First Beta V1.4.0 – Help testing now..

I closed the development for the next release. The new version of NextGEN Gallery comes up with some improvements for bulk operation. If you running PHP5, you are now able to create new thumbnails, resize images etc. with one click.

I also rework the thumbnail handling , each gallery could have now a independent size for the thumbnails. It’s not fully tested and I will write later more about the details, but help testing now and report me the new bug’s in the issue tracker.

Here is the full list of changes :

  • Automatic rotate images during upload or via manage gallery page (THX to Simone Fumagalli)
  • Include Bulkupdate for gallery overview, require PHP 5.2
  • XMLRPC support with 4 new methods : see xmlrpc.php for more information
  • Recent and random images can be taken from a specific gallery using the id=x parameter in the shortcode (THX to Prollius)
  • Recent images can be recent by exif date (instead of database id) by using the mode=recentdate parameter in the shortcode (THX to Prollius)
  • Introduce the WP_Object_cache and meta_data
  • Various new hooks and filters
  • Better support for role manager plugin (THX to Mattias Buelens)
  • New option to add hidden images. Needed to show all images in a modal window (Thickbox, Lightbox et.)
  • New link parameter for the singlepic shortcode : [ singlepic id=x w=x h=x link=””%5D
  • New template gallery-carousel
  • New id parameter for recent and random shortcodes : [ random max=”7″ template=”filename” id=”2″ ] takes only pictures from the gallery with id=2
  • New mode parameter for recent shortcode : [ recent max=”7″ template=”filename” id=”3″ mode=”date” /] where mode can be one of (id, date, sort). Recent pictures are delivered by addition to database (id), exif date (date) or user sort order (sort).
  • Enable/Disable Ajax navigation via settings
  • New filter hook ‘ngg_render_template’ to render templates with a other plugin
  • Added option to link an album with a page id
  • Support templates for child themes, use STYLESHEETPATH instead TEMPLATEPATH (THX to Prollius)
  • Rework of Media RSS Widget
  • Check capability to create a new page
  • Fix double call of filter name , changed to ngg_picturelist_object (THX to Prollius)
  • Check for a deleted gallery in a album

15 thoughts on “First Beta V1.4.0 – Help testing now..

  1. Ramoonus says:

    I`ve updated straight away.

  2. chris says:

    and its still working fine 🙂

  3. Dima says:

    How i can update gallery without reinstall plugin?

  4. Peo says:

    I installed twice on different WordPress installations loading the plugin from the zip file.
    On the first one it asked to upgrade the database, the second one went smoothly withoit asking nothing.
    I’m trying the carousel mode, but I wonder if there is any way to have it a little Ajax-ified.

  5. Updated a site by removing the old installation. I had to use a backup of the ngg mysql tables since deactivating the plugin removes the old tables. did not get the option of updating the database after that.

    However, I check the “Activate permalinks” and then all links to galleries went foobar. Could not access the galleries on a site that shows an album. Bug?

  6. SLaurent says:

    Hello, ok for me for the beta. thank you !
    But, for the second time, i’ve had rename the folder of the thumbnails because i’m using a folder that already existing for another image gallery (piwigo).
    But, when i synchronize piwigo, it detect new pictures from the thumbnails under the folder named /thumbs/.
    the idea would permit that the name of the folder & the prefix of the thumbnails to be variables from the configuration pannel.
    Thank you

  7. ecco says:

    Hello, it’s a useful plugin:)
    thanks and bye bye.

  8. Hi!

    Any way you might be able to incorporate having the metadata from a picture automatically put into the alt text? Or some settings for it?


  9. Michael says:

    How do you remove the border on gallery thumbs, both for resting and hover state? I’ve posted on the WP forum and seen a lot of others ask the same question, but no answers so far. I’m sure this is a stupid easy thing to do, but there are so many style sheets, I don’t know where to start.

  10. Michael says:

    Actually this is for the 1.3.6 version.

  11. Jen says:

    Hi Alex
    Will this new release have support for SEO? Looking forward to using the new release

  12. Ron says:

    Hi Alex,

    Is there a list or overview available that shows alle the parameters one can use in a shortcode?
    I seem to remember that it is possible to show a reange of pictures in a gallery and not the whole gallery by using parameters but.. can’t find it 🙂

    It’s a great plugin by the way!

    Grusse Ron

  13. George says:

    I tried an earlier beta and was happy you had incorporated the new functionality of tying an album to a page. Makes sub-albums easier. I was wondering if it’s not too late for a feature request. I wanted to make the random/recent widget to refresh and hacked it so it would. I was wondering if you could maybe include this in the next release? Please take a look at my website ( to see what I mean. Thanks.


  14. Mike says:

    I love this wordpress theme. Is this a theme you developed or can I download it somewhere



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