Photocrati SuperTheme

The people behind Photocrati create a new Premium Theme with 15 layouts included ! This SuperTheme feature the full power of NextGEN Gallery functions, which is a great thing. I’m especially very happy that they re-style the gallery layout in a really nice way…

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4 thoughts on “Photocrati SuperTheme

  1. Great job on NextGen Gallery.

  2. Yep… I´m a photocrati customer. What to say. Just Great!

  3. Mary Peck says:

    photocrati is really for photographers..i have seen a lot of templates and this one is really made for photographers

  4. James says:

    Hi – So do all of the Photocrati Themes leverage NextGen Gallery? I was wondering this because I am also interested in the eStore integration. Please confirm. Thanks!

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