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So, here is the last message for two weeks (see article before). I finished the next Version of NextGEN Gallery with a couple of changes. I’ve added pagination to the backend, also I’ve added the pagination to the album (Sponsored by SlashGear, see example here) and a new template for captions below the thumbnails. Here is the list of changes :

– NEW : Pagination for album page via custom fields (‘ngg_paged_Galleries’)
– NEW : Support for fixed number of columns inside the gallery
– NEW : Added pagination for galleries and images in admin section
– NEW : New action hook(ngg_added_new_image) after image is uploaded
– NEW : New template for caption below images,
called via [nggallery id=x template=caption]
– Changed : Rework of Manage image tables
– Changed : Move imagerotator.swf to wp-content/uploads
– Changed : Added a URL field to setup the path to the Imagerotator
– Changed : Add additional parameter to gallery object
– Bugfix : Style fixes for tables in IE7
– Bugfix : All albums code couldn’t use the slideshow, query is empty for 0
– Bugfix : Htmlentities() for links in the a href title description
– Bugfix : Clean up mode for singlepic

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49 thoughts on “Paged Albums

  1. senshi says:

    Darauf habe ich lange gewartet, vielen dank. Werde es mir gleich installieren 🙂

  2. Torstein says:

    I have found your plugin to be a great tool for displaying pictures and now it has become even better! Thanks a lot! If anyone want to take a look at the how I use it, take a look at

  3. senshi says:

    Ich habe da ein komisches Verhalten in der Administration entdeckt. Wenn man in den Gallery Settings eine Seite weiterblättert steht unter Preview image “no picture”. Wenn man wieder auf erste Seite blättert steht im Auswahlfeld wieder das Bild, das man zuvor eingestellt hat. Stört aber weiter nicht, ist nur etwas seltsam.

    Habe diese Version ein wenig getestet und finde die neue paging Option echt klasse. Ein Alphabetical Index würde sich über dem Album auch ganz gut machen. 🙂

    Vielen Dank nochmal.

  4. Michael says:

    Was mir persönlich fehlt (vielleicht hab ich´s auch nur noch nicht gefunden) ist, dass wenn ich mehrere Alben auf einer Seite anzeigen lasse, diese mit dem Albumtitel separiert werden. Ansonsten wird´s bei vielen Alben sehr unübersichtlich.

  5. Carsten says:

    Great extension to WordPress! I must say.
    But I have a problem to align the widget slideshow using the stylesheets provided. It defaults to left always. I looked at the html output and it seems that the flash script is not enclosed within the tag of the “ngg-widget-slideshow” class as shown below. The flash script is in fact not able to be styled by any css. Is this a bug?
    Kind regards, Carsten

    Get the Flash Player to see the slideshow.


  6. Meyolito says:

    Hello, I love your plugin but I have problem with using slideshow widget – it won’t load. I really have no idea what to do…
    Thank you very much in advance.

  7. Scusate l’italiano. Non conosco l’inglese. Ho NextGEN Gallery, ma da qualche giorno non funziona più il prelevamento cumulativo delle immagini da una cartella. Devo prelevarle una alla volta.
    Qualcuno può aiutarmi? Grazie.

    Bartolomeo Di Monaco

    Operating System : Linux
    Server : Apache/2.2
    Memory usage : 11.94 MByte
    MYSQL Version : 5.0.68-log
    SQL Mode : Not set
    PHP Version : 4.4.7
    PHP Safe Mode : Off
    PHP Allow URL fopen : On
    PHP Memory Limit : 32M
    PHP Max Upload Size : 50M
    PHP Max Post Size : 22M
    PHP Max Script Execute Time : 120s
    PHP Exif support : Yes ( V1.4 )
    PHP IPTC support : Yes
    PHP XML support : Yes

  8. david says:

    need your help, i can’t connect album to page.
    what should ido to to connect this. I already set Page Id and give ngg_paged_Galleries= [Album ID]

  9. Didier says:

    When the compatible version for wordpress 2.7,
    think you

  10. Matt says:

    I just installed your plugin and it looks great. Just wanted to say big thanks for your work!

  11. Is it a way to secure that the caption text ends up below the Thumbnail? That would make the “thumbnail page” look a lot more elegant

  12. I see now that it is supposed to be a themplate ready to do just that (get the Caption below the Thumbnail) But I do not seem to get that part to work…

  13. fernando says:

    hola tu pluggin se be bakan pero parece que es muy dificil, podrias agregar algun tutorial enseñando a acuparlo, un video seria genial, saludos

  14. Billy says:

    I have WordPress 2.7 and your latest version of Nextgen Gallery and when I create a gallery it creates the folder on my server as it always has, but the gallery doesn’t show in the dropdown under the galleries.

  15. Maud Lerch says:

    Ich habe eine neue Galerie erstellt , bekomme sie aber letztlich nicht in die Homepage rein.
    Was kann ich tun ?

    Vielen Dank , Maud

  16. Larry says:

    New to this so what may be trivial for many to figure out is trouble for me as of now.

    Trying to load images into the gallery and am not able to do so. I figure there is something I’ve missed so need some help


  17. CB03 says:

    Hi can i use this plugin on a server and my galery files on a other ?


  18. Hao says:

    Good job!! Thank you !!

  19. tschramm says:

    moin, moin …

    gibt es die moeglichkeit von einem vorschaubild direkt zu lightbox zu wechseln um sich die in der gallery enthaltenen bilder anzeigen zu lassen, ohne erst in den artikel, welcher die gallery enthaelt wechseln zu muessen.

    so long


  20. adrie silva says:

    let me tell you this:

    Htmlentities() for links in the a href title description

    was not a bug…


    I really wanted to have a URL with each image’s description.

  21. Chad says:

    Fantastic! This is exactly what I was looking for! Great addition with the album and gallery text displays.

  22. The_cobra666 says:

    Fantastic! Still one mor to go, sub albums 😀

  23. Hobbsy says:

    Hi Alex, thanks for the wonderful plugin

    Is there any chance you could add “pretty permalinks” to your list of to do’s ?

    I would love to have a cleaner version than:

    as default in the plugin

  24. Denis says:

    beim Versuch das Plugin zu aktivieren, bekomme ich ein Internel Server Error 500.
    Ich habe das Plugin schon mehrmals neu geladen und auch die Verzeichnisse alle für LESEN und SCHREIBEN eingestellt. Ohne Erfolg.

    Hat jemand einen Tipp?


    during the activation of the plugin, i received an internal server error 500. Have anyone an idea?


  25. cookie says:

    hi, great plugin

    will updating from 1.0.2 to this new one affect anything?
    like modified styles or anything?


  26. Pete says:

    Hello, Im new to this, and I have used your other nextgen galleries, but Im having a hard time to install this! I downloaded the zip file, unzipped it then used filezilla to drag and drop the zip file to this location
    is this correct? I cant seem to figure this out, thanks for any help

  27. Dr. Satori says:

    How is the syntax for the custumfield ngg_paged_Galleries? I’ve found no answers…

  28. senshi says:

    @Dr. Satori
    Create new custom Field. Use ‘ngg_paged_Galleries’ for Name and a number for Value. For Example ‘5’ -> Only 5 galleies/page will be displayed.

  29. Dr. Satori says:

    it’s only in the beta-version possible?? i’ve tried it, but it doesn’t works in the latest version.

  30. Hello,

    Love your plugin! Small Question, How can I arrange that my pictures are actually SEO ? I don’t see any option/way to incorporate it in Google Site map ?

    Thanks a lot!!



  31. senshi says:

    @Dr. Satori
    Yes, I think so.
    -> – NEW : Pagination for album page via custom fields (’ngg_paged_Galleries’)

  32. Misu says:


    Thank you very much for the new version. Since the update, I’ve been having difficulties with the character encoding. I’m using the latest version of the WordPress, the latest version of the plugin with the built-in thickbox. I’m blogging in Hungarian so I’ve translated the thickbox and modified the default character encoding of the file and of course I’m using Hungarian titles for the pictures. It used to work with the previous versions but after the update the character encoding is wrong in the thickbox window. On the backend the entered text is correct, I’ve tried to update it, but no luck. Can somebody help me please?



  33. Gira says:

    Hi !
    I’m french and make a complete translation of the last version (1.1.0). If your interesting say it to me and I will send it by mail (zip file). I have not a valid wordpress site for this moment.
    One bug, I think.
    In a gallery page, description and title are not present.
    Just on an album page where the description is on the right side of the picture.
    And some of the stylesheet, have no effect.

    Excuse my bad english 🙂

  34. Misu says:

    [downgraded to 1.0.2]

  35. Pete says:

    I installed 1.1.0 in WP v2.7 and the edit posts and edit pages admin pages became blank white pages.
    I deactivated this plugin and they returned.

    I’d love to use this wonderful looking plugin.

    Please let me know if you would like further details.
    Please let me know if you fix this bug.


  36. July says:

    how can i remove the [Show as slideshow] on the page?


  37. Monique says:

    well, i hope the upgrade worked for most users !!!!
    I was a happy nextgen user, but am so sorry i clicked OK to upgrade !!
    if you ckcik ”ok” it removes the old one and than……….the new one does not work !!

    Been searching and reading for 2 days now !

    It’s back to HALF working, frst page of dash board is working

    But anything you click on beneat ”gallery” (eg MANAGE) look like this :

    Index of /marsite/wordpress/wp-admin/nextgen-gallery
    Parent Directory


  38. alex says:

    hey, just had to say thank you for making such an excellent plugin with a backend that is so easy to use, and so easy to teach other people how to use. keep up the goodness.

  39. Thanks U very much

  40. Timothy says:

    Great plugin! Thanks for all the work to put this together.

  41. Maurice says:

    I use NextGen and like it. Basic… that’s how I use it. With Albums and Galleries and slideshow and thickbox. That’s it.
    But now I see
    NEW : Pagination for album page via custom fields (’ngg_paged_Galleries’)
    … but I don’t get it.
    How does it work. Is it a trick to make a sub-album?

    Where can I find a readable tutorial of all possibilities anyway?

  42. Kim says:

    1st, THANK YOU for NextGen! Like another user said, “I wouldn’t have a site without your plug-in.”

    I am looking for help in migrating several sites from WP to WPMU. The directory changes from wp-content/gallery/galleryname to wp-content/blogs.dir/blog#/file/galleryname.

    How to move a site with a zillion images to WPMU?

    The domain is mapped so it’s the samedomainname.tld
    Everything is working fine, just want to import a blog and maintain my images.

    It would be nice if the “scan folder for new images” was “scan directory for existing galleries”.

    Have posted same Q in mu forum.

  43. Kim says:

    I successfully migrated my wordpress nextgen gallery to my WPMU site. It was as easy as exporting the ngg_ tables, find and replace instances of table name and gallery location with new info, eg; wp_blogID_ngg_ and wp-content/blogs.dir/blogID/files/gallery (blogID = your mu blogID#)

    added a test gallery and image to fill tables and get things rolling so-to-speak then deleted it and uploaded all gallery folders to new location. deactivated and reactivated plug-in and whamo. my entire site with every image on every post. I am sooooo happy.

    Thanks Alex.

  44. Maurice says:

    (see my previous post on February 1st, 2009 – 9:53 pm)
    I got it. (After thinking in my own language 🙂 and seeking and trying)
    Just for the other seekers:
    – Your page displays an album e.g. [album=9,extend]
    – this album shows thumbnails of 10 galleries
    – add an extra field ngg_paged_Galleries
    – value (for instance) 5

    Now your page shows 5 galleries and below an indicator to go to the next page.

  45. Thanks Maurice, your post helped me a lot, not thought much about it on the internet! 😀

  46. Morph says:

    Hello. Great work this gallery, is the best we have had on my blog and the best gallery I have ever worked with.
    Now with the pagination of individual albums is as irreplaceable.
    When I can I will make a donation.
    Thank you.
    Sorry my message is posted with a translator.

  47. daniel says:

    custom field for paginated albums is ngg_paged_Galleries
    but what does the value do? I just want to paginate my albums into 3 pages. So is my value 3?

  48. william says:

    how do you do pagination in WordPress 3.3.1

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