NextGEN Gallery V1.2.0 RC1

Time to test the next version, I’m happy for any feedback. Here is the list of changes:

– NEW : Support for image tag cloud with shortcode [ tagcloud ]
– NEW : Adding shortcode [recent max=”7″ template=”filename” /] & [random max=”7″ template=”filename” /] to show the most recent/random pictures (THX to Bernhard)
– NEW : Crop thumbnails manually (THX to Simone Fumagalli)
– NEW : Support for i18n with polyglot or qtrans plugin (THX to Boris Glumpler)
– NEW : Canonical meta link support
– Added : SWFUpload V2.2.0 B5
– Bugfix : Language typo fixes
– Bugfix : Admin Pagination fix
– Bugfix : Typo fix in widgets
– Bugfix : Init column script after document is ready
– Bugfix : More Htmlentities() for links in the a href title description
– Bugfix : Upgrade routine didn’t add sortorder to correct table (THX to Uwe)

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48 thoughts on “NextGEN Gallery V1.2.0 RC1

  1. MakesYouClick says:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function admin_url() in /home/sexporndir/domains/ on line 136

    Did you even test it before releasing it? lol

  2. love sms says:

    which process i can use to add RANDOM pictures of main page sidebar.

    i have use new version of NEXTGEN galley..

  3. Ramoonus says:

    Yeeha, running the RC1 on my own site. Waiting for the final to upgrade all other sites.

    Canonical meta link is a great new feature!
    Nice work once again

  4. marco says:

    Cheers man, great plugin, but do I need to deactivate and re-build my galleries from scratch? How do I simply update? Also did my best t ocontact you through the forum but no answer, why is album Title and thumb not showing in 1.1 with [album=1,extend]? it shows the galleries instead! Thank you

  5. Yanesa says:

    I just discovered a problem with the multi lingual feature. Here is the thread:

    Maybe its not yet too late to implement this?

    Tank you very much.

  6. alex.rabe says:

    @marco : Deactivate plugin, delete older folder, upload the new version or autoupgrade later. Activate the plugin again. Please use the new shortcode [album id=x]

    @Yanesa : I will have a look

  7. Rob says:

    I’ve installed NextGEN, about a week ago and was loving it. i’ve upgraded it yesterday. but i’ve noticed that when i import a gallery folder from the server, it doesnt create the thumbnails on the fly like it used to do.

  8. alex.rabe says:

    @Rob is this releated to V1.2.0 ?

  9. Kev Lewis says:

    NextGen is looking better with every release Alex 🙂

    When editing the galleries and content would it be possible to view the galleries sorted in alphanumeric order rather than “date of creation”/chronological order ? I have a large number of galleries and I’m having to search through a large number of pages looking for the correct gallery, if they were listed alphanumerically it would make life so much easier.

  10. Rob says:

    yes, 1.2.0

  11. Spel says:

    I have problem

    I regularly have updated plugin and something happened in last 2 weeks

    Last time I have add some gallery was before 2 weeks, and today after some possibly update I have done in last few or more day, I have message in next gen overview that my database is kind of older and nextgen must update some things – Ok I have click update, and after that I get several messages which talk about nexgen cant add some new stuff into database – I saw that next gen has been using some user to access to db which don’t exist – I use root for working with db and not my own user name on blog – Ok what happened next is that after those several messages I cant add new galleries

    Any help to overcome this problem will be appreciated – I have even remove and install new V 1.2.0 rc 1 nothing has been changed

    Any ideas how to solve this?


  12. Sidd says:

    Hi there,

    I seem to be having a strange problem.

    When i upload some particular images the colours become very soft in a way. The images look totally different to when i view them on the flash compared to on the pc. Has anyone else experienced this issue??

    Some images look fine as they are seen outside the website. But some are just way off in terms of colour.

    Is it just me?

    I can upload a screenshot of what im talking about if you like? I can even show you the original pic before uploading.


  13. Ragge says:

    I have a problem with the letters æ, ø and å. When you click on a singlepic, æ shows like “æ”, ø shows like “ø” and å shows like “Ã¥”. In galleries it’s OK.

  14. mike dutton says:

    I’m having the same problem as Marco, I think. Every gallery I’ve created is shown within an album instead of the ones I wanted. I tried using the new [album id=x] format as well, but with no luck.

    I auto upgraded the plug-in, so I’m not sure what else needs to be done. Thanks for any help. Everything else looks great, Alex!

  15. Ben Gillam says:

    bird3.jpg (Error : File not found)

    Get one of those for every picture i try and upload from zip. seems to make gallery but wont show the pictures or thumbnails.

    Cant wait for final working version 🙂

  16. Kev Lewis says:

    Sidd, your problem is the colour profile of the images being uploaded. You need to use sRGB profile rather than RGB profile otherwise the images look washed out when viewed in a browser

  17. A_Flama says:

    Very cool! I’ll make sure to test it 😀
    Thanks for the great plugin!

  18. Misu says:

    Hello Alex,

    A few of us had a character encoding problem with the 1.1.0 but a guy figured out the solution and posted it here:

    Could you please take a look and maybe change it by default for the upcoming new release? Thank you very much for your efforts.

  19. Spel says:


    Will you suggest me something issue mentioned above – What to do?


  20. marcO says:

    Hi alex,

    little feature request: whats about a native rss feed for the gallery so users can subscribe to the feed to have a new added images notification. The mrss is allready pretty nice but thumbnails in the feed would be really nice to have.

    –rgds marcO

  21. Winged_Soldier says:

    Dear Alex!

    Thank you for all your great work!

    I tried the newest version, and I found an annoying error, which I managed to resolve. The character encoding goes bad in the image’s title displayed in thickbox, lightbox, etc, when using accented characters (non-english). More information can be found here:
    Also there is a non-professional solution there, but it works.

    To be honest, I don’t really know php, just learning it, so I’m not sure, if it is the best solution. Just wanted to catch your attention about the problem, and offer a temporary solution for others suffering in the same illness 🙂


  22. marco says:

    Thanks alex, Let me start saying that this is a great plugin, much appreciate your work; )unfortunately I did what you suggest but no luck, I deactivated the 1.1 plugin and did upload the 1.2 RC1 still the Album title is not showing unless I put a gallery in (showing me the gallery name instead).I manage to modify the gallery.php to get the alt/text underneath the pictures in the gallery (but in IE6 it show the code top-right the thumb altering the layout, damn!.

    A solution would be extremely welcome

  23. emile says:

    hello alexrabe
    i have a problem with nextgen gallery and wordpress 2.7.1

    could you see the screenshots here !

  24. K.eon says:

    Hi, Alex Rabe.
    First all, congrats by this amazing plugin. That’s really cool thing. I’d like a feature request on slide mode: max thumbs gallery by page.
    Something look like ur slide post page to navigate, will be fine too. This all in slide Mode.



  25. kat says:

    Hi Alex,
    I love using the NextGEN plugin – it saves a ton of time 🙂 I noticed on the forums you were looking at putting thumbnail captions back into this new release, but I don’t see it as part of your list (unless I missed it, in that case, sorry!). Are you planning on putting this back in? I’d love to have thumbnail captions! 🙂

    Many thanks,

  26. Faidon says:

    Hi and congratulations for a well maintained plugin! I was wondering if it was possible to use the slide show as a “featured content gallery”, that is make the images of a slideshow link to specific relevant posts. There was a hack in aan older version of NEXTGEN, that has now dissappeared….
    Thank you

  27. Robert says:

    Hi and thanks for making such a great plugin!

    Was wondering how I can I have a main page that points to all my galleries maybe with a thumbnail for every gallery?

  28. tapirul says:

    I have a problem that existed in the previous version as well: if I use slideshow (or any of the outputs from NextGen FLashViewer plugin, simpleviewer, tiltviewer, etc), I get this on my main page:

    [Show picture list]

    The Flash Player and a browser with Javascript support are needed..

    Both Plash Player and Javascript support are there… It happens both in Firefox and IE….
    Any ideas?

  29. Bildunterschrift in NextGenGallery jetzt mit Umlauten…

    Meine Bilderverwaltung wickle ich ja nicht mit den bordeigenen WordPress-Mitteln, sondern mit dem Plugin NextGEN Gallery von Alex Rabe. Ein Problemchen ergab sich bei den Bildunterschriften, die nach dem Klick auf das Bild unter dems…

  30. jwqlb says:

    hallo alex,

    danke für dein umfangreiches plugin.
    ein problem würde ich gern beseitigen.
    zwischen dem aufruf “[Zeige als Dia-Show]” und den nachfolgenden thumbs hätte ich gern einen abstand – sprich eine leerzeile.

    an welcher schraube muss ich drehen, um dies umzusetzen?

    mit bloggigen grüßen

  31. om says:

    I want to display name but how do .I have no Idea .if any person know about this change pls help me. Thanks for read.

  32. bob says:

    hallo wie kann man folgenden Link [mit Piclens anzeigen] entfernen, wenn man bei wordpress eine bilderliste einstellen mag.

    gruß robert

  33. jwqlb says:

    mein problem besteht leider immer noch.
    kann mir wirklich niemand helfen?
    ich bitte darum!

    mit bloggigen grüßen

  34. jwqlb says:

    habe mir selbst geholfen.
    für alle, die es interessiert:

    in der ngg_shadow.css, in zeile 235 (.slideshowlink) habe
    ich “margin-bottom: 20px;” eingefügt.

    vielleicht kann das mal jemand gebrauchen.

    vielen dank noch einmal für die große hilfe und unterstützung hier im blog.
    ich hätte zwar noch ein ähnlich gelagertes problemchen, aber da stoße ich wohl hier wieder ins leere.


  35. alex.rabe says:

    Falls das mit der “große hilfe und unterstützung hier im blog” ironisch gemeint sein sollte, möchte ich nochmal ausdrücklich sagen das Support NUR über das Forum (und nur dort) zu erhalten ist. Stehet ja auch ziemlich eindeutig im Impressum…

    Es macht keinen Sinn hier jede Frage als Kommentar zu lösen, das würde dann so auf 10000 Kommentare hinaus laufen. Danke für das Verständnis.

  36. tdu says:

    I am having the same error someone mentioned above every time I try to activate the plug-in: Fatal error: Call to undefined function admin_url() in /wp-content/plugins/nextgen-gallery/admin/admin.php on line 136 .

    When the error occurs, I can’t even log into my dashboard. I have to go into my FTP and delete the entire Nextgen folder.

    There is mention of the same thing in a support post on the forums as well, but no replies.

    Could you give me any tips? Thanks.

  37. stefan says:

    Hoi Alex,
    Erstmals danke für das Plugin. Ich habe zwei Fragen:
    a) Ich habe bei den Gallerieoptionen “Number of columns: 0 (0 will display as much as possible based on the width of your theme)”, weil ich möchte, dass die Gallerie so viele Spalten macht wie die Bildschirm-/Fenstergrösse des Betrachters erlaubt. Ich habe nun aber den Effekt, dass das nicht immer richtig hinkommt. Viele Zeilen haben dann weniger Thumbs als die “voll gefüllten” Zeilen. Mir scheint da ein Rundungsproblem vorzuliegen. Wie kann ich das korrigieren? Ich verwende Thumx von 140x105px.
    b) Ich habe die Thickbox eingestellt. Ich möchte in der Gallerie drei Bildgrössen vewenden:
    1) Thumbs
    2) Bild in der Thickbox auf z.B. 800x600px reduziert
    3) Bild voller Grösse und Auflösung
    Wie kann ich bei den Bildern (z.B. in der Thickbox)einen Link erzeugen, der auf das gleiche Bild in voller Grösse zeigt.
    Danke und Gruss, Stefan

  38. Kelly says:

    Alex THANK YOU for all of your hard work, I’m still working on implementing the gallery into my site- but so far so good. Bravo!! PS. I’d love a random image widget for the side bar, have it pick from the latest uploads or a certain album etc…

  39. dash says:

    lovely work thumbnails go perfect too
    Q: album thumbnail where to spicify this now..?
    i dont like the one it has picked for me
    thank yu so much!

  40. Darren says:

    Hi I just wanted to say thank you for the plugin. I have a simple question for you. All of my pages on my blog are “Posts” and all of the images I use are links to my main Flickr page so that I do not clog up my system. So just a quick question, is there anyway that i can use links to the images to create the gallery instead of the actual images themselves ?? If anyone knows how this can be done or if there is an answer to this question somewhere else, then i would appreciate it.

  41. Angela says:

    Any word on the fatal error when activating?? I’m having the same problem. Thanks.

  42. Kevin says:

    I’m having the same fatal error problem. You’d think whoever created this thing would be replying to some of these…these questions are over a month old!

  43. CS says:

    I have installed nextgen-gallery and the image list and image browser are working great. However I downloaded this plugin for a non-profit organization because of the slide show. I have downloaded the imagerotator.swf and uploaded into the wp-content/nextgen-gallery/ root folder.
    I have create a slideshow called “font-page” the folder is present in the /wp-content/gallery the photos are in there. And when I add the code tp the page to display the slide show, nothing show. I tried [slideshow id=1 height=219 width=419] and [slideshow id=1], uploaded the swf. file in various places and still nothing any idea. (my version is 2.7.1
    Any help would be appreciated.

    thank you

  44. Nick says:

    I am using it on 2.7.

    “gallery not showing up”
    – my first gallery i added worked well, then i couldn’t get it working again – until i used the button in the visual editor to add the gallery. Now works brilliantly…

    except a close button! Any ideas on how to add that (like thickbox?)

  45. Mark Williams says:

    Excellent plugin all round. Very clever.

    One suggestion if I may?

    A “close” button. Watch users clicking through galleries – many of them have trouble closing the enlarged images.

    Would improve usability.

    Cheers 😉

  46. Mark Williams says:

    EDIT: adding to my last comment:

    DOH!!! The close button function is already there! I didn’t realise the “thickbox” effect not only provides a close button, but also sizes the enlargement to fit properly on the visitors screen – whatever size it is. This brilliant plugin just got even better for me.

    Keep up the good work 😉

  47. navin says:

    hi mark
    where is the close

  48. Fabi says:

    Navin, you need to change the effect to Thickbox in order to see a close button.

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