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I’m currently sorting out what could be the next feature for NGG, in the meantime you can vote your favorite gallery plugin at BlogOh!Blog . I’m also interesting in the pro’s and con’s about your experience with NGG. Let me know your opinion in the comment section. Thanks !

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47 thoughts on “Vote for your favorite gallery plugin

  1. Ótimo plugin. Congratulations!!!!

  2. I am a bit new at this, but I have downloaded and installed NextGEN on WordPress 2.7.1. This thing is amazing. I don’t know specifically if there is some aspect of this experience you are asking for feedback on or not. I can tell you that the interface used to configure NGG and manage it is impressive. To me, that is actually more important than cool effects. Many of my clients, like Habitat for Humanity (a new site I’m putting up) are not so interested in fancy effects. They want a web based photo gallery that makes it easy to manage and display with a small learning curve. NGG sets the standard for this need. Keep the admin interface clean and easy to use like it currently is, no matter how fancy the effects get, and you will continue to win converts!

  3. Ben May says:

    I’m officially tossing my hat in for some AJAX user navigation on the galleries. Having pagerank issues due to &nggpage=2,3,4,5 etc counting as seperate entities to google. The page title change helps, but when you have a gallery embedded down a little ways in a page, you get sent right to the top every single nav click.

    Otherwise, incredible plugin. The fact this is my only gripe (and it is an annoyance at best) shows to the quality of this effort.

  4. Greg says:

    Use arrow keys to go to next or previous photo.

    Thanks for this great plug-in.

  5. Alex — NextGEN is brilliant! I’ve been hacking around with it on my blog since yesterday, and very pleased. Just the right level of simplicity, and nice to have it really place nice with WP. Also, install was a breeze. Excellent stuff! Here is my wishlist:

    1) Gallery thumbnails render in a box with borders if they are portrait, so the table spacing is consistent (phpthumbs will do this, check it out!)
    2) Easy to configure what is shown along with each thumbnail (date, etc.)
    3) Clicking on thumbnail brings up Thickbox by default, but this can be changed on a per gallery basis to go into a page-based image viewer. (Also consider using some of the hacked viwiers that have pre-caching and keyboard shortcuts.)
    4) Page-based image viewer uses a different template than the original post (very important for me, so I can axe sidebars on these pages.)
    5) Whole system uses phpthumbs to cache thumbnails, regular screen size images resizes, and singlepics. That way, I can upload 2400×2400 masters, users normally see 800×600.
    6) Ability to add a tiny bit of output sharpen (USM has been written for PHP) during resize, to give each gallery extra pop
    7) Give me some way to hack it so that if a user is using the lightbox/thickbox viewer, they can switch into the page-based viwier via a “more info link.” That way most casual browsers can just jump around in the fast viewer but a more dedicated one can go the page-based viwer to get EXIF, or download a different sized image
    8) Some way to have easy and consistent “click to comment” functionality on the page-based image viewer
    9) AJAX or pre-caching for image-viewers for speed — wordpress framework is heavy!!

    Is any of this possible? I’m a pretty solid coder, any suggestions?


  6. Nokao says:

    I think that NGG it’s nearly perfect.

    What it misses is maybe just the possibility of insert videos like pictures, and to vote/comment single images.

  7. Sorry for posting twice, but I was looking into integrating phpthumb and now see a few other advantages that make this close to a no-brainer:

    1) It will take care of imagemagik vs GD for you
    2) Handles USM, watermarking, zoom, etc
    3) All of its options can be encoded as a string that could be referred to by a shortcode, preventing you from having to build a lot of extra functionality- – just build the PHPthumb URL, call out to it, and your done
    4) Manages its own caching and cache directory
    5) You can call it programmatically to prevent security risk of someone hacking the URL and rendering their own images (say if hacker wanted to remove the watermark)
    6) Has been integrated well into other wordpress plugins such as YAPB, which has lots of great example code for calling image-gen from inside a PHP loop

    Check out YAPB for example of a really great integration.


    Email me offline, I might be able to put some time into a proof of concept.

  8. Matt Goff says:

    I find NGG very useful in many ways. I’ve especially found the automatic integration of exif data for titles and descriptions very convenient.

    One thing I would like to be able to do is sort by gallery title on the Gallery Overview page. Perhaps this is already possible, but I have not figured out how.

    Thanks for all the effort you’ve put into this great tool!

  9. hartlijn says:

    I really like NextGen Gallery.

    Things I might add if I was the founding father 🙂

    – more widgets: album slideshow (besides gallery slideshow). latest albumpics
    – integration with WordTube: a function to allow a movie to be part of a gallery would be nice
    – enhance with more interactive features:
    – Let users vote/rate pictures (with widgets to show most rated)
    – comment on pictures (this will be my personal favorite)

  10. The_cobrA666 says:

    -subalbums (top priority)!
    -comments on pics

  11. Cathy says:

    After upgrading to the latest version I noticed that the border for individual single pictures is now missing. I’ve tried adding border info to the ngg stylesheet, the background I add shows but not the border. I’ve tried just about everything. That’s what I liked about NextGen Gallery, the borders were on only the single pictures in my post and not everything if I add the border info to my theme’s stylesheet. How can I add it back again? Thanks

  12. Zarcon says:

    I love NGG, now I only wish I could have something like that for my videos too!

  13. Henry64 says:

    Hi, Alex,
    What I’d like to see is some acknowledgment from you that reported problems with the current version of NGG (1.2.1 I believe) are being addressed. Specifically, I am referring to the gallery management issues (blank admin screens) that have been reported in your NGG forum section. Feedback from you of any sort would be welcome, even if that feedback is that you have no intention of addressing the problem(s).


  14. alex.rabe says:


    I’m helping as good as possible. Blank screen/Thumbnail errors are mainly a memory or permission issue. If you can be sure that you have enough memory and set the correct permission, I need access to the blog to debug this. This I have offered now a lot of time. See this topic as example :

  15. I love to use NGG on all my blogs .. is the most powerfull tool for galleries ! NextGEN Gallery rocks !

  16. CB says:

    Hi, i have many photos (+26 000) on my blog and i’d like my gallery folder on an other site than my blog.

    Why ? Cause i backup my site every day and i don’t need to backup all my photos every day too.

    Can i do this ? and how ?


  17. oo says:

    Here’s my single feature request: replace album/gallery construct with a flexible folder hierarchy. This would allow me to finally migrate my photos at,722 to NextGEN. Cheers mate!

  18. Ben Licher says:

    I voted! NGG rocks!

  19. eti says:

    Hi, excelent plugin so far.

    A nice feature would be the possibility to integrate a picassa gallery into existing nextgen galleries.

  20. melanie says:

    Love, love, love this plugin!
    I agree with the other peeps, I would love to see the vote/comment on single images to be implemented.
    Thank you ^_^

  21. Hi

    Just starting with NGG… missing one feature:

    The ability to never stretch a painting in any direction. I.e. have the picture fit in a box of a configurable size. That way navigation and look will be consistent and the size proportions too. This is much more of a challenge for paintings than it is for pictures btw.

    We’re trying to move to WordPress + NGG.

    Great features!
    Thank you

  22. Alexandra says:

    Hi, I voted for NextGEN Gallery, this is such a great Plugin, keep up the work!

    If I could make a wish, I’d like to see a search engine – for the admin section as well as for the gallery pages.

    Thank You

  23. Love NGG – one thing i really miss would be the option to create and show thumbs “unchanged”…. in other words set the max height or width and the thumb remains in its native format whether landscape or portrait – This could be a simple tickbox option that says “Leave thumbs unchanged” I have many portrait images and a few landscapes and the portrait images are always cropped in the thumbs – destroying the feel of the image (especially true in photo blogs)

  24. Offcourse the ULTIMATE add on would be the option to TAG things or people in an IMAGE as in Face Book, that is probably the only reason I use FBook – simple XY coordinates based on image size

  25. James says:


    Great plugin,

    Ability to comment on photos would be great.

    A plugin that searched gallery tags would be cool.

    A shorttag that allowed you to show the albums as a list, not list the contents of the albums.


  26. tkjune says:

    Hi Alex, thank you for so wonderful a plugin. I’ve just made the Simplified Chinese translation for the latest version 1.21. I can’t find your mail here. Would you send me a mail and I will pass it to you?

  27. Jo Couchman says:

    Next Generation is definitely the best. I use it on nearly all the sites I design and it is very versatile and easy for my clients to use.
    I would like to be able to have a different number of thumbnails displaying on different pages instead of this being set for all galleries.
    Thanks for a brilliant plugin!

  28. Piergi says:

    Great plugin.

    My wish-list has two items:

    1. replace album/gallery construct with a flexible folder hierarchy;
    2. the import metadata function should import the EXIF “user comment” and put it into the gallery “description” box.

    Thanks for the good job.

  29. Renee says:

    Hello, I new to the blog world, and just learning the ropes. So far I absolutely love NGG. I have not yet figured out the fastest and easiest way to insert the galleries into each post quickly. Is there a way to make the size of the pictures larger? I just want to be able to add a gallery and have control of the number of pictures in each row. Is this possible? I am just becoming familiar so maybe I am missing something.

    Thanks to anyone with suggestions!!

  30. Hi, you have a great plugin, it is easy to install and manage. It took my 30 seconds to install and use, very cool.
    One thing i have to mention is the comments. How can i take user comments under every picture?
    Thanks for plugin.

  31. Quân says:

    By far the best plugin for me. I can not imagine not using it anymore in my blog 😉

  32. John Morton says:

    I have been looking constantly at the ‘ToDo List’ to see whether NextGEN development will cater for an IPTC ‘keywords’ JPEG field metadata search capability – but can’t see it?!

    Is this something that is to be built into the core product?

    As background to this query/feature request;

    I’ve gone and meticulously metadata drag’n drop tagged all of my 13,000 photos with keywords via Adobe Lightroom and want people visiting my site to be able to search for these imported images via the standard WordPress search field.

    …Ideally returning the resultant images in the form of either a (detailed?) list or a NextGEN equivalent to the Airtight Interactive SimpleViewer presentation code (or an alternative lighbox mechanism). The ‘holy grail’ as far as I’m concerned is to provide all of these search result hits as an ‘on-the-fly’ dynamically created NextGEN album (or, in addition; dynamically generated albums based on a predefined metadata keyword)!

    Any chance this is on your radars?



    PS: The closest thing I can find is a commercial product here:

  33. Quân says:

    Hi Alex, just a suggestion : a search module for “Manage Gallery”. Not very easy to find something in 7 pages of galleries 😉
    Thanks again for this great plugin

  34. Joan says:

    You have written a fantastic and very usuful -as well as elegant- plugin. If a demand can be done I ask for a picture votation option.
    Thanks a lot!

  35. Terry says:

    It may be that NextGen is too sophisticated for me, but my frustrations lie in trying to manage column placement and also finding a way to link URLs to the various images for people to click through.

    Have searched the forum (including WP forums) and left questions but no responses.

  36. Joan says:

    Sorry for writting twice. It also should be fixed the way in that NGG is viewed in Internet Explorer. The gallery appears in an ugly column!
    Thanks again

  37. Phil says:

    Great plugin. I would love to be able to upload an image while writing/editing a post, similar to how the inbuilt WordPress media gallery works.

    Thanks heaps!!

  38. Kyuushi says:

    Loved NGG, used to run a seperate gallery before, now it’s WP + NGG!

    What would make me love it more?
    -Arrow navigation in ImageBrowser would be ace!
    -NGG Widget to show latest albums / album slideshow / latest album rss
    -Arrow navi-oops

    Thanks for your great contribution to the WP community!

  39. Godserv says:

    Love NGG. I use it to run all my galleries on WP for myself and web clients.

    These are two features I would love to see:
    1. A Full eCard Functionality with capability to add a music library (music libray not a big deal)

    2. Capability to make a preview gallery with download links below each image preview (basically a download manager feature with image icons. See an example here:
    I am accomplishing this gallery the hard way because, I’m not a coder:

    I accomplished it by using two plugins and Dreamweaver (web page building program) The Two plugins I use is NextGEN Gallery and WP-Download Manager. I layout my page with a width that equals the with of my blogs page area. So that when I place the page into WordPress it does not overlap into the sidebar area. Create the page using tables. I use tables.

    Create Medium size icons of the wallpapers and upload them to the NextGEN gallery, zip the large wallpapers files and upload them to Wp-Download Manager.

    In the web page, I must now enter the code for a singlepic and the download file in each table.


    [singlepic=688,151,111] – This will show the small thumbnail for the Medium size icon with code 688, The other two numbers determines the width and height of the thumbnail.

    [download id=103] – this will show the download link for the zip I uploaded with code 103

    When I am done laying out the page, I copy the body html code
    Make a new post and paste the html code into it.

    That’s too much.

    Thanks for your lovely contribution to the WP Community. NGG is truely Next Generation.

  40. Godserv says:

    Here is sample of the eCard gallery that I would love to see implemented into NGG:

  41. Denise says:

    I also would like a shortcode to group albums. And also I have never been able to get the thumb shortcode to work [thumb id=1,2,3] . Great plug-in though.

  42. flyingTomatoes says:

    Alex, NGG looks great.

    Tried implementing the slideshow option. Nothing shows. Imagebrowser works fine.

    The forums @ wordpress reflect this to be a common issue. The CSS “clear:both” suggestion doesn’t do the job.

    Hope you can offer some advice…you’ve clearly put so much work into NGG.

  43. Marc Lee says:

    Love NGG! I use it for a couple of newsmagazine sites and one thing that would be VERY useful is the ability to sort the way images are listed in the “select picture” drop-down menu on the post page.

    For instance, I’d like to be able to have the drop-down menu list images alphabetically by title in either ascending or descending orde–instead of by number. This would let me find particular images quickly.

    Thanks for a great plug in!

  44. Frank says:

    It’s a great post, but there is no help when things go wrong. Images are such an important part of a web site, and its like the developer created this great application, and then abandoned everyone. Since every project no matter who makes it, will have bugs, I think this lack of interest in helping end users is the packages greatest flaw.

    On the positive side, this is an amazing application when it works. It can make a web project truly special.

    Other than helping users who are in desperate trouble with the package, I think it would be cool if the package supported video.


  45. Fabien says:

    It’s an awesome plugin, my preferred for WP!
    I miss a simple feature: when you add pictures in a gallery, you have the ability to put alt / title text (plus description).
    When on an article, you add an image from your gallery (like normal size), it generates html code with an alt text. But not title=…
    It works for a singlepic, not when you add an original size.

  46. Fairuz says:

    Hii.., i want to put most voted image at widget. How can i do like that. Plz help me… example. Vote it up.

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