Monosildeshow for NextGEN Gallery

On request of the author I added a new addon plugin for NextGEN Gallery and Monoslideshow. It’s a flash based slideshow with amazing transition effects and more over you can customize the slideshow in nearly all aspects. I’ve added a option to replace the default slideshow of NextGEN Gallery, so you didn’t need to update your posts/pages. It’s currently in a late beta stage, where not all features ready (Custom presets), but you can work with it if you have owned the Monoslideshow. Leave a comment if you have a good idea what should be added to the plugin.

See here for a demo.

Download NextGEN Monoslideshow
Beta version @

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30 thoughts on “Monosildeshow for NextGEN Gallery

  1. Ramoonus says:

    Is it me or do you have to buy monoslide?

    • alex.rabe says:

      Yes, you need to buy the player. Just to clarify : I do NOT get any money and not in any buisness relationship with the creator. It’s just a alternative player to JW Imagerotator…

  2. Dravekx says:

    Are you using version 1 or version 2 of monoslideshow? I own version 1, but it doesn’t work.

  3. eyefox says:

    Me too, I used version 1, it didn’t work. “No image in .XML files”, I try many way but can’t used it .

  4. Does it work with nggtags also?

  5. spiel says:

    “No image in .XML files” :S

  6. andrea says:

    Hi, I bought monoslideshow and installed your add ons..well it’s great! everything working well and smooth..just one question is there an easy way to set up the full screen mode?

  7. Eva says:

    I too purchased monoslideshow – and it is working fine. however I installed Monoslideshow in WordPress and added the script provided in the manual to remove the logo to my header code. I tried it several ways but I still get the logo in the first screen: – I don’t know if the instructions are any different for WordPress.

    Has anyone else had this problem?

  8. Dirk says:

    I need your help!

    How can I do disabling the start up logo at the beginning of the animation?

  9. andrea says:

    But is the monoslide showing random order only of your gallery ?

  10. frank says:

    I cannot find how to give order to the gallery too!

  11. seo cosenza says:

    THis plugin is great but i got mad to fix a proper way to show images for a photographer website as they want a perfect resolution. Some images were cutting with effects slideshow…so I think there is the need to better cusotmize the coordinates of images moving wihtin the frame….

  12. Joe says:

    Is there a way to remove the filename showing up when you change the settings for the plugin “Show caption / image description”?

  13. Triphoss says:

    I have been messing with a lot of gallery plug ins. it this one really worth $30 just to try?

    I am not an experienced programmer, so ease of use is key, i couldn’t ever get the JW imagerotater to install correctly, and i want a slide show effect

  14. peter says:

    Hi Alex,

    how can I use my customized monoslideshow xml file with next-gen gallery? Where to upload it and how to switch on?
    Many thanks,

  15. 47songs says:

    So many questions I have.

    Is it possible to use the options panel that monoslideshow has available on it’s website? Looks like it would be easier by updating the xml file online, generating it online and then copy and pasted into the xml file. But the nextgen xml file is a php file – correct? So it has different properties than the regular xml file that monoslideshow has? Do they interact with each other or do we have to do all our customizations at wordpress through nextgen?

    Thanks for any answers you have,

  16. kay says:

    Hello alex,first of all i want to thank you for this great plugin.And second i have a question , i want to add rel=”nofollow” on images links, i’ve edited the gallery.php file in view folder like this <a href="imageURL ?>” title=”description ?>” thumbcode ?> > INTO <a rel="nofollow" href="imageURL ?>” title=”description ?>” thumbcode ?> > ; but it doesn`t shows up,if i post class=”bla bla” it shows,but nofollow doesn`t want.what can i do ? thank you

  17. Adri says:

    Hi Alex, great job on the monoslide plugin. Keep it up…

    But i am missing one thing: The album view: It doesn’t work…..

    I know it’s possible to open the slideshow and then to show the different albums. People select an album and then that slideshow starts…….

    I have multiple album and galleries but the album navigation button (arrow up) stays greyed-out and is not clickable.

    Can you help me with this ?

    Thanx upfront

  18. i981 says:

    monosildeshow ist zwar sehr gut. aber ich benutzen es doch nicht,weil es nicht Frei ist.

  19. Bart says:

    Wow… Great plugin! Thanks a lot…

  20. dyke says:

    Hi I noticed a bug that may cause a background color flicker of a split second before the animation is started. The background color should be a parameter instead of a attribute. This is confirmed by the creator of Monoslideshow.

    $swf->add_params(‘bgColor’, $options[‘backgroundColor’], ”, ‘string’, ‘#’);
    //$swf->add_attributes(‘bgColor’, $options[‘backgroundColor’], ”, ‘string’, ‘#’);

  21. dyke says:

    The bug mentioned above is noticeable when you don’t (want to) use wmode transparent or opague.

  22. dyke says:

    great plugin btw 🙂

  23. dyke says:

    I’m not sure but I think either opague or transparent mode is being used by the plugin instead of ‘normal mode’. I’d like this as an option.

  24. Marujobhz says:

    i need to use inside php page… what is the code to do it? like “Does it work with nggtags also?”. thanks

  25. Marujobhz says:

    ok, to use nextegen monoslideshow inside php, i use
    and it works fine.

  26. Marujobhz says:

    the code is missing… i put the …. ? php echo do_shortcode(‘php echo do_shortcode(‘[monoslideshow id=1 w=640 h=358]’); ? …. with in inital and in the end of code. ok, to use nextegen monoslideshow inside php, and it works fine.

  27. oris says:

    No image in .XML files

    this is because you use a old version of monoslideshow.

    Buy or upgrade to the new version 216. This worked for me.

  28. suzanne says:

    Dear all,

    I have the plugin : nextgen and de extra wp plugin activated.
    I have the downloaded the monoslideshow.
    Can anyone tell me how and where i can upload de monoslideshow in my wordpress site?
    Thank you in advance

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