One miilion

Today at 10:34 CEST my plugin NextGEN gallery hit the one million download counter (This is the 3rd plugin at wordpress.org, didn’t count Akismet as plugin). I really never , never expected this… I remember very good my blog post more that two years ago, that I start the work on this plugin. It was a great expericence to get so much feedback from the whole world for such a little pice of code. 

I would like to take a moment to thank the following people  for being a part of my plugin (Sorry if you are not mentioned, it’s hard to maintain this list) :

A Cemal Ekin, Aaron Simpson, Aaron Snyder, Achim Baur, Adam Nisenholz, Aengus Moran, Alakhnor, Alba Bentos Pereira, Alec Hartman, Alex Vainberg, Alice Pechauf, Allan Corfix Lykke, Almost Anything Desktop Publishing, Andreas, Andreas (die-andis), Andreas Oeye, Andrew Basile, Angela Bowman, Anthony Damata , Antoni Planas Vilà, Artical, Bert Spies, Bill Babcock, Bradford Weir, Bruno Loeffler, CTFlatFee.com, Carolin Schwank, Charlie (Jump Media), Christian Hoegl, Christoph Wander, Christopher Weddell, Chuck Coury, Clive Loseby, Colossal Pups, Craig Thompson, Creative Corner, Cynllunio Pentir Design, Cynthia Spangler, DF Design, Dana Burns, Daniel Oliver Habenicht, David Shettleroe, Dean Cowan, Deryck Shepherd, Detlev Danner, Deval Shah, Diana Komaromi, Dietmar Bader, Ditto Design & Duplication Inc., Dixie Reid, Donna Belk, Douglas J Barnum, Elliot Michel Nuñez Jaimes, Elvina Flower, Emanuel Kluge, Enrico Deleo, Evelyn Kolczynski, Fabrizio Parodi, Fadli Fadli, Fias Co Farm, Florian Seuret, Francoise Pescatore, Frank Weichbrodt, Frederic Deghetto, Frederic Stuhldreier, Froling Enterprises, Frontier Digital Media, Gareth Bridger, Gary Verhoff, Geoffrey Gardella, Georg Adamsen, George Branchflower, Ghettomaster, Gianni Centorame, Giansanti Design, Gideon Kiers, Giuliano Cocco, Grupo Probeta, Guy Raif, Hannah Gray, Hans Kiesouw, Hartmut Ulrich, Helene D., Henner Guenter, ILISA International USA, Ideablogger, Ivan Perez, Jörg Gregorius, Jack Scott, James Baumgaertel, Jawad Mir, Jeremy Gilbert, Jes Carlskov, Jesper Haug Karsrud, Jessica Schamma, Jim Nelson, Jo Anne Croff, Joe Pharis, Joern Kretzschmar, John Statler, John Swartz, John Williams, Joris Barault, Joshua Katinger, Julien Bigot, Kay Germer, Kees de Bruin, Kelter, Kunal Mittal, Kurt Perschke, Kyle Meyers, Laaß / Brembs GbR, Lars Haendler, Laurent Momy, Law Choo Kok, Lawrence Wilcox, Leanne Chambers, Lesly St Louis, Lifegames, Lincoln Hardwood and Tool Company, Inc., Lou Zucaro, Luc Dubois, Luc Saint-Elie, MJ Penner Consulting, Marcel Kneuer, Marco Quiner, Marco van de Ven, Marieke van de Pol, Mark Campbell, Marko Toncic, Martin Bahr, Martin Scholz, Mathew Eis, Matthew Barker, Matthew Feldman, Maurice van der Linden, McGillveray Studios, Michael Erhart, Michael Fallon, Michael Kubala, Michael Mertens, Michael Sinclair, Mike, Mike DAmbrose, Milemann, Modo Web Design, Monterey Bay Singles LLC, Mustang Rock inc, My Graphic Friend, Non Eric, Norbert Andre, Olaf Hoyer, Olivia Loh, Overdrive Design Labs, Patrick Hennessey, Patrick Lacho, Patrick Pirker, Paul Rogers, Peter Krabshuis, Petri Teittinen, Philip Van der Vossen, Philippe Vanhoolandt, Rainmaker Interactive LLC, Ramon Cutanda Lopez, Richard Hartmann, Robert Wetzlmayr, Rod, Roderick Bisset, Ronen Hirsch, Ross Calloway, Sabine (Haselina), Sander van Loon, Sandra Longmore, Scott Kyle, Serira Designs, Simon Paarlberg, Simply Charlotte Mason, LLC, SlashGear.com, Stefan Baar, Steve Lieber, Steven Erwin, Stewart Evans, Stuart Hendry, Susan Bates, Tamara Tortosa Andreu, Tammo H C Boersma, Technolene, Teresa Lo, Thomas Bradley, Tim Bowen, Timothy Jack, Tobias Kern, Tonny Kluften, Ttancm, Vincent Poppe, Walther Bans, Wang Qingsheng, WebCart Service, Zack Crowther,  iSight TechnologiesAdrian (Indonesian Translation), AleXander Kirichev (Bulgarian Translation), Alexandr Kindras (Code contributor), Anja (Dutch Translation), Anthony (Chinese Translation), Anty (Code contributor), Bill Jones (Forums contributor), Carlale Chen (Chinese Translation), Christian Arnold (Code contributor), Claudia (German documentation), David Potter (Documentation and Help), Dilip Ramirez (Spanish Translation), Emilio Lauretti (Italian Translation), Emre Güler
(Turkish Translation)
, Felip Alfred Galitó i Trilla (Catalan Translation), Flactarus (Italian Translation), Frederic De Ranter (AJAX code contributor), Gaspard Tseng / SillyCCSmile (Chinese Translation), Gil Yaker (Documentation), Igor Shevkoplyas (Russian Translation), Jan Angelovic (Czech Translation), Janis Grinvalds (Latvian Translation), Joo Gi-young (Korean Translation), KeViN (Sidebar Widget developer), Komyshov (Russian Translation), Kristoffer Thøring (Norwegian Translation), Kuba Zwolinski (Polish Translation), Laki (Slovak Translation), Lazy (German Translation), Lise (French Translation), Luka Komac (Slovenian Translation), Müfit Kiper (Swedish Translation), Manabu Togawa (Japanese Translation), Mattias Tengblad (Swedish Translation), Mika Pennanen (Finnish Translation), Milan Vasicek (Czech Translation), Morten Johansen (Danish Translation), Nica Luigi Cristian (Romanian Translation), Oleg A. Safonov (Russian Translation), Oleinikov Vedmak Evgeny (Russian Translation), Pierpaolo Mannone (Italian Translation), Richer Yang (Chinese Translation), Rina Jiang (Chinese Translation), Robert (German documentation), Rowan Crane (WPMU support), Sebastien MALHERBE (Logo design), Serhiy Tretyak (Ukrainian Translation), Simone Fumagalli (Code contributor), TheDonSansone (Forums contributor), TheSoloist (Chinese Translation), Thomas Matzke (Album code contributor), Vidar Seland (Norwegian Translation), Vincent Prat (Code contributor), Wojciech Owczarek (Polish Translation), Zdenek Hatas (Czech Translation), aleX Zhang (Chinese Translation) and all other supporter, donators and friends !

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29 thoughts on “1.000.000

  1. Maïs says:

    Congratulations and keep going 🙂

  2. Mattias says:

    Nice, congrats 😀 Keep up the great work!

  3. Sergejs says:

    Congratulations! Your plugin is the best for galleries!

  4. Rajesh says:

    Congrats and keep it coming!

  5. Torstein says:

    Congratulations and thanks a lot for a great plugin!

  6. naeem says:

    congrat’s! – NGG is the only photogallery plugin to use in WordPress. nothing else even comes close

  7. TNX to your plugin. Waiting for 10 000 000 and 4.x version 🙂

  8. Quân says:

    Congrats, man 😉

  9. AengusM says:

    Congrats and thanks!

  10. Mikey Leung says:

    Congratulations!!! You have done great work with this plugin and I hope you can continue its development for years to come.

  11. Frank Wes says:

    Congrats! Very very good! Keep up this good work, I tell everyone I know who uses WP about your fantastic plugin!

    Greetz from holland.

  12. Absolutely love the plugin! Amazing work, and now using it on 2 of my websites. Can’t imagine using wordpress without it.

  13. Anja says:

    Great Alex!

    Congratulations and thanks for all your work and enthousiasm for this great plugin. With regards, Anja.

  14. […] Gebruikers van NextGen Gallery:  je kunt hem feliciteren.  Zijn bericht is te vinden op : http://alexrabe.de/2009/07/31/1-000-000/ Reacties [0] Printversie Mail dit berichtDigg […]

  15. Quincy says:

    Du hasts verdient. Auch wenn ich das Plugin mal kritisiert habe – es gibt nichts vergleichbares! Danke dafür!

    cu Quincy

  16. Xacur says:

    well I wouldn’t count nextgen gallery as plugin either, because I always install it right after wordpress in every installation, lol.

    Congratulation, it’s great, still not perfect but far the best out there. Keep the good work, please.

  17. Steve Lieber says:

    I love your plugin and recommend it to every artist I know. Great work!

  18. Joe Pharis says:

    Thank you for such a great plugin! I’ve used it on several of my personal sites and I feel like it’s the highlight of each.

  19. Jim Nelson says:

    Thank you for the thank you link! I figured I was just another pest often bugging you with feature requests and bug fixes! 😉

  20. julien says:

    Your plugins is the best !!!

    When the users could be put a comment on one picture ???

    Bravo bravo depuis Paris

  21. Antoine says:

    Please can someone direct me to a tutorial how to use the Nextgen Gallery plugin, I am very confused and can’t figure it out

  22. Only just spotted the link to!
    Congratulations! 😀 😀

  23. OMG!
    I have just seen I’m mentioned! Thank you so much! I’m so happy to be here and glad to helped in some way.

  24. Sorry for the double post. Can you put a link (www.erriko.it) on my name?
    thx 😉

  25. I started with WordPres a week ago. I installed alsi NextGen Gallery. It is so easey to use.
    Great Job on NextGen Gallery.

    Please continue and keep up the good work.


  26. Tobias Kern says:

    Herzlichen Glückwunsch! Danke für ein klasse Plugin!

  27. karo says:

    wow, amazing

  28. Müfit Kiper says:

    Congratulations Alex!

    It is incredible to have been following the process almost from the beginning. You really did something very special with NextGen Gallery. I wish you the best and thank you sincerely for the great tool that you have given us!

  29. Hallo Alex,

    du hast mit der NextGenGallery ein wirklich absolut großartiges Plugin geschaffen, auf das ich nicht mehr verzichten möchte. Vielen Dank auch als Kommentar dafür 🙂

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