NextGEN Gallery Version 1.4.0 released

Next round, I uploaded the new version of NextGEN Gallery to Hope you didn’t faced a lot of bugs, please report any problems in the forums or issue tracker. Here is the full changelog.

Wish you a nice weekend !

Download NextGEN Gallery Version 1.4.0
Release version @


52 thoughts on “NextGEN Gallery Version 1.4.0 released

  1. Andy says:

    Thanks for keeping up the great work Alex!

  2. Ace_Denghar says:


    Thank for this.

    But i hoped that they will be a possibility, while displaying gallery with custom number of images per page, to browse the total number of gallery’s pics and not only pictures of the selected page.

    It’s very disturbing for visitors who only visit the first page thinking they have seen all the gallery.

    Example :

    Sorry for my english.

    Best regards.

  3. radu Cretu says:

    Hi man, why did u take out the individual thumbnail editing, it s is a very very usefull tool :((

  4. radu Cretu says:

    Please put the individual thumbnails…the drag and drop windows….where i select the area i want for the thumbnail

  5. Guido says:

    Hi Alex,

    thanks a lot for your great work. Since the version 1.4.0 it is not possible to change the tumbnailcontence. Until 1.3.6 it was possible to change the part of the thumbnail to be shown.



  6. Mark says:


    I upgraded to the new version and now my gallery can’t be found? I had it in a post (category) but I can’t seem to get it to go in there anymore…it works if i make a new page for it, but dont want to do that…any help???


  7. Everton says:

    I dread when you do an update as something always seems to break on my site – I have the same problem as Mark – none of my galleries work now. as soon as you click on a gallery thumbnail i get 404s

  8. Everton says:

    sample pages of where it’s going wrong:

    Please help me fix as your galleries drive a lot of traffic

  9. radxcell says:

    After upgrade (db upgraded as well) the arrows prev/next are gone in ThickBox.

    If I change to Shutter, they are there.

    How do I get those back in ThickBox?

  10. Derfeluk says:

    Just upgraded to 1.4 and now the links from the galleries to the individual pages have all gone. Just visited your site Everton and I dont get any 404.

    Did you resolve the issue?

    Any help? Thanks in advance.

  11. Help says:

    after update the Picture size in sidebar widget not working now please fix it thanks

  12. alex.rabe says:

    Dear all… I will do my best to fix what I can fix, but please report problems in the forums. Thanks for your understanding.

  13. ivan opezzi says:

    Hi Alex , great job – just a small request.The thumbnail edit was great but is gone.I agree with Radu.A great feature especially for mixed pics.

  14. alex.rabe says:


    It’s not away, it’s just disabled for IE Browser, as it currently cause more problems.

  15. gevastation says:

    Hello I upgraded to the new version and the thumbnail creator is gone is there anywy you can bring it back? may be as an option to be turned on and off? I used it all the time is one of the reasons I downloaded you software.

  16. Sideburn says:


    I upgraded to the new version and I’m having problem with the image browser. I use imagebrowser in my posts with this code: [imagebrowser=10]

    In the previous version, I could configure the gallery to use Ajax for displaying images in the imagebrowser. Now it doesn’t work, I can’ activate the Ajax pagination option in the preferences. After saving the preferences, Ajax pagination is still deactivated.

    Sometimes I use multiple galleries in my posts and it is very frustrating when I click on Next in the imagebrowser and the web browser jumps to the top of the page.

    What am I doing wrong? Please, help my, this very important to me.

    This is one of my posts with multiple galleries:

    If this problem cannot be solved, are there any option the downgrade to the previous version?


  17. [more settings] option in ‘gallery’ and ‘effects’ woriking one for the other. I mean when I click the ‘more settings’ in ‘gallery’ options it is not opening with complete options, instead when i go to ‘effects’ click moresetting and comeback to gallery then it is showing all options.

    The rest of all is just wonderful.

  18. And as sideburn said, ajax pagination is not working, possibly as a result of this jumbling of moresettings.

  19. Sideburn says:

    Can I activate the Ajax pagination manually? Is there a config file for this?

  20. jason says:

    I have used!

  21. Great Alex ! You are too nice, the auto-rotating feature I committed was just a draft, you completed very well !

    Thanks for the reference in the change log.

    What’s next ?


  22. Alex,

    I have just upgraded to v1.4, just wanted to thank you for your continuous hard work on the plug-in.



  23. Mucapent says:

    a lil bit offtopic – Alex, what’s the plugin for comment management (I mean memorizing commenter data and nice slide when hiding unnecessary fields) ? Thanks!

  24. Albums seem to have been completely hosed in this new “release”. They worked FINE before the upgrade, yet now do not function at all.
    The album page shows fine, the user is given the chance to click on the image gallery, but that click leads nowhere at all.

    Again, this worked PERFECTLY before the upgrade, yet now it does not show a thing!

  25. Peo says:

    Just a few lines to say thank you for this beautiful plugin.
    I hope someone add some Ajax to the new carousel template! 😉

  26. Mad Max says:

    Arrows prev/next are gone in new 1.4.0. ngg… Pls Help 😦

  27. Oli says:

    Thanks for your efforts, I really appreciate you putting so much time & energy in this plugin all for free.

  28. George says:

    Show navigation for widget slideshow still hardcoded to false in widgets.php instead of $ngg_options[‘irShownavigation’]

    $swfobject->add_flashvars( ‘shownavigation’, ‘false’, ‘true’, ‘bool’);

  29. Web Maremma says:

    I upgraded to NextGen Gallery 1.4 and my slide show header shows up but the slideshow has disappeared completely.

    Here there is the complete issue:

  30. winku says:

    New version doesn’t work well for me.. All thumbs are screw’d and options doesn’t fix it. If I try to make them 105×105 then why those aren’t square? Those look like more 60×100 or 100×60 but not square.. Older version was perfect. :/

  31. Cool2009 says:

    I want to rollback from 1.4 to 1.3.6 older version was working fine withy 2.7.1 wordpress

    How can I rollback from new to old one? Help please

  32. Sideburn says:

    I’ve posted the Ajax pagination issue on Alex replied very quickly. Here is the solution:

    1. There is a settings.php file in the /wp-content/plugins/nextgen-gallery/admin folder. Download it and open it for edit.

    2. Search for this text: “Browse images without reload the page”

    3. Above this line, you will see this code:
    <input name="galHiddenImg" type="checkbox" value="1"

    4. The problem is with the input name. Replace "galHiddenImg" with "galAjaxNav".

    5. Save the changes and upload the file to your site.

    5. After that, login to the admin area and in Nextgen Gallery, activate the Ajax pagination.

    Thank you Alex for the quick reply! 🙂

  33. kumar says:

    I’m not able to create album. Drag ‘n’ drop is not working. What should I do?

  34. Henry Koch says:

    I can under Gallery / Organize, edit thumbnails no more. The link is missing. Please help me, a customer requires just that.

  35. Tiffany says:

    Hi! I’m having the same problem as a few other people, the big one being that I cannot work the albums pages, I can’t drag and drop galleries into the albums.

  36. Yannick says:

    Hi Alex,
    I think the $this->load_textdomain(); should be performed in the start_plugin method.
    Currently it is in init, which means that if a language plugin is installed and sets the locale, the english .mo is always loaded for nggallery regardless of the config.
    I had to change this as I am using xlanguage plugin.
    Cheers for your great work!

  37. xuzhin says:

    can you please explain to me why it is that my gallery looks nothing the way it is supposed to look?

    the one on your site looks amazing, and has a nice click on the pic function.

    mine looks like this:

    joce we the me in you/?page_id=23

  38. lily says:

    i had been using the thumbnail editing feature under ‘Manage Gallery’ and find it extremely useful. Are you able to put that back? Thanks a million.

  39. Hendrik says:

    hey alex,
    i have a problem! the multi-uploader doesn’t work anymore because i can’tupload more than one picture at the same time which was possible with the old version. What have I done wrong?


  40. Kelli says:

    I’m having trouble with the AJAX Pagination on IE (I’m using 7, but it could be all).

    If you go to my site (, and hit the next button on the gallery, it doesn’t load without refreshing (and when it loads the “next” it’s actually going to the next entry and not the next image.

    It seems to be working correctly on Firefox and Safari.. so I’m completely stuck. Does anyone have any ideas?

  41. padma says:

    I am using nextgen-gallery varsion 1.4.3 and it works fine. I have set that plugin default to all blog

    I set active sidewide option at the time of activating this plugin from site-admin account

    The gallery options come when I create new blog but it goes in loop of upgrade options.

    “The script detect that you upgrade from a older version. Your database tables for NextGEN Gallery is out-of-date, and must be upgraded before you can continue. If you would like to downgrade later, please make first a complete backup of your database and the images.”

    But when I remove the sidewide activate option from site admin and activate manually from user blog account it works fine

    But I want auto active this plugin when user create blog but it works fine when user manually activate that plugin

  42. Ignacio says:

    Hello friend, you may help me, I’m photographer and I have a wordpress site, and I’ve got your nextgen gallery plugin and I can’t achieve the shadowbox or lightbox effect on the galleries.
    You could helpme please thanks

    my site is over ther and my mail too

    I will apreciate it a lot

    thanks and have a nice day

  43. I upgraded NectGEN to 1.4.3 and now I cannot upload any new pictures and create thumbnails. The Slideshow does not function. I tried to downgrade to an older version of NextGEN but alas, that still did not resolve the issue.

    I manually uploaded photos to the folder, then scanned the folder for new images, and it’s still broken. I keep getting this type of stuff:


  44. Kelly says:

    I use only the bare essentials of the plugin. The new plugin has crippled my sites load time.

    Is there an easy fix, or should I get an older version, or just forget the plugin and use a simpler one?

  45. Tomasz says:

    I’m having problems uploading images now. Not sure if it was the update or that I’m using wordpress 2.9 now.

    Thank you for the continues update though!

  46. Gerhard Lehnhoff says:

    Slideshow not working on IE

    Hi Alex,

    after upgrading to WP2.9 and the newest nextgen the slideshow is not working anymore in IE (works fine in Firefox).

    First I got the message that I had to upgrade to the newest Adobe-Plugin. I have done so but the result is the same. No Slideshow in IE 8.

    Any help will be welcome.


  47. Gerhard Lehnhoff says:

    Slideshow not working on IE (2)

    Coming back to my email above, I should have said, that the slideshows of the imagerotator example works perfect in IE8. So it seems to me a problem with generating the code for the slideshow by the nextGEN Diashow applet.

    The imagerotator version seems to me 3.18 (even the website of imagerotator says 3.17). Adobe Flash Player Plugin seems to be Version 10.0.

    Cheers, Gerhard

  48. Gerhard Lehnhoff says:

    Slideshow not working in IE (3) – Solution found

    Hi Alex,

    the problem has been fount (after 24 hours of search and try).

    I use a Umlaute-Domain. While Firefox is correctly working with the encodded Domainname (“xn--“), IE doesnt’t.

    The problem can easily be solved.

    I changed line 72 of the file widgets.php from …

    $swfobject->add_flashvars( ‘file’, urlencode( get_option (‘siteurl’) . ‘/’ . ‘index.php?slideshow=true&gid=’ . $galleryID ) );

    to …

    $swfobject->add_flashvars( ‘file’, urlencode( ‘/’ . ‘index.php?slideshow=true&gid=’ . $galleryID ) );

    … and both Browser work fine.

    ‘siteurl’ has been translated to the decoded url (punycode-url, starting with “xn--“) while IE works with the Umlaute-Domain. There has been a conflict. Could be, that this is a problem (“security feature”) of Adobe’s Flash Plugin.

    Firefox instead works with the decoded Domainname (“xn--“) and everything is fine.

    Just in case, you are curious, if ‘siteurl’ would be the Umlaute-Domain (not the “xn--“-one), then IE works, but Firefox doesn’t.

    So, if you can live with the change, please consider it in your next release.

    Cheers, Gerhard

  49. alex.rabe says:

    Ok, thanks for the feedback, I will check if this is an option for the next update

  50. Alan says:


    Good work on the gallery iguess. From the examples i can see its great, but so far i’ve failed to get it working. Ive posted about this on forums and added nextgen-gallery as tag, and i’ve recieved no response, so im using this as a way to contact you.

    What i wanted to say was, that is just simply is not working. Galleries created, pictures added, tags added to post, and nothing.


  51. Keith Bris says:

    Hi Alex,

    I downloaded your plugin and the JW imagerotator. I created a gallery and uploaded some photos to it. I created an album and attempted to drag and drop the gallery into it. No such luck. It simply won’t work. I can post pictures and a slideshow from the gallery on my blog, but I can’t get the gallery into the created album. I love this plugin and want it to work. Can you help me?

    Thanks, Keith

  52. Test says:

    Is it possible to have pagination with ajax in album layout? I have put the album code in page as [album id=1 template=extend]. By the putting ngg_paged_gallery in custom field template, it gives pagination. But I want ajax enable pagination.

    Thanks in Advance.

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