How many images do you have in your NextGEN Gallery ?

Happy new year ! A user ask in the forums if there are some limits on the amount of albums/galleries/images. And one user answered that he have

44467 Images, 1360 Galleries and 72 Albums !!!

I never tested such an amount of images, but it’s great that the plugin still works for this purpose… How many images do you have in your gallery ? Are you still satisfied ? What could be optimized ?

I start to wrote this plugin  just for some personal projects with not more that 1000 images. I know that some features are not really optimized for a high amount of galleries/images (Drag & Drop Album page is not that good for this amount, TinyMCE Button is not usable). anyway I will do my best to optimze this for the future…

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31 thoughts on “How many images do you have in your NextGEN Gallery ?

  1. Debbie says:

    This is not related to your post above…but I just wanted to say that I absolutely love your WordPress theme here and was wondering which one it was….or did you design it yourself? I love its simplicity. Thanks!

  2. Bjorn says:

    I currently have 3 albums, 86 galleries and 14.989 pictures!
    Nextgen is still running smoothly without any problems.

    Alex, will there be a build in searchfunction for the front end in the next version of this great plugin?

    It would be great to give my visitors a searchfunction to browse trough my 14.989 pictures!

    Thanks for your work!

  3. 178 says:

    I currently have 32436 Images in 322 Galleries and 76 Albums.

    Nextgen is running perfect without any problems.

    (WP v2.9.1 rc1 + NextGen v1.4.3 + PHP v5.2.6)

  4. Hey Alex –

    We’ve got:
    2383 Images
    102 Galleries
    12 Albums

    Still loving NGG, and using it every day!

  5. Paul Clerkin says:

    I have
    5837 Images
    198 Galleries

    I would love to be able to list the galleries alphabetically when using the “add an image” feature in the backend….

  6. Lelouch says:

    3 Albums
    7 Galleries
    483 Images
    Would love to see an option for recognition of manually created thumbnails when uploading images…
    for example recognizing thumb_name.jpg is the thumbnail for name.jpg and tossing it in the appropriate folder.

  7. apollools says:

    18782 Images
    269 Galleries
    16 Albums


  8. Nightshade says:

    61191 Images
    400 Galleries
    0 Albums

    The Plugin works great.
    But i have 80000 Pics more to Upload.

  9. Ron says:

    Here it is:

    4494 Images
    114 Galleries
    36 Albums

    But a lot to go .. and still works great! 🙂

  10. so far:
    127 Images
    8 Galleries
    3 Albums

    but I just started building the website…
    BTW: there is a BUG when you set to crop the thumbs to exact size: vertical thumbs don’t get the exact dimensions set…
    for example I have set the images to 100(w) x 150(h)… and some thumbs were 100(h) x 133(h) – the problem was always on the height… and to solve that I had to make the thumbs MANUALLY and up load them… after I did that they were still showing as 100 x 133 because for some reason the script was displaying that as the image width and height… any idea on what might be causing that?

  11. Nicolas says:

    We’ve got:

    808 images,
    41 galleries,
    4 albums.

  12. senshi says:

    I have

    3935 Images
    43 Galleries
    3 Albums

    I use them all for movie description.
    For that I expanded my theme a little bit with a movie index.

    Sometimes there are memmory errors, if I try to upload too many pictures at once. But It’s much better than single file upload ^^.

  13. Stefan says:


    1304 Images
    135 Galleries
    7 Albums

    Great plugin!

  14. Matej says:

    Currently I have
    3098 Images
    80 Galleries
    0 Albums

    Working sharp as it can…

    Features I miss:
    – auto resize on upload
    – auto watermark in upload
    – keep custom watermark fonts on upgrade(now, folder get’s deleted i think)
    – captions template for single image(like for galleries/albums)

    Thanks for the great plugin, Matej

  15. At the moment we have 32654 images, 204 galleries and 32 albums. Every party I do brings 4 galleries and 1 album.

    Let’s hope the plugin doesn’t crash 🙂

  16. Alvin says:

    907 Images
    22 Galleries
    2 Albums

    I think the greatest suggestion I would provide is single picture commenting! It helps alot if each pictures can have its own page to be displayed and comments specifically for it.

  17. Arnaud says:


    3200 images
    237 galleries

    It would be great if the gallery search was in the main tree of the plugin and not in a separate one.

  18. 14878 Images
    285 Galleries
    8 Albums

  19. TheBenwahs says:

    Hey alex!

    Just wanted to say I LOVE this plugin!

    But since I got it I have been constantly and uneventfully searching for a similar plugin that shows videos. I love the fact you can put them in an album with a certain name and then go into that album to view the content. Do you know of any plugins that deal with videos in this way or would you ever consider making a plugin for that purpose?!?!

    If so please please let me know and I will hold out until you create it!!!!!!!

    Much love and thanks for your work!

    The Benwahs

  20. 386 Images
    15 Galleries
    1 Album

    Thank you for this great plugin!

  21. Jim says:

    Tripawds Three Legged Dog Gallery
    1401 Images
    52 Galleries

    LiveworkDream RV Travel Gallery
    2499 Images
    106 Galleries

    Thanks for all the hard work and continued support!

  22. Alan says:

    13768 Images
    210 Galleries
    214 Albums

  23. ali says:

    1196 images, 26 galleries and 1 album.
    if you won’t give gallery id to this link, it gives you xml of all images on your web site. This trick really helped me. Thanks all of you.

  24. Eneko says:

    Hay have several photos with a lot of images, i dónt know why but i have about 400 images wich i can’t upload, the upload failes and binary data appears on screen.

  25. Bolser says:

    705 Images
    52 Galleries
    0 Albums

  26. Binda says:

    11,361 Images
    1,940 Galleries
    0 Albums

    This, unfortunately, requires at least 64mb php_memory_limit due to the fact, that add category/images page loads all the categories into a list. So, when there is not enaught memory (php_memory_limit) the add gallery page is empty (blank) so you can not create a new gallery nor add an image.

    So it would be nice to solve this problem. For example divide the add category and add image into two pages (not one with tabs, when all tabs are loaded in a time) and also divide categories alphabeticaly (for example) on multiple pages (also no tabs due to large amount of galleries).

  27. Andreas says:

    82324 images in 581 galleries! >_<

  28. […] instead of adding more and more features, I will work in the next time just on scalability and UI. Some time ago I ask how many images you have uploaded with NextGEN Gallery, and I’m really impressed about your […]

  29. 23485 images
    236 galleries

  30. wKamper says:

    64499 Bilder
    550 Galerien
    25 Alben

    “Aktiviere Permalinks” stopt leider ca. bei Bild 50.000 …

    sonst läuft alles 1a

    freue mich auf V2.0.0

  31. lordgault says:

    976 Imágenes
    30 Galerías
    0 Álbumes

    Y subiendo. Y con respecto a los álbumes la verdad es que no se exactamente como funciona.

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