NextGEN Gallery v1.3.0 Beta 1

WordPress 2.8 is on the way and I fixed therefore a couple of compat issues. You can help me now with testing the next release step V1.3.0. It should work as well under WordPress 2.7, but the design in the album page is already fitted to the UI of WordPress 2.8.

You mainly ask what is new ? I will write some more information at release date, you can have a first look at the change log here. Happy testing.

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21 thoughts on “NextGEN Gallery v1.3.0 Beta 1

  1. Ben May says:

    Just upgraded and don’t see any obvious way to turn on AJAX functionality for the gallery navigations inside Options / General Options or Gallery. Care to clarify a little?

  2. alex.rabe says:


    It’s automatic activated under two condition :

    a) You need to use the internal Shutter effect
    b) You must use the latest gallery templates

    See a AJAX Demo here :

  3. login.fails says:

    Hi alex.rabe,
    Link download NextGEN Gallerrey have die. Plz update new link. Thanks

  4. Kris says:

    Hello Alex,

    Can you please help me replacing the search script from the admin meny with the one in my theme? The script I use now doesn’t work well at all, but the one in the admin menu does.


  5. Kris says:

    Hello Alex,

    Can you please help me replacing the search script from the admin meny with the one in my theme? The script I use now doesn’t work well at all, but the one in the admin menu does.


  6. Manish says:

    Hi Alex, Does this version support uploading gallery from the write panel using editor button like the default image upload facility in WP.

    Also, in the Add Gallery section, it would be nice to see the thumbnails (basically manage that gallery options) once the zip file is uploaded so that user can complete the task of adding alt, description, tags etc. on that page only.

    I hope it makes sense.

  7. langmuir says:

    hello alex.

    I have a trouble.

    I showing pics in this page by NextGEN Gallery 1.2.1.

    When you click any pictures,some parts of them will be covered.

    How to solve it?

    Thank you.??

  8. Manish says:

    Hi Alex is there a way to upload the gallery (zipped file) directly from the write panel like default WP option to upload pics. I think it would be a nice idea.

  9. Chase says:

    I’m using NextGen on a MU based site and getting the error: “Import via cURL failed. Error code 3 : malformed” when trying to import a zip file (of any naming scheme, and in publicly accessible folders of course).

    I was actually about to request this feature as I’ve been trying to get this to work for day’s on 1.2 to no avail. I checked the changelog before pressing submit and sure enough, you had addressed it! I was thrilled, lol.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thank you Alex!

  10. Chase says:

    Also, this is for importing a ZIP from URL if I didn’t make that clear. But I figured the cURL error would make it obvious.

  11. Chase says:

    Could there also be an option for a local path/url (or does it already accept that input?) on the import ZIP from URL feature?

    Thank you!

  12. Piséi says:

    Just upgraded and now I can’t see my gallery because I had integrated with WP e-store. Please take a look at my site and tell me if there’s an easy fix to get my shopping gallery back up. Thanks in advance for your time.

  13. Michael T. says:

    Will you be adding a search capability to the new update. I would like the search fonction of wordpress search into NextGen Gallery pictures too and have the resulting search show icons and names of image. That would be awesome.

  14. I have just Updated to WordPress 2.8 Beta 2. I’ve updated the gallery too.

    All the other widgets that I use, set the title h3 instead of h2! In some themes, there are display problems. So far, I have always fixed it manually.


    It would be good to change this in the plugin.

  15. Working just fine in WP 2.8 RC 1. Have not test tag/category images function yet.

  16. False error message in WP 2.8 RC 1:
    Current version (RC 1) displays error message that NextGen widget is nor working. However – it is working properly on my site.


  17. dj_aida says:

    Hello again,

    sorry for posting again, but I’m desperately seeking for the solution for my template problem, and your original post didn’t provide an edit option so that I can include a link to my post as a preview:

    Like I said, I have absolutely no experience with php, and would appreciate someone leading me through this. Feel free to delete.

  18. jerome robins says:

    how can u re-number the gallery ID? ive deleted a bunch & now my first gallery ID is #10. how can u re-number it to #1?



  19. jerome robins says:

    also, with the lightbox effect, is there a way that u can have the image be saved to the hard drive with a right click? i like that effect most but its very impt to me that u can save the images.

  20. jerome robins says:

    sorry, last question. im using the album extend option. i can see the page will get too long with loads of galleries within each album.

    how can i implement pagenation on the album page. my site is:

    how would i make it so that only X amount of albums will appear on each page (so that it forces pagenation)?



  21. Eric says:

    The ability to search the photos via their tags using the standard WordPress search on the blog would be fantastic.

    If you are accepting freelance work please feel free to contact me and I would not mind hiring you for that functionality.

    Thank you for such a great WordPress plugin.


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