No more direct calls

In the last weeks I follow a discussion at wp-hackers and trac ticket #11509. Currently I used a couple of direct calls to my plugin , due to the fact that I need to output some AJAX request or a XML content. Joseph Scott says in the trac ticket :

The wp-config.php, wp-load.php, etc. files should never be directly included by a theme or plugin.

I start thinking what could be the solution for my problems and in the same second I’ve spined my ideas he linked to an article from Will Norris. I never ever get the same idea since I wrote my first plugin, it’s really simple to realize and a more robust solution. Very stupid that I missed that before…

I will start to remove direct calls to my plugins with the next Version 1.4.2. There are more more work on it, so it’s a first test for the slideshow XML output.


6 thoughts on “No more direct calls

  1. Ramoonus says:

    Yippee, 1.4.2 has been released.

  2. jason says:

    There is a error with my NextGEN Gallery.
    Error url:
    This is a album page, it shows two gallerys, but if I click the gallery page, it does not show myphoto. It is blank.

  3. Dr B says:

    perhaps you could also make the slideshows compatible with the iPhone (ie. no flash)

    thanks very much 😉

  4. Mark says:

    Hi, I don’t mean to sound like I don’t appreciate the work you put into this gallery (which is great!), but it’s just everytime I do an upgrade I loose my gallery. I have the gallery put into a category and every time I upgrade it says gallery canät be found and I have to go back to ver 1.3.5 to get it back. will this be fuxed on future updates?


  5. FLUKE says:

    I really enjoy using your Plug in Thanks So much it means a lot.

  6. Friedi says:

    Hi, I think NextGen is really great but I have a problem I can’t resolve 😦
    I made a gallery and, of course an album. Now I wanted to include the album in a site with the follwing tag:
    [album id=1 template=extend]

    But it does not work (neither the compact one does).

    Can anyone give help?

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