New shortcodes for v1.2.0

I’m nearly finished the next version. I will test it during this week and release then a final beta for one week.

New in the upcoming version is thanks to the help from Simone Fumagalli, that you manually can change your thumbnails. See some example at his homepage. Also I’ve included three new shortcodes for random, recent (THX to Bernhard) and a tag cloud (Example here).

Wish you all a nice week

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8 thoughts on “New shortcodes for v1.2.0

  1. j00 says:

    Wird es bald auch möglich sein, eine Galerie zu erstellen, die man dann in Teilen (z.B. Bilder 1 bis 4 oben und weiter unten nach ein bisschen Text dann Bilder 5 bis 8/ oder auch auf der nächsten Seite) anzeigen lassen kann?

  2. Dayna says:

    How do I enable paginations for the gallery and images in the admin section? I don’t see the pagination options or is it by default, up to a certain x number of images, it will start to paginate?

    Please advise. Thanks 🙂

  3. Omer Altay says:

    The #1 thing I want to see in the NextGen gallery is some better image SEO. That’s the absolute #1 thing. If I see that being worked on, i’ll gladly donate some Paypal so our favorite dev here can buy a nice steak dinner 😀

  4. T2 says:

    Thanks for the wonderful plugin it works like a charm. I have two questions for you…

    1. I would like to use the RSS media feed from my main blog ( to post an image to my photo blog ( Currently the feed does not show the image. I am using the syndication plugin to create the post from the feed however I am not sure how to include the image feed link in the post. I welcome any ideas or suggestions.

    2. I am using TDO Mini forms which has an upload image feature. However I would like those images uploaded to the gallery from NextGen so I can use them in my feed. Any ideas how to make that happen (BTW, I have posted the same question with TDO Mini Forms plugin too).


  5. Luke Radl says:

    Will the new version have the option to specify an external URL linkfromdisplay option within the Nexgen gallery slideshow options? I’m having a lot of trouble trying to figure out how to make my slideshow link to a url.

  6. Catalin says:

    I’m using your plugin for a small photo contest.
    You must have an account in order to upload the photos. All the wordpress users are set default to be Subscribers.

    It use to work, but not anymore.
    They can create the gallery, but it’s a problem when they upload the photos. No matter what size, the photos will not be uploaded.

    Any ideas?

  7. Brook Drumm says:

    Thanks for the great plugin – really nice! I use this for church websites, but desperately need to link the images in a slideshow to a page on the website.

    I found a hack for this with the ImageFlow plugin, but it doesn’t work in NextGen Gallery Slideshows. Thanks again!

  8. I found a shortcodes bug in the current version I think.

    This line 44 from lib/shortcodes.php was missing none as a possibility for alignment.

    $search = “@[singlepic=(d+)(|,d+|,)(|,d+|,)(|,watermark|,web20|,)(|,right|,center|,left|,none|,)]@i”;

    so it pukes on


    which was inserted by the editor gallery insert module and should be legit. Get the dreaded [singlepic not found] without this.

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