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Could it be really so hard to move my entire music library to a new computer as described here ? Could not believe that Apple didn’t provide a more user friendly way….

4 thoughts on “Transfer iTunes library

  1. Bob says:

    It’s just the natural way of copying it to an external hard drive with a “consolidate”-process before.
    But if your music library is already nicely organized you can just skip that and copy your “iTunes Media Folder” to an external HDD…

  2. Oli says:

    Easiest way: Just edit the .xml in your itunes folder – if you’ve got one root folder for you entire library, you just need to find and replace that root folder for every entry in the xml.

    Make a backup of the xml first 🙂

  3. alex.rabe says:

    Bob give me the idea. Thanks for that… This is my solution (for windows) :

    1. Move all content to a external hard drive (I have a NAS, via iSCSI a added a new “hard drive”) via iTunes. I pick up the chance that iTunes rebuild all folders
    2. Copy the iTunes library.itl + xml file to the same location onto the new computer
    3. Select the iTunes.itl as described in the KB from Bob

    Now I don’t need to complete resync my iPods and iPhone. All playlists, counter, etc are still there… perfect !

  4. oh my god – yes – I really think apple makes this so unclear how to do so you will lose music ( and i guess buy more from them ) . I use Itunes and other music software for work and i still dread and can’t always figure out how to transfer my library. You would think they would just make an option – right ? they seem to be able to streamline everything else

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