Looking for a NextGEN Gallery icon

Help ! I’m a really bad designer. I never created a screen icon and logo for NextGEN Gallery. My Google Code page shows still the default icon :

And I also have not the skills to adapt Ben Dunkle‘s great screen icon design for the headline. If someone has enough skills and would like to contribute a icon to my plugin, I would be very happy if you can send it to me.

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8 thoughts on “Looking for a NextGEN Gallery icon

  1. Ruurd says:

    Hi man, I adapted your plugin and it works very well. I’d like to contribute to your search for an icon that can be used for your plugin. What are the sizes for it and do you want specific colors? You can send me an email regarding this issue.

    Once again: great job with the plugin. I admire your programming.


    • alex.rabe says:

      I need various sizes and in two color styles (grey / color) it started at 16 x16 up to 55 x 55 for Google Code. A vector graphic would be the best

  2. melacey says:

    I have an icon for you to look at, vector graphic is ready.
    If you email, I can send it to you.

  3. Andre says:

    Hi Alex,

    I’m a professional graphic designer and I wondered if you managed to get a logo and icon that you like? I would be most happy to assist you as I use your plugin on my website and would like to add some value to your work!..and thank you.

  4. alex.rabe says:

    I’m still open for good ideas

  5. Gio says:

    I’ve got a simple idea for you, email me so i can respond.

    If you want to see an exemple, I’ve made for free the icon of Julius Eckert’s SimpleTODO.app (scroll down and download the free mac app here http://www.julius-eckert.com/projects/)

  6. Gio says:

    Sorry for the broken link: i missed the space before the “)”…


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