bad idea

I know two bad ideas to protect your content against  content stealth :

  1. Disable per javascript the right click  to avoid that somebody get the source code,
  2. and for PHP to crypt your code with eval + gzinflate +base64_decode.

 It’s better not to publish anything before doing such a silly thing…


5 thoughts on “bad idea

  1. Caleb Kester says:

    Agreed, The whole disable right click javascript thing is just plain right annoying. The worst is if a website has that and you’re trying to do things other than grab images that require right clicking.

  2. sagaraptor says:

    agreee…. keep it to yourself

  3. Daniel says:

    Agree, and solution 1 is very stupid because disabling JS kills this method.

  4. […] Ideen in Sachen Codesicherheit sind vielzahlig, insbesondere von Alex Rabe vor einiger Zeit entnervt zusammengefasst Ansätze, insbesondere jene Client-seitige JavaScript-Lösung hat mir dies Wochenende ziemlich zugesetzt. […]

  5. I don’t need right click to see the code … i just go to View->Page Source in firefox.

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