A new tools for Firefox called Snipi is now available. You can drag and drop products, photos and videos from virtually anywhere and organize, share and compare. They also write a new plugin for WordPress. See it here in action :

Any thoughts about such a tool ?

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10 thoughts on “Snipi

  1. If I’m right is like Flickr but simpler to upload photos and video and post them.
    The only problem: it has only Firefox plugin.

  2. Fabrizio..

    Internet Explorer and Safari versions will be available in the next 2-3 weeks. Chrome will follow.

  3. Michelle Markise says:

    This is AWESOME! And it works!!! I am firefox so I’m fine but with IE/Safari this will be top plugin!

    I can see Snipi works with youtube and vimeo videos but is this planning on being part of wordtube?? It would be really great if this could do this.

  4. […] I found an amazing new tool: Snipi […]

  5. Blandine says:

    It looks amazing but I can’t make it work properly. Everytime I try to login with my snipi username and password, it won’t take it. It will load and then stop. Not telling me if it worked or not, just displaying the very same screen.

  6. This is great , I am going to try it tonight .

    thanks for sharing

  7. Blandine…

    We have sent you a message through Snipi to try and resolve your issue. At your convenience, please check your email. You can respond to support{ at } We will figure out the problem and get it resolved right away.

    Is anyone else experiencing this issue?

  8. Luke Douglas says:

    Have you considered and/or planning to port this gallery to a Joomla component / module / plug-in?

  9. Blandine says:

    I’ve been in touch with Snipi team since I last posted a message on this board and they’ve VERY VERY helpful in solving the problem. turns out it was because oh PHP4.
    The great news is that they managed to fix it so you can all download it now and no problems should be happening.
    If you do though have issues, I suggest you write to the support team, they really are great.

  10. AnnieO says:

    Your latest plugin is working perfectly! Now I am working on performance issues. One thing on my wish list is how to not load the nextgen and also shutter-reloaded .js and .css on pages that do not have nextgen galleries. Is there a way? Or maybe a plugin?

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