GalleryView With Version 1.4.0 you are able to integrate new templates also via a other plugins. As simple example I create a new addon plugin with the jQuery plugin GalleryView. See here for a example with NextGEN Gallery. Please note that it maybe requires a lot of css customization for your theme.

Download NextGEN GalleryView Addon
Plugin @ Google Code


44 thoughts on “Galleryview

  1. Joe Pea says:

    Oh dear lord almighty, this is friggin sweet! People will be making super media rich blogs!

  2. Joe Pea says:

    Oh hey, what plugin do you use so that my name is remembered as “welcome back Joe Pea (change)” instead of the default form?

    Or is this just a theme customization?

  3. alicia says:

    Where should you upload the plugin folder? inside of next gen, or just specific files?

    • alex.rabe says:

      Just use the Plugin Uploader from WordPress or unpack it to the plugin folder. Do not extract the files into the NextGEN Gallery folder

  4. Fabrizio says:

    Great Job!
    It’s very intersting and cool this addon. So, I’ll wait it as usual!


  5. tomas says:

    we learn every day πŸ™‚
    thx for addon

  6. HI,

    i tries you plug-in and so far it doesn’t work.
    The thumbnails are displayed nicely, but the main picture never shows. i only see the caption. Any suggestions what might cause this?

    Thx allready

  7. I’m getting the following message “rendering of template gallery-galleryview.php failed”. I’m using Hybrid theme framework and Leviathan child theme. Could this be a javascript conflict?

  8. I’m getting the same message as Matt. Anyone else have the issue? Anyone else find resolution?

  9. marish says:

    u canot get this to work

  10. Steve says:

    I just wanted you to know that you are freaking awesome. Your work enriches the entire internet. Thanks.

  11. kumar says:

    Hey, I’m unable to create albums. Please help me out with this.I do not know what is the problem. But dragging is not wrking.

  12. cenzi says:

    I only get this:

    Rendering of template gallery-galleryview.php failed

  13. cenzi says:

    fixed! I had to google around to find this beta version you speak of… but why are all my pictures the exact size? all squared?

  14. Nino says:

    i love this. i’ve uploaded into wordpress 2.8.5. everything is fine setting it up, creating albums, and uploading pictures. the only thing is nothing show up on my blog page. help?

  15. westy says:

    I agree, we all should bow down to you and your efforts!

    My question revolves around scaling. I’ve tinkered with the CSS, but it appears to me that the width and height attributes are inputted at the element level, so guessing part of the script?

    I tried the ‘usual’ nextGen scaling methods with the short code, but no luck.

    Is there a way to use the variables listed on the SpaceForAName site:

    panel_width: 800,
    panel_height: 300,
    frame_width: 100,
    frame_height: 100,

    If so, how would I go about using these?

    Keep on rolling.

  16. Jon says:

    Excellent plugin!

    Would like to second westy’s question above on the variables to control width, height, etc.

  17. James Roberts says:

    Superb plugin and add-on for galleryview!

    I’d like to third Westy’s question about controlling the variables.


  18. Micah says:

    Wow, Alex! Tremendous effort and results on this integration. You truly are a gift to WordPress for galleries!

    May I throw out a few suggestions?

    If you ever add a tabular section in the options of your NextGEN gallery admin panel, it’d be great to be able to change the dimensions of both the panels and frames. Currently you have to edit both gallery-galleryview.php and galleryview.css in order to make these changes, but updating will eventually overwrite these changes.

    I’m not sure if you’re a fan of minify, but you might want to minify the jquery JS files for loading optimization (shave off a few milliseconds.

    Galleryview, and NextGEN in general, need to have an option to turn off CSS and JS added through wp_head on pages which aren’t using the these plugins. If there’s a way to specify for the wp_head scripts and CSS to only load on pages where the nggallery codes are inserted, that would help speed up many installs of NextGEN in WordPress!

    Aside from these wishlist items of mine, I am SO happy you did this! If you ever need help or want a beta tester, let me know!

  19. Peter says:

    I have uploaded this addon plugin into my site and tried calling the template with the tags as instructed.

    I am not getting the result displayed above for the gallery view. I am getting a bunch of thumbnails, thats it. Can anyone recommend anything?

    Both plugins are uploaded and activated.

    Thanks a lot!

  20. Alexander says:

    I have the same problem like Peter…

  21. Andrew says:

    Hello! I’m wondering how to make the gallery not resize the images. Currently the gallery shows the images but stretches them to fit the square box horizontally.

    Also, how can I specify what size the gallery should be?


  22. halau says:

    Awesome plugin =)

    How can I align center the div of galleryview?

    thank you!

  23. Willian says:

    Great job! But it doesn’t works for me. 😦
    I did everything right but it shows a empty page!
    Any ideia, please.

  24. Tom says:

    Hey, thanks for your great work!
    I’ve one question: is it possible to make more than one instances with different styles?

  25. anuja says:

    can u please give me the php code for this gallery view as i want to display this on my index page.


  26. marujobhz says:

    hi alex. my nextgen with galleryview continuous showing only a big white space. nothing appears. if i use the simple tag, without template works well. but with template galleryview not. i active both plugins, i have the newest versions of this plugins… how can i fix this? im using simplex theme. can you see if new version of ngg is ok with galleryview?

  27. raora says:

    Hi Alex,

    Thanks for the great work. Good to hear that v3.0 of Galleryview is being tested.

    There are a couple of issues that I am running into. The first one is that the next button is very big and in the wrong place. Other people have also come across this issue as can be seen from the WordPress forums.

    The other issue is that when the number of photos in the gallery is large, the photo thumbnails are displayed across the entire width of the page and each thumbnail is shown twice.

    Any suggestions?


  28. ellaj says:

    Hi Alex,
    This is just what I’m looking for. Thank you! I have a few questions…
    1. I downloaded the ‘jquery.galleryview-1.0.1-pack.js’ file from your link and it seems to be corrupted. How do I fix this?
    2. The top pointer and thumb frames are not aligned. I would like to remove them altogether. Could you please tell me how to do this?

    Thank you!

  29. AG says:

    I also had the issue with the thumbnails showing but the large image being blank. I fixed it by changing line 22 of nggGalleryview/view/gallery-galleryview.php from
    <img src="imageURL ?>” />
    <img src="url ?>” />

  30. AG says:

    Oops – php code gets removed from comments.
    line 22 — change image->imageURL to image->url

  31. Lee says:


    I can see a lot of people seem to be having the same issue with the large image not displaying. Can I ask has anybody found a solution? If so can you please share πŸ™‚


  32. Lee says:

    Reset nextGEN via backend and it works now πŸ™‚

  33. Nono says:

    Hi, the Galleryview template don’t works under NextGenGallery 1.5.5 and WordPress 3.0.1. Don’t load pictures and break the page load. What is the solution?

  34. art says:

    it is also not working with NextGenGallery 1.6 beta and WP 3.0.1
    please advise..
    will u be fixing it for these latest releases?

  35. Barry says:


    Great integration of Galleryview, thank you.

    I’ve installed NextGEN 1.6.2 with Galleryview 1.0.1 on WP 3.0.1. I have customized some of the CSS already.

    I’d like to know how to pass Galleryview paramaters in shortcode so I can do things like hiding the caption box and passing in custom image widths.

    Also, I’m having two problems I can’t fix on my own yet:

    1. One of my four thumbnails never appears when I click the next arrow. They don’t scroll horizontally. If anybody knows a fix I’d like to know about it.
    2. The pointer (that’s the outline around the thumbnail that shows the current image) is not as wide as the thumbnail.

    If anyone has an advanced tutorial about customizing this I would like to see it. And if I manage to get everything working I’ll share my own.

  36. Gary says:


    This is a plugin and I am using on my blog with the Speaky theme. However whilst it works on other themes with ‘Speaky’ i appears to load the images however it then just shows a blank page.

    Any ideas for my investigations?

  37. Haris says:


    Can any one help me with making the images auto play ???

    Thanks in advance.

  38. Gil says:

    thanks for this plugin
    I was wondering if anyone with an issue that I have using the galleryview plugin

    I managed to add this plugin and it works.

    The thing I am trying to achieve is:
    as you see, when clicking on a thumbnail it shows the big picture as well as jumping to the left side of the thumbnails panel and stays there.
    I would like to have the ability of simply clicking on a thumbnail, select it and make it stay in place and not “jumping” to the left side.

    does anyone know how to do it?
    anyone dealt with it before?

    I would appreciate any help


  39. Ranjan says:

    Images using the Galleryview do not show up in my Yoast WordPress SEO XML Sitemap. Any suggestions on how to resolve this? Thanks,

  40. rob says:

    After about 2 hours of following instructions around the web (including here) I’m at a loss for how to scale this. Is there a way?

  41. Johnny P says:

    Trying to nest the galleryview shortcode inside a peekaboo short code and the gallery wont load when its nest.

    [peekaboo_link] click to view photo gallery [/peekaboo_link]
    [galleryview id=2]

    Any idea how to get the gallery to load inside another shortcode?


  42. CG says:

    Hi there!
    How can I call through PHP the galleryview?

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