Halloween Release candidate 2

I updated the language files and fixed some minor changes, I uploaded now the first second release candidate. Look out for the new carousel template I’ve added in this new version 1.4.0. Also check and test the rotate function, please report any problem you have with the new features. If nobody get a major fault, then I will release this version in the next week.


27 thoughts on “Halloween Release candidate 2

  1. Catter says:

    Hi. I’ve just plug this new nggallery and my surprise: pictures in the gallery are turned left, so what suppose to be the bottom of the horizontal picture, now is its left side… I didn’t change anything, have no idea why did it happens. And I’ve installed this only because I have problems with earlier issue… 😉

  2. alex.rabe says:

    ? I didn’t understand fully your problem. Can you post a link as demonstration ?

  3. Catter says:

    Here is an example: http://idioskosmos.ovh.org/?page_id=51&album=1&gallery=1
    I rotated first thumbnail 90o clockwise in Manage Gallery panel and then I selected area of it in Edit thumb. After that it is finally horizontally. The rest has wrong dimension.
    Is this about some default settings? It didn’t happens in previous version of nggallery.

  4. Ramoonus says:

    No bugs found so far over here.

  5. alex.rabe says:

    @Catter, can you switch back to the previous version and check if it’s work normal ? Don’t see a problem in the new version

  6. scurra says:

    The problem is when uploading a new image into an existing gallery. I have not tried a new gallery.

    Here is my example. Simple smiley face JPG image, so you can see the rotation. This WordPress page shows a copy of the image that I FTP’d to my site, one copy of the image uploaded using NGGallery, and the SinglePic calling that gallery image.


    My site uses PHP Version 4.3.11

  7. scurra says:

    Ok, I just saw the following message on my Gallary home page “NextGEN Gallery contains some functions which are only available under PHP 5.2. You are using the old PHP 4 version, upgrade now! It’s no longer supported by the PHP group. Many shared hosting providers offer both PHP 4 and PHP 5, running simultaneously. Ask your provider if they can do this.”

    I’ve submitted a PHP upgrade request. Has not been completed yet. I will test once the change is made.

  8. scurra says:

    PHP was upgrade to version 5.2.5.

    Newly uploaded images are still showing up rotated 90 deg anti-clockwise. No change to existing rotated images. If I manually rotate, when click “view” the image shows correctly. If I create a new thumbnail for that image the thumbnail also shows correctly. If I add that gallary image, using [singlepic id=x], to “Draft” post, it shows correctly. When I published post, images revert back to 90 deg anti-clockwise.

  9. alex.rabe says:

    @Scurra this failure has nothing to do with PHP4, I need to check that. Thanks for your help

  10. scurra says:

    Downgraded back to version 1.3.6 and problems have gone away. Existing images that were rotated remained rotated. The published vs draft issue resolved itself.
    Uploading images into new or existing gallery back to normal.

    Thanks for your product, your addin is the best out there. I however will wait for GA, before upgrading again.

  11. alex.rabe says:

    Thanks for reporting, I found already the bug, will release RC2 soon

  12. Dimitris says:

    Downloaded the RC2 version yesterday cause I had a problem with regenarating thumbs and seems to be fixed! 🙂

    One minor thing that seems to be broken in this version though is “View with PicLens” link on top of Gallery page. Although it’s selected in the setup wp-page it doesn’t respond when clicked.

    I get this error in error console:

    Error: A is undefined
    Source File: http://lite.piclens.com/current/piclens_optimized.js
    Line: 11

    A footer is enabled in my webpage. Hope this info helps.

    Cheers and keep up your excellent work!

  13. VoiD says:

    i have a have seen the new update and i hoped that this one will fix my problem but it doesn’t i already posted the problem at wordpress.org but i didnt get any answer…I do anything with album’s i only able to create them but i am not able to get gallery’s into it.
    Thats how it looks

    plz help me 😦

  14. Bernhard says:

    Hi Alex,
    thanks for the nextgen-plugin!

  15. Bernhard says:

    sorry – I pushed enter to early…

    I have a prolem with uploading images into nextgen gallery since I´m using https for the admin dashboad. With the WP mediathek uploading is not a problem, only with nextgen. What could I do?


  16. Bernhard says:

    I´m using WP 2.3.4, NextGen 1.3.6, PHP5.x

  17. Alberto says:

    Hi. I’m trying to use carousel template, but the picture appears full size, not adapting to blog width. And the thumbnail under the bic pictures doesn’t appear in the same row. It’s a bug? a problem with my blog template?


  18. sweigold says:

    Hi Alex, thanks for the great plug in. I’m trying the add hidden images option and when I select it, the navigation controls disappear altogether. I’m using the thickbox effect. It works normally without the hidden images option checked. Suggestions?

  19. Philipp says:

    Got an error with the carousel. I got only thumbnails and not the big image. Watch out


  20. Nicolas says:

    Can I somehow show thumbnails on ImageBrowser page, just under big picture?

  21. Nicolas says:

    I solve this with carousel, but is it somehow possible to get cropped thumbnail image on some size? not to get deformed thumbs?

  22. Nicolas says:

    To get all thumbs with same size, width and height, cropped.

  23. Joe says:

    The role management in 1.4.0 RC2 drives me crazy.
    The page nggallery-roles has no effect:

    First I thought it was my localization, so I changed the translations back to “subscriber”, “contributor”, “author”, “editor” and “administrator” without success.

    If I change a permisson to e.g. “editor” and submit the data, the form display again “administrator”.

    I checked this with in admin/roles.php which displays: “bool(false)”

    But If I change a permisson to “administrator” and submit the data, the var_dump display correctly string(13) “administrator”.

    Please give me a hint. Giving everybody admin rights is not a solution… 😦

  24. Joe says:

    … i checked this with var_dump(ngg_get_role(‘NextGEN Gallery overview’));

  25. Joe says:

    Yeaaahaaa! Workaround with “Role Scoper” + “Role Scoping for NextGen Gallery”:


  26. Nark says:

    Can I somehow include “Prev” and “Next” function under big image on Carusel template? (same “prev” next” like on Imagebrowser”)

    Plz, suggest me how

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