All by your lonesome…

Starting from Monday I have have no more connection to the world, no Internet , no telephone … AHH ! For more than two weeks, due to the fact that T-Com don’t rush if you are a customer from a competitor… And I’m loosing my 100MBit VDSL2 😦 and must downgrade to 18MBit ADSL2.  Is the Web2.0 still working with only a 18Mbit connection ? Cannot believe it…


2 thoughts on “All by your lonesome…

  1. Saevar Einarsson says:

    I send you e-mail 15 min ago, i hope you got it, happy new year !

  2. Eddie says:

    Don’t worry, in New Zealand that would be a fast speed for internet, we have very average adsl2, and Web2.0 still works fine, so you have no worries

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