Looking for a NAS solution

During the last days I’m crawling the web to find the best NAS for my home office. I would like to have a web server possibility, so that I can implement WordPress with NextGEN Gallery and wordTube. Funny thing, QNAP already tested and documented my plugin : Look this application note. It’s better than my own documentation 🙂

The brand new QNAP TS-119 is currently my favorite NAS, alternative the Synology DS107+ seems to be working with WordPress. Any experience from your side with QNAP or Synology ? Which one can your recommend ? Have you experience with WordPress and a other NAS ?

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35 thoughts on “Looking for a NAS solution

  1. Nils says:

    i have a Synology DS107+ at home with a 1 GB harddisk and i love this device! The webinterface and features are awesome!

  2. J.Backlund says:

    I’m running WP and your plug-in on my QNAP TS 209 II and it’s working really well.

    QNAP has a great support at their forum which made me choose QNAP. The only things I’m not 100% satisfied with is the GIGABIT speed that won’t go faster than 20 MB/s with FTP. But otherwise it’s flawless. Great to have Linux on it.

    Cheers and thanks for a great plug-in!

  3. Michael says:

    I have the Synology DS209+ with 2x500GB mirror and I am completely satisfied. It runs WP (php+mySQL) with no problem (512MB RAM), FTP, iTunes service … even webmail ! Frequent updates, easy installation with no need to run terminal.

  4. Ramoonus says:

    I use an old PC running OpenSolaris and Linux (dualboot) which also gives enough Apache/PHP/MySQL power.
    And its much cheaper!

  5. die-andis says:

    ich habe ein DS 107+ im Einsatz und bin super zufrieden damit. Im Mai kommt der Nachfolger die DS 109+ die hat einen 1.06 Ghz Prozessor und 512 MB RAM. Das wird garantiert ein Hammerteil.

  6. alex.rabe says:

    Dann sollte ich wohl noch warten…

  7. Guy says:

    I second the old Linux box option- if you go with Ubuntu Server edition it’s all set up for you out of the box.

  8. schnitte says:

    Ich auch ein QNAP 209 pro II. Das Teil ist echt genial und Dein Plugin funktioniert auch ausgezeichnet. Lediglich die Performance ist wegen des 500 Mhz Prozessors sehr langsam beim Bilder bearbeiten ( sortieren, Thumbnails erzeugen etc.) Ich würde mir jederzeit wieder ein QNAP kaufen. Allerdings würde ich das 219 er nehmen das ja eine 1,2 Ghz CPU hat.

  9. Chua says:

    I have to vote for using a PC, either an old one upgraded with RAID or build a new one. In the long run there are more things you can do from having your own linux/windows/mac? server than buying a prepackaged one. There will always be more applications, upgrades and security for the most common platform you use. I use Ubuntu, but am not hosting my WP from it.

  10. alex.rabe says:

    It’s correct my old PC would work faster, but have you the power consumption in your mind ? I’m sure that 1 year running a PC 24 hours is more expansive than a NAS with auto-shutdown and idle mode…

  11. Sean says:

    I use a Synology DS209+ and it’s awesome. Can’t beat it.

  12. Nick says:

    @ Nils,

    wow 1 GB thats great…..



  13. Xacur says:

    Where are the F.A.Q. or where can I report problems with the gallery?
    Yesterday it was working fine but today when I click on a thumbnail to access the imagebrowser it returns me a “nothing found for…” page.

  14. mike hill says:


    why not jsut get a new mac mini and an external drive. Put MAMP on it and you have the perfect solution. You can hide it from the net or enable parts to the net as needed.

    Running OSX 10.5x will be perfect and tranfer speeds will be fast enough and so on.

  15. Sean says:

    I third (or fourth, etc) the idea of “rolling your own” NAS out of a Linux install. I did this, with brand new off the shelf components for around $1000 USD and have a small 4TB server that also handles all my bittorrent needs. It had enough power to act as a DLNA media server, should I ever go there. Look into it!

  16. Jeff says:

    I recently had to replace my web server for another solution. I did some research and decided on the Quad SquareOne http://www.quadmicroworks.com

    The beauty of this little box is that WordPress is already built in!

    Check it out … I did get mine on eBay for a lot less than retail!


  17. mark says:

    I would recommend unraid by lime technology. It’s been working flawless for me.

  18. Mar says:

    I have the QNAP 109Pro and I’m loving it.

    Its not tested with WP, but somehow I feel it’ll do just fine.

    If you’re not comfortable with QNAP, do have a look at DROBO. Just my 2cents here.. ; )

  19. Thomas says:

    I’d definitely go for a x86 (“PC”) compatible solution – it is much more versatile and you will always find the latest and greatest software packages ready in the repositories.

    I’ve been rolling my own Linux box, since my old Freecom FSG-3 died – first I had a modified 250 GB LaCie Ethernet Disk, that I upgraded from 128 MB to 1 GB, kicked XP Embedded to the curb and installed with Ubuntu 8.04 LTS server – it worked, but a VIA C3 700 MHz CPU is not very fast and no longer fully supported in the new kernel builds (because CMOV support is mandatory).

    I have now opted for the very cheap and well built Asus EEE Box B202 – currently with a 80 GB factory fitted disk, which is soon to be upgraded. It is reasonably equipped CPU + RAM wise, it is barely audible, cool running and uses only 17 Watts.

    On this machine I’m running Ubuntu 8.10 Server complete with LAMP and Postfix, running two WordPress blogs, three websites, a mail server, a PHP based Mediaserver called “kPlaylist” and TwonkyMedia 4.9.9 for my in house media needs – the latter is serving my pictures, music and movie collection (also HD content) to my PS3 in the living room without as much as a hiccup.

    Granted, there is a lot more work involved in running your own custom server, but it is also much more flexible and you learn a lot about Linux, that you wouldn’t give a second thought, were you running a prepackaged NAS solution.

    I think my server would outperform the QNap, in terms of speed, function and versatility (yes, it could do iSCSI too, if I wanted it).

  20. alex.rabe says:

    Ok, but a Asus EEE Box B202 costs approx 200-300 Euro and this is the same cost (at the end) like a NAS.

    I agree that a PC is also a good idea and more flexible, but my wife starts crying if I install another barebone PC at my home office 🙂

    As far as i know you can practically install everything on a QNAP or Synology, so it’s also open for all the addons…

  21. clvsonic says:

    lo good afternoon, I try to put the description to be visible with the slide, for now what I do is to enter a gallery and with the wordpress editor put the description. Also when I put an album does not let me link the images to the gallery with the description because by default, goes to his own gallery. this is my site: http://www.conejitascalientes.es

  22. Chuck says:

    You know, as cool as that QNAP NAS looks to be, if you are comfortable with setting up a linux box, I would agree with the other commenters. Personally, I bought a used HP Proliant DL380 G3 server to do all my test deployments and file serving. Yes, it’s loud and it uses more power than a small NAS, but it was cheaper (under $200 USD) and much more powerful (2x 3ghz Xeon w/ HT, 2GB ram, 36GB 15k SCSI and 2×500 eSata drives). In the end, get what you think will fit your needs… I usually go for overkill.

  23. fwolf says:

    moin auch,

    statt diesem ganzen unfreien kram empfehle ich dir, mal einen Blick auf die NSLU2 zu werfen (unter Kennern liebevoll auch “slug” genannt). frisst extra wenig strom, lässt sich mit verschiedenen Firmwares zu einem seeeehr fetten Server upgraden, ist klein, flexibel und (mit OS-firmware) sehr stark erweiterbar.

    cu, w0lf.

  24. alex.rabe says:


    A HP Proliant DL380 G3 server should be perfect, but I need a new wife as well in this case 🙂

    Sieht interssant aus (auch preislich), werde es nochmal begutachten.

  25. Steve Jerman says:

    I blogged on my experience setting up FreeNAS on a Intel NAS appliance. I’ve been pretty pleased with it. Friend shared cost. He is looking at using NASLite instead. I think either would be great.

  26. Nick says:

    Drobo will be your best bet. I have one of them and its the best NAS solution I ever seen!

  27. christophe says:

    Qnap is the best (community and support).
    features of QNAP TS-119 (syno doesn’t have):
    – Built-in iSCSI Target Service
    – iSCSI Thin Provisioning
    – Bad block scan
    – Check disk
    – Supported client : Unix
    – Network Configuration: DHCP Server
    – IP Filter Support Security Level Setting
    – Policy-based Unauthorized IP Blocking
    – Import SSL Secure Certificate
    – Batch creation of users and corresponding folders
    – Network Share Status Report
    – Syslog Settings Supported
    – SMS Alert
    – Max printers supported 3 (syno: 2)
    – SQLite
    – php.ini editable

    QPKG Software Expansion Platform
    – MLDonkey
    – Slim Server on Turbo Station (with SqueezeCenter 7)
    – Optware Ipkg (Itsy Package Management System)
    – Python
    – WordPress
    – SABnzbd+
    – Joomla
    – phpMyAdmin
    – AjaXplorer
    – XDove

    Now i think you’ll take the TS-119 😉


  28. alex.rabe says:

    I already ordered the TS-219. but there is a long deliver delay 😦

  29. christian says:

    Hallo Alex,

    also ich bin ganz klar für eine TS-119 oder 219 😉 wenn du spezielle Fragen zum Thema hast … feel free to contact me :). Vielleicht ist auch die TS-239 -> http://www.qnap.com/pro_detail_feature.asp?p_id=118 etwas für dich. Sozusagen Brandneu :D.


  30. alex.rabe says:

    TS-219 ist bestellt… warte sehnsüchtig das er kommt….

  31. christian says:

    Hi Alex,

    das freut mich 😀 Viel Spass damit!


  32. ErlyD says:

    I have the QNAP TS-109 and at first was also not happy with the speed. but it felt reliable. I came from a lacie 2big crashed lost files on it. good thing I did not trust it, and had everything synced to another computer. The QNAP has worked great for me. For torrent and FTP HTTP auto downloads, WordPress,SQL, and media streaming to the xbox and pc’s. I upgraded the firmware once I started to see the sluggish performance on the network and since then it has performed 100% transfer speeds are fast! even better network detection and performance on the new windows 7.

    I am very happy with the QNAP and plan to get another model. You can sync to of them together over internet.. for offsite backup!

  33. markus says:

    Hallo Alex,

    und wie zufrieden bist du mit der TS-219? Läuft WordPress darauf?

    Gruß markus

    • alex.rabe says:

      Bin sehr zufrieden, könnte etwas flotter sein, aber im Grossen und Ganzen macht er was er soll. WordPress läugft out of the Box, es gibt kleinere Probelem bei der Rechte Vergabe von Verzeichnissen.

  34. markus says:

    Danke für die Info, werde ich mir noch etwas genauer durch den Kopf gehen lassen, schon eine Menge Geld…

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