.org. Titleimage from Marc Schmidt gives you the possibility to display the first or a random image from a selected NexGEN Gallery. This selected image will be displayed with the php function call showTitleimage(), which can be used inside your templates.

Download at wordpress.org or at the homepage from Marc Schmidt

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7 thoughts on “Random title for your header

  1. joe whitten says:

    When I tried to install the NGG plugin I got the message that the tables could not be created. I looked in my database and the tables were there though.

    The problem was I changed the table prefix in my WordPress configuration. When the install code checks to see if the tables exist, the prefix is not appended to the string and the code incorrectly thinks the tables are not created.

    I got around this by renaming the tables in my database before I realized what the problem was.

    Just thought you might like to hear this.


  2. Rob says:


    Love NextGEN, thank you for making it.

    I have a question about the page slider across the top of your blog. What widget is it and where can I download it? I looked but could not find it.

    Please help!

    Thanks, Rob Kent

  3. Marc says:

    Thanks for mentioning my titleimage plugin. It’s really just a very small add on compared to your great NextGEN Gallery. Keep on your fabulous work.
    Best wishes

  4. alex.rabe says:

    Danke zurück für deine Arbeit

  5. Nokao says:

    It’s a shame that it’s in not in english 😦
    I can’t understand what it does.

    Alex, have you seen my nextgen addon?:

    Do you think I can add it in the plugins repository for public usage?

  6. I installed the plugin and uploaded some images that I had in iPhoto, however I found a bug. The issue is that my images are *.JPG and when they are uploaded you convert the filenames to lowercase *.jpg

    This is fine, however you are inserting the filenames into the database as *.JPG this makes it so that the images and thumbnails are not found on a linux web host as .JPG and .jpg are not the same.

    I alleviated the issue by renaming all of my files however this is a bug that you should fix in your code.

  7. Chad Eddings says:

    Thanks for making this photo gallery. I’ve used at least a dozen different photo gallery apps over the last five years on our family website. Yours is BY FAR my favorite.

    I appreciate your work and making it freely available is just icing on the cake. Thanks again.

    Your gallery on our site: http://www.the-eddings.com/my-next-gen-gallery

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