ONLINE ! – Back in life

Nearly one month offline… horrible, what happend during this time ? Is WordPress 3.0 already released ? Is the Web 3.0 comming ?

Back in Life

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9 thoughts on “ONLINE ! – Back in life

  1. cipote says:

    You missed the boat Alex!
    Aside from the items your mentions, we’ve also solved the climate crisis, the economy is back strong… 😉

    Welcome back!

  2. Fabrizio says:

    Hi Alex
    During this month the world does not know more wars, we are all more good and the ozone hole has been reduced.. 😉
    Welcome in our world Alex…

  3. Ramoonus says:

    Web 3.0 is already on it`s way … bit by bit
    And WordPress 2.7.1 is juit out
    You haven`t missed much of the fun …

  4. elotse says:

    Great that you are back, the world was missing you.
    Please lets not talk about WP3, lets work one the problems with 2.7.
    Its horrible for me to think about 3.!!

  5. Zarcon says:

    Life’s good!

  6. cnb says:

    hihu ,Alex
    the google release the free exchange service ,but beta version..

    only calender and contacts will be synced .. hey but Over the Air!

  7. Seth says:

    Been using your gallery for some time now. Finally got some time to look through all your code yesterday. I know you said not to email you about support, but I’m not really looking for support as much as wanting to know how I would go about implementing a couple new features I want into a version update? I don’t want to make the hacks into your plugin and then have to do it again after you update : ) What do you think?

  8. telugu says:

    just installed your gallery plugin, good work, it is better than zenpress, you can improve it a lot..keep going

  9. lol says:

    You can’t spell “coming”?


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