In this minutes I uploaded a new version 1.4.1, it fixes three bug’s :

* Bugfix : Capabilites could not be saved
* Bugfix : Ajax pagination option not saved
* Bugfix : echo nggSlideshowWidget() for compat reason

If you have further problems with new releases , I will do my best to help. This is the best way to help me :

1. Stay cool
2. Help testing beta & release candidates with a test installation ( I released a first beta over three weeks ago)
3. Report problem ONLY in the forums or Issue tracker, with a proper description of your problem (and link)
4. You can roll back to any previous version here
5. Stay cool

10 thoughts on “Bugfixes…

  1. Steve says:

    Bug report:

    Alex, I’m doing the translation work for the old version 1.4.0, once I have finished all the entries, I’ve found that there’s one word cannot be translated in the overview page.

    Once clicked “Overview” in the background admin page, the word “Image”/”Images” can not be translated anyhow, it’s because the messages were disabled in .po file in lines from 3084 to 3087, which are being used to translate the word in line 190 of /nextgen-gallery/admin/overview.php.

    After I uncommented these lines in the .po file, the words can be successfully translated.

    Please send me an email that I can provide you the latest Simplified language pack for version 1.4.0.

    Another suggestion, can you provide a change log for the .po file in the next release? I think it could be much faster to provide the multi-language packs from the contributors.


  2. mikko says:

    Great work, tnx for your efforts. I just have a small thing that’s bugging me – big image resize, discused here http://wordpress.org/support/topic/228536 . I tried it on fresh installation as well, and it is not working :S

    Hope you get this one automatized. Tnx again, love the plugin.

  3. phil says:

    Alex, when I upload images they are automatically renamed to generics relating to the day that they were posted, “November 4, 2009 448 x 336 pixels” however, in the old version the SEO friendly filenames such photo-of-an-apple were retained. Is there someway to keep the filenames that I have in place when I do the upload?

    On another matter, if I had 12 images displayed in a post versus having 12 thumbs in NextGen ready for viewing, is the former better for SEO?

    Thank you for a great plugin!

  4. I believe After the 1.4.1 upgrade using this code in a WP page stopped working.

    [album id=1 template=extend]

    As you can see here: http://www.pulsorock.com/fotos/

    That is a WordPress Page and it has this content in the page:

    [album id=1 template=extend]

    After I upgraded to version 1.4.1 today, it no longer displays the galleries in that album. If you look at the source in the generated page, you can look for that content, and what you see is this:

    Meaning that: [album id=1 template=extend]
    Is not working in that page.

    Anyone else have had this problem too?

  5. Fouad says:

    Great work ! Thank you
    I think this is better :

    $ngg_wpmu_options[‘gallerypath’] = UPLOADS;
    on install.php (443)

    than :
    $ngg_wpmu_options[‘gallerypath’] = ‘wp-content/blogs.dir/%BLOG_ID%/files/’;

    Because the blogger may changed the upload path(WPMU exemple)

    In our case we have in wp-setting.php :
    define( “UPLOADS”, UPLOADBLOGSDIR . strrev(chunk_split(strrev($wpdb->blogid),2,’/’)) . “/files/” );

  6. SAN says:

    After updating: Unable to write to directory . Is this directory writable by the server?
    CHMOD 777
    Please, suggest what should I do?

  7. Tamiko says:


    I am just getting my WP site set up and am a complete novice at all this. I finally changed the php.ini file to accept larger size photos, and I also happened to upgrade to the latest version (1.4.1) of your plug-in.

    Before, I wasn’t able to upload larger files and for the smaller ones, the thumbnails didn’t work and there was no associated full-sized image as far as I could tell. Now, when I try to upload, there is a lot of garbage code that comes up on the screen. The file is uploaded, but again with no thumbnail and no full-sized image.

    I am using WP 2.8.4 (haven’t upgraded that yet) and IE 7.

    This looks like a great plug-in and I am excited to get it working correctly.

  8. Tamiko says:

    Well, I must not have edited the php.ini file correctly the first time (I was sure I did) and now I can load correctly. However, the photos won’t rotate! Any thoughts?


  9. Jason says:

    I don’t understand why you have the following lines in lib/navigation.php … why not just show all the page numbers, I have to comment this out every time I upgrade.

    90 if ( $page_num = $page – 3 && $page_num $total_pages – 3 ) {
    91 $args[‘nggpage’] = ( 1 == $page_num ) ? FALSE : $page_num;
    92 $r .= ‘get_permalink( $arg s ) . ‘”>’ . ( $page_num ) . ‘‘;
    93 $in = true;
    94 } elseif ( $in == true ) {
    95 $r .= ‘…’;
    96 $in = false;
    97 }

  10. John says:

    I would like to be able to set a server path to a folder at a different domain. I set a path in the options settings but can’t get it to work. Any advice?


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