iPhone 4G Wishlist

I’m using now about two month my iPhone 3GS and it’s a great experience…  I need my laptop more than 50 -70% less and it’s much better than my HTC Magic Android, but there are some minor things which could be better for the next generation :

  • Add 1-2 LED’s for SMS, Email, Low battery or other notification
  • Rework the popup notification for the locked screen
  • Add folders to the springboard, we really need them !
  • Add a fast scroll down gesture for Safari (For long long comment pages)

More wishes here

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3 thoughts on “iPhone 4G Wishlist

  1. Oscar says:

    Great ideas, I like the LEDs idea and from that page you linked to, theres a bunch of good ones like customizable sms alerts. I never thought of the scroll gesture for Safari, that would be very useful. The concept of folders would be awesome, or groupings.

  2. bcks says:

    I know you probably want to keep it stock standard but if you do jail break there is a cydia program called categories which gives you folders. it’s great – I put 90% of my icons in there and barely even go into the folders, just use the search to find them quickly. Bite sms is also a fantastic add on through cydia.

  3. durk says:

    I like the new android phones from HTC very much. multi app delight 🙂

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