Important note for Version 1.2.0

So, the new version is out. You maybe noticed that the flash slideshow is no more working. In this case please check the path of the imagerotator.swf in the gallery options -> slideshow.

If it’s empty or point to the plugin folder, you should upload it again to your upload directory. You can use the WordPress Media uploader or you upload it via FTP. Then press in the gallery options the button “search now”, the correct URL should be entered automatic, otherwise add it manually.

Why do I removed the slideshow from the plugin package ?
Now, the basic issue is based on the fact that my plugin is released under a GPL license, but the great Imagerotator is published under a CC license. To respect both license, i decided to remove the flash file from the package. It doesn’t mean that I didn’t support it, the slideshow is still a core feature.

As always :  Please report further problems at the forums.

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72 thoughts on “Important note for Version 1.2.0

  1. DaKing240 says:

    Is this version safe to upgrade if we are using NextGEN Flashviewer or other add-ons?

  2. DaKing240 says:

    also, congrats on a new version!

  3. Agung says:

    I got some problem while upgrading automaticaly.
    and it cant be activated, with this error message:

    Warning: require_once(/home/a2612859/public_html/blog/wp-content/plugins/nextgen-gallery/lib/core.php) [function.require-once]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/a2612859/public_html/blog/wp-content/plugins/nextgen-gallery/nggallery.php on line 228

    now i’ll try update manually.

  4. Johnnie says:

    Hi – Automatic upgrade worked ok for me.

    Is there a way to disable thumbnail creation when uploading a gallery via a .zip folder

    Great plugin, thanks Alex.

  5. LeeJD says:

    Great Plugin!!

    I have a problem, when I was upgrading the plugin, like this:
    Operation timed out after 30 seconds with 477360 bytes received

    If I download the the new version to replace the old version, should the saved galleries become unavailable??

  6. laowang says:

    Thanks for your great work! I love this plugin!

    Does any Lightbox plugins work in this version? I found it has issue with lightbox2 in the previous version. But 100% compatible with other effect, such as thickbox, shutter or highslide.

  7. Martin says:

    Automatic upgrade worked ok for me also. Thanks for the latest update 🙂

  8. Todd says:

    Love the plugin…. Questions/suggestions… Can you make the gallery name changeable… I mispelled one and cant fix it.

    Also i have gallery with vertical and horizontal images. Both are 500 pixles for the longest width… When I do this the horiz are fine but the vertical ones get streched. Is there a work around this…

    Thanks and keep up the good work.


  9. dibtych says:

    ARRHG my flash image-rotator is broken!!!

    I upgradet the plugin and uploaded the newest version of the flash-rotator, set the path correct in the plugin but its allready broken…

    Can it be that it is an issue when i use the gallery and the image-rotator at the same time like i do on my page: ?

  10. Hervé says:

    I’am french user, sorry for my english.

    I have a probleme but i d’ont understand :

    in 1.2.0 RC 2 : good all image-rotator is ok.

    in 1.2.0 Final : i have “The Flash Player and a browser with Javascript support are needed..”

    My path and imagerotator is ok into wp-contantuploadsimagerotator.swf, in GalleryOptionsSlidesShow, Path to the Imagerotator is ok

    how to make ?

  11. dibtych says:

    now it works… seem to be an issue with the cache ore somthing else…

  12. Hervé says:

    I fix it setting chmod 755
    I had to set chmod all folder:


    I works perfect now!!!
    I hope this helps

  13. Dayna says:

    How do I enable pagination in the admin page? I still don’t get it. Mine has nearly 50 over images on 1 page in the admin “manage gallery” and it doesn’t paginate. Is it on by default?

    Can anyone please kindly advise? Thanks.

  14. Neil A says:

    Upgraded automatically. Didn’t automatically reactivate plugin but other than worked fine. I have both flashviewer and imageflow plugins working (latest versions) with no issues.

  15. Neil A says:

    One thing I’ve just noticed. Custom thumbnails not saving. Say’s thumbnail updated, shows correctly on manage gallery, click save changes, it then reverts to original thumbnail.

    Any ideas?

  16. John says:

    I installed your plugin for the first time last night and I can not get the imagerotator to work at all… I set the path to the upload folder but it does not work at all for me.. Does it matter if I have it set up on a subdomain? I tried what Herve said above CHOM 755 the whole folder but still the same error…


  17. Lepidopteron says:

    Hey, I was thinking of some additional features.
    – Comments for pictures
    – Rate pictures (maybe including wp-stars?)
    – Set pictures as private
    – Galleries that do not show up in recent pictures or random pictures
    – If this already exists I didn’t figure out how to get it working yet: add a page or article that is including links to all articles/pages which include a picture of “the” gallery or the album.

    Thanks for your Plugin so far. Just some ideas… 😉

    Sincereley, Lepidopteron.

  18. McD says:

    More additional features

    A easy way without use the widget to show the latest upladed pics.

    Maby [album=all,latest] Or [Galler=all,latest]

    I cant use widgets on my gallery side 😦

  19. Miguel says:


    Next-Gen Gallery upgraded automatically.
    I have imagerotator.swf set ok in options and ftp.

    Image rotator swf works but no image is showed.
    any idea?

    thanks a lot

  20. Meyolito says:

    I can’t believe slideshow isn’t working again!
    I love this plugin, but this is so frustraiting.
    I’m trying for a month to get it worked, but without success. Does anybody have solution for this problem with widget slideshow, please?

  21. Craig says:

    I upgraded and want to use the “shutter” version to so the larger files when a thumbnail is clicked on, but instead it opens the full size photo in a separate window. How can I fix this?

  22. Craig says:

    should add, it works correcly on “thickbox” but that is the only one…..

  23. Nick says:

    Lost link from album to every gallery. Need help urgently.
    Feel free to have a look at it at:
    Any help is greatly appreciated.

  24. Nick says:

    Sorry, after upgrade to 1.2

  25. Nick says:

    All good now, fixed it. Magic happens!

  26. Andrew M says:


    Great plugin, thanks for making this available to us.

    I have one problem, and that is when the text that I’m entering for image titles and descriptions contains single or double quotes. For some reason, they are written to the database with “” in front of every instance of a single or double quote. Am I the only one that uses quote marks in my text?

    I know that I can use html escape characters or no quote marks at all, however, if I ever want to edit an image title or description, then NGG will rewrite all of the text for every image in the gallery.

    This seems like a bug, are you aware of this?


  27. emile says:

    i have always the problem with the new version

    please help !!

  28. Nigel says:

    This upgrade really did not go well. The automatic upgrade stopped part way through. I did it manually instead, but then the database upgrade went round and round – claiming to have completed successfully but then telling me over and over that it still needed to upgrade the database!

    When I finally got out of that loop, somehow, it has lost all my albums and galleries! And it can’t find the rotator, even though it is in the correct place.

  29. > Custom thumbnails not saving. Say’s thumbnail updated, shows correctly on manage gallery, click save changes, it then reverts to original thumbnail.

    I’m having the same issue. I thought it might have been a cache issue since I’m mostly using [singlepic] instances, but the issue persists even with the cache cleared and disabled.

  30. Nivelis says:

    Got other problem – when I click edit thumb, window appear where I can change my thumbnail. But I don’t see selection tool! I can’t select area of thumbnail – I tried on Firefox, IE, Opera with lowest security options – not work!

  31. Mathew Eis says:

    This is an amazing piece of work – please keep it up! I have made a donation; it was a small amount, but I hope it makes the effort worth a little more!

  32. WaltPietersen says:


    ein Slideshow-Problem: Wenn der Beschreibungstext (auch nur) eines Bildes in der Galerie länger als die Pixelbreite der Slideshow ist, sind die dortigen Schaltflächen der Navigations-Leiste nicht mehr sichtbar.

    Beschreibungstext wird in der Slideshow zentriert, damit sind die Navigations-Buttons (… links und rechts der Beschreibung) ausserhalb des anwählbaren Bereiches.

    Ein ‘Switchen’ in die Vollansicht ist infolgedessen nicht mehr möglich. Selbst bei einer Pixelbreite von 300 x 400 müsste die Bildbeschreibung recht kurz ausfallen, um die Schaltfläche ‘Vollbild-Ansicht’ anwählen zu können.

    Wäre es möglich, in der Slideshow den Beschreibungstext in der Anzeige mit beispielsweise ‘abcd efg hij…’ auf die Pixelbreite des Slideshow-Fensters zu begrenzen, so dass die Schaltflächen der Navigationsleiste sichtbar bleiben ?

    In der Vollbildansicht der Slideshow (bspw. 1900 x 1200) könnte dann natürlich der vollständige Beschreibungstext wieder zu sehen sein -> ‘abcd efg hijkl mnop qrst uvwxyz.’ .

    Könnte es alternativ die Lösung geben, ein Shortcut für die Vollbildansicht der Slideshow zu vergeben ?

  33. Drew says:

    I can’t seem to get the flash rotator to work at all, despite having it uploaded to the correct place and doing the automatic search (which pulled the correct location). I love all the other features though – it’s really pretty slick and I love the way it integrates.

  34. Yogie says:


    many thanks for the update, I found out that the search button for the imagerotator.swf will not find the file and insert the path:


    So I had to add it by hand. After adding the slideshow did work again.

    BTW: I had to download the imagerotator separately like described at the options page! 😉

    Thanks again…

  35. Yogie says:

    I just encountered an ugly thing, when looking into my gallery and clicking an photo (using shutterset) and returning to the website I do have an ugly white square on the top left corner.

  36. speedlikecy says:

    i have a question…
    how to chenge the permalink structure ?

    first page url
    the second page url
    and i wan url become like this
    how to change?

    but if I active the permalink structure.
    the second page url is
    the url not friendly to view.

    that is my recommend,thanks for read.

  37. Liz says:

    I love this plugin but am having one small problem. In cooliris mode, all photos uploaded to my site show, not just the ones in the selected album. There may be a simple option I’m overlooking, but I’m not very savvy with computer language. I’d appreciate any advice you could give.

    Thanks again for this wonderful work.

  38. Flactarus says:

    Hi Alex, I have a small question 🙂

    Is it possibile using slideshow with the tags instead IDs?


  39. AD says:

    Is it possible to have a comments box for each pic?

  40. Jay Versluis says:

    Next Gen Gallery worked well for a few weeks, when overnight it stopped. Didn’t display galleries anymore, although my installation hasn’t changed at all. That’s BAD.

    So I’ve automatically upgraded to the latest version, which worked fine – but it didn’t bring my galleries back to life. Strangely enough, there are no error messages displayed, and the sidebar widget works great for random images. Embedding a gallery into a page however (i.e. THE SIMPLEST THING I’d expect from this plugin) results in the code getting displayed, not the images. That’s REALLY bad.

    Any thoughts on this?

  41. tekzt says:

    hey alex, have you removed the full screen option for slideshows too? i can´t find it anywhere : (

  42. BLueDog says:

    I’d like to use this plugin, but cant seem to get the thumbnails to display. I seem a frame and text but no thumbnail. I was hoping this upgrade would magically solve my problem. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to fix thumbnail issue.

    Do I need to install anything in addition to this plugin to get thumbnails to display?

    Any suggestions?

  43. WaltPietersen says:


    möglicherweise kannst Du den Fullscreen Button für die Slideshow nicht sehen, weil ggf. der Beschreibungstext eines Bildes aus der Galerie länger ist als die Pixelbreite des Slideshow-Fensters. Buttons der Navi-Leiste damit ausserhalb des Sichtbereichs.

    Hab mich auch schon totgesucht.

    Greetz Walt

  44. tekzt says:

    Nein, leider nicht, ist auch bei Galerien in denen ich keinen Beschreibungstext eingegeben habe der Fall. Ich glaube mich zu erinnern dass es früher eine Option “allow fullscreen” in den Einstellungen zur Slideshow gab, diese ist aber nicht mehr vorhanden (vielleicht irre ich mich aber auch).

  45. Quincy says:


    wirklich gutes Plugin. Aber ich werde es nicht mehr nutzen, weil es mir zu instabil ist. Nach jedem Update hat man Probleme – und ich bin da ja nicht alleine, wenn man sich die Foren so ansieht.

    Bitte nicht falsch verstehen – vielen Dank für die Arbeit! Aber dieses Plugin ist das einzige (das ich kenne jedenfalls), bei dem man die Finger vom automatischen Update lassen und den alten Spruch “never touch a running system” beherzigen sollte.

    Wenns mal läuft ist es super, gigantisch was man mit machen kann. Aber ich habe keine Lust mehr nach jedem Update alles wieder neu zu machen …

  46. alex.rabe says:


    Sorry das tut mir wirklich leid, du bekommst natürlich den vollen Kaufpreis zurück.

    Bitte nicht falsch verstehen – ich hab wirklich die neue Version mit 5 Servern getestet, aber irgendwie bin ich halt so schlampig das ich nicht alle 50.000 Installationen berücksichtigt habe. Das darf natürlich nicht sein, besonders nicht wenn man so viel Geld dafür bezahlt. Und man beachte erstmal die Zeit die du dafür geopfert hast um den Fehler zu finden. Horror !

    Das wird besser, bevor ich die nächste Version veröffentliche schreibe ich jeden Nutzer an und teste die Version auf allen Servern dieser Erde. Versprochen !

  47. Quincy says:

    @ Alex. Sorry ich wollte dir nicht gegen das Schienbein treten. Auf der anderen Seite wußte ich nicht, dass man hier keine Kritik schreiben darf.

    Ich habe tatsächlich einige Stunden für Fehlerbehebung aufgewendet (und viele andere anscheinend auch), aber ich will keine Fehler suchen, sondern bloggen.

    Ich wollte Dir wirklich nicht zu nahe treten. Aber Du machst doch das Programm – interessiert dich wirklich nicht, wenn Anwender davon frustiert sind? Ich hatte jetzt 3 Installationen und jedesmal, wenn ich den update-button gedrückt habe gings in die Binsen und ich musste alles neu machen. Das nervt nunmal.

    Ich sagte ausdrücklich: dein Prgramm ist super! Wenn es läuft ist es genial! Aber ist es nicht für dich interessant zu wissen, dass bei vielen Leuten Probleme bei Updates auftreten? Da kannste doch ansetzen und Dein Programm verbessern. Mich würde es freuen, wenn es einfach stabiler wäre als dauernd neue Funktionen einzubauen.

    Nochmal: danke für Dein Programm und die viele Zeit die Du investierst! Aber sorry: Du musst Dir schon auch Kritik gefallen lassen – so ist das nunmal.

    cu Quincy
    p.s. ich würde auch dafür zahlen wenn es stabil wäre. Wäre nicht das erst Plugin für das ich zahle …

  48. alex.rabe says:

    Wo steht hier das man keine Kritik schreiben darf ? Wurde dein Kommentar gelöscht ? Hast du mal deine Zugriffsrechte auf deinem Server überprüft ? Hast du im englischen Forum gepostet ?

    NOCHMAL : Ich habe das plugin mit besten Wissen programmiert und versuche auf ALLE Probleme einzugehen. Ist dir schon mal in den Sinn gekommen das es vielleicht gar nicht an meine Plugin liegt ? (Nur so’n ne absurde Idee)

  49. marius loots says:

    After updating to the newest version, the widget is not showing any thumbnails. I have tried the suggestions above, but none seem to word. The slideshow on the sidebar works, but the widget only displays the filenames. When I click on the filename, the image display, but no thumbnail.

    Anyone with any ideas?

    ke a leboga
    Marius Loots

  50. viar says:

    i did the upgrade for latest version of nextgen. and move imagerotator.swf to upload folder. configuration and else in wp-admin settings for the plugin already checked and my assume nothings wrong in it, but still its only show me the loading icon for slideshow, nothing comes up. any suggestion, maybe i missed something?
    thank you

  51. Neil A says:

    Hi Alex. The thumbnail issue I posted appears to simply be the old cached versions of the thumbnails displaying. Can’t believe I didn’t think of that!

    Thanks for all your hard work. Awesome plugin 🙂

  52. IE8 is makeing the Gallery look like shit!

    The pictures are 15px in width. In FF it still looks fine.

    I dont get it.

  53. Waikon says:

    Hi Alex,

    thanks for the update, I have no problem with my galleries. But I have a question. I am now using [nggtags gallery=xy] to show images in the galleries, but I can’t sort the images. Would you please tell me how to do that?

    And maybe you can also tell me how to add EXIF data like aperture, shutter speed into the caption. I am using the Lightbox effect.


  54. I automatically updated the plug in today and the album function appears somewhat broken.

    Right now, the albums don’t seem to work correctly. I have a couple different albums but they all seem to want to show every gallery I have in the site. Help?

  55. Arjan D. says:

    First off.. Probably a stupid question, but is it possible to dedicate a page in my blog to all the photo’s i have uploaded?

    i would like to have it that it shows all the albums on one page and as picture it shows the latest from the last gallery. Is this possible with NextGEN gallery?

    and last but not least. I really love the plugin! great job and thank you for sharing your knowledge 🙂

  56. James Buck says:

    This was the thing I didn’t know I had to do! It frustrated me for a while – thanks so much for the tip.

    It might be useful to put this step in the readme – it just says ‘Upload the file imagerotator.swf to the NextGEN-Gallery folder.’

    Thanks so much for this amazing plugin – love it.

  57. alex.rabe says:


    Thanks for the note, I will change that

  58. Bretta says:

    Nevermind i fixed it 🙂

  59. irish says:

    guys just go to option and put in the full url where theimagerotator.swf is located and it will work

  60. kchayka says:

    Would you *please* post the change log for 1.2.1?

  61. mitch says:

    Irish is right… upload the imagerotator.swf to the upload folder. Then…you go to gallery > options > slideshow >

    Path to the imagerotator must be the full url to the imagerotator.swf or you can click the search now button for it to locate it.

    once you do that… this plug in works great!

    Best wishes all!

  62. lemon says:

    I’ve modded a little bit your nextgen gallery:

    * added new gallery to default album
    * autocreating pages for new galleries
    * autoupdateing pages titles when updateting gallery title
    * added search result from galleries to search page
    * added last added photos while browsing author archive
    * added caption of images (i know it was made but i had to make a class for it which looks like this:


    so it doesn’t mess up now layout so i think in next release should be with by default with caption turned on)

    What do you think about it?

  63. lemon says:

    Only one thing i dont know how to do:

    how to remove gallery (when i delete it) from album in php?

  64. gapa says:

    can you please post somewhere your modification. i am specially interested in search option.

  65. Dukessa says:

    Hi, Im having a problem with role assignments.
    Im using Role Manager and I created a new role, but when I try to use the Tiny MCE button, when the little window appear it says “you dont have permission to do this”
    But I set all the permissions ok for that role… I dont understand what the problem is.
    How can I fix it? Its really important.

    Thank you!

    P.S.= I posted here too

  66. lemon says:

    @gapa – email me tmgryf

  67. damn says:

    All I can say is: “damn this version!”
    Previous versions worked fine.
    I followed instructions you had in your page but nothing. No galleries.
    This damn thing is broken. 😦
    Problem is, that images have a important role.

    Can you make the previous versions of Nexgen available for download?

  68. damn says:

    Add new gallery ->
    fill in the name and hit “Add Galley”.
    You will see the message: Gallery test successfully created.
    You can show this gallery with the tag [gallery id=34].

    But the tag [gallery id=34] is WRONG!, it will not work.
    I had to use [nggallery id=34] .

    No wonder people are screaming bloody murder 🙂

  69. Bureau 24 says:

    I just upgraded to your latest version and things are not good. Did you remove the option to display descriptions under the pictures? I notice the description is there when you click on a piture but it is absent otherwise.

    It really diminishes your plugin usefulness to have removed this feature.

  70. deadhunter says:

    I’ve made the upgrade of my girlfriends website
    to wordpress 2.7.1 and nexgen gallery
    I made the upgrade of the database, reload jwrotator and made the change in option (the location)
    but nothing appear in the front side of the website
    only the icon of load but nothing !!

    can you help me
    thanks for you works

  71. Quincy says:

    Hallo Alex,

    wir hatten ja weiter oben einen kleinen Disput. An meiner Grundaussage ändert sich nichts, jedoch muss ich dennoch meinen Hut vor Dir ziehen. Ich hab es wirklich versucht etwas vergleichbares zu finden, was in sachen Installation, Funktionalität und Qualität in der Anzeige auch nur ansatzweise an Nextgen herankommt.

    Aber es gibt nichts. Ich habe Stunden damit verbracht die verschiedensten Gallery Plugins zu installieren, mit Lightbox Plugins zu ergänzen, Code in irgendwelche Header zu kleistern. Alles um dann festzustellen, dass es mit Nextgen einfach viel leichter geht.

    Ich habe auch versucht die WP Gallery zu nutzen und mit einigen Plugins aufzuwerten. Aber damit kam ich gar nicht klar. Ich las öfters, das NG zu kompliziert für Laien wäre und man suche einfacheres – bei mir ist es gerade das Gegenteil: alle anderen Plugins haben mich schon bei der Installation mit Komplikationen genervt.

    Klar ist für mich: NG ist ein echtes Schwergewicht, klar ist auch, dass ich mit jedem Update zittere. Meistens klappt es leider nicht.

    ABER: NGG ist ein verdammt gutes Plugin! Das gebe ich nunmehr sehr gerne zu, da kannste wirklich stolz drauf sein. Es ist das einzige, das alles wirklich so macht wie ich es möchte! Ich bin reumütig zur 1.21 zurück gekehrt, und sobald ich Zeit habe, werde ich alles wieder auf NG umstellen.

    Danke für dieses Plugin – Donate folgt!

    cu Quincy

  72. mandeep says:

    Hello i amhaving huge problems with slide show , i had moved to a new server , and ever since slide show dosent work it keeps on showing loading icon but never loads. my site is any help please

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