NextGEN Gallery V1.6.0

I’m full of work for the next week so I need to speed up the release a bit. NextGEN Gallery 1.6.0 is now available for download at This release will introduce the new jQuery slideshow and a couple of fixes for Multisites. I hope you like the new slideshow features on your mobile phone. There is a lot of room for improvements, so I’m open for ideas and contribution in any direction.

As always : Please post questions in the forums. Thanks !

Update : Fixed a bug with the slideshow & zip upload, Thanks for reporting in the forums and keep patient !

Download NextGEN Gallery Version 1.6.1
Release @


80 thoughts on “NextGEN Gallery V1.6.0

  1. giancarlo says:

    perche non inserire un pulsante upload nell’area admin dove si scrivono i post ???

  2. jeff says:

    Just upgraded and all of my custom templates are gone. How do I restore the database to the previous backup so I can get those back??!! Please help!

  3. i981 says:

    dank schoen! schon mal benutzt

  4. wuzhl says:

    Can you add the attachment uploaded to the remote server function?

  5. Mike Y says:

    Great stuff. I’ve upgraded to 1.6 without problem, and I managed to switch between the JQuery Cycle slideshow mode and JW Image rotator without problem. (Need to upgrade tho PHP 5 to make it work)

    However, I think I will stick with the JW Image rotator for the moment because the JQuery Cycle mode does not support image shuffle and background music … so the slideshow still does not work in my iPad …

    Keep up the good works !!

  6. sentono says:

    hei nextgen 1.6.0 with wordpress 3.0.1 zip upload is not working at all, it shows directory contains no picture.. 😦

  7. Andry says:

    Please add a button to the gallery (which inserts in the post) to be one click to download to your computer all the images of this gallery.
    And anyway, is it possible? I would be very grateful!

  8. Fanch says:

    the JQuery slideshow is cool… but no more Image Rotator ? Since I’ve upgraded, if I choose to display the ImageRotator slideshow, I get the message to download the flash player… unless my flash player is up to date (v.10.1). Thanks for your amazing work anyway, the nextgen gallery rules !

  9. Jernej says:

    This gallery plugin is broken in so many ways… rather than adding more features you should think about fixing the bugs and basic functionality.

    1. Sidebar widget still does not respond to landscape/portrait thumbnails properly. I hate finding the broken line of code every single time I update with hopes of finding out it would all work without my intervention. It doesn’t.

    2. Album list view doesn’t display a thumbnail (the way gallery list view does – preview image). It just looks sloppy and unfinished. A gallery count (galleries inside the album) would also be useful, perhaps album description as well.

    3. Image description and title seem useless. I still haven’t figured out which one displays where and when.

    I want to see titles under thumbnails in gallery view.
    I want to see title and description (caption) in any form of single image view (lightbox, slideshow, whatever)

    These are the basics of any gallery, yet with NGG they’ve been wrong since the beginning and nothing improves with each release.

  10. Croc says:

    This is atrocious, DO NOT UPGRADE. I agree with jernej fix the problems and improve the previous version instead. It breaks many other plugins like Featured Content Gallery deletes custom files and still doesn’t reference jQuery correctly.

  11. alex.rabe says:

    @Jernej, Croc : If you found a bug and have a fixed it , why not send it to me ? Here ( you can add your bugfix , everybody who talk with me seriously get my attention…

  12. Since the update today, none of my slideshows are working anymore.
    Flash or no flash. It does not work.

    How can I downgrade ?

  13. Juanfran says:

    Good job. It’s ok

  14. Tara says:

    The upgrade today broke my galleries. It was working before, now all I get is:

    The Flash Player and a browser with Javascript support are needed..

    I am using FF 3.6.8 and do have the flash player installed.

  15. Tara says:

    IN case it helps, IE is throwing this error:

    Webpage error details

    User Agent: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 8.0; Windows NT 6.0; WOW64; Trident/4.0; SLCC1; .NET CLR 2.0.50727; Media Center PC 5.0; .NET CLR 3.5.30729; .NET CLR 3.0.30729; .NET4.0C)
    Timestamp: Wed, 8 Sep 2010 11:57:40 UTC

    Message: ‘swfobject’ is undefined
    Line: 103
    Char: 1
    Code: 0
    URI: http://xxx

    Message: ‘swfobject’ is undefined
    Line: 147
    Char: 3
    Code: 0
    URI: http://xxx

  16. Fotobram says:

    Indeed, when I choose for flash, I too get the

    ‘The Flash Player and a browser with Javascript support are needed..’

    When I do not opt for flash, all I get is this spinning Icon, but no slideshow.

    The none slideshow feature seem to work OK

  17. Croc says:

    If I had time to fix your code errors Alex I would have posted them. I am busy at the moment restoring my cliets 1.5.3 files and database that ur update broke.

  18. Fotobram says:

    Also the jQuery slideshow on

    shows me spinning icons only.

    Do I overlook something ? Do I need extra plugins for this type of slideshow ?

    Please help me out.


  19. segler says:

    Habe ebenfalls das Problem mit Java und Flash:

    Gibts da schon ne Lösung?
    Nextgen zeigt folgendes an:
    * Betriebssystem : Linux (64 Bit)
    * Server : Apache
    * Speicherverbrauch : 45.3 MByte
    * MySQL Version : 5.0.51a-3ubuntu5.7-log
    * SQL Modus : Nicht gesetzt
    * PHP Version : 5.2.12-nmm2
    * PHP Safe Mode : Aus
    * PHP Allow URL fopen : An
    * PHP Memory Limit : 256M
    * PHP Max Upload Größe : 200M
    * PHP Max Post Größe : 200M
    * PCRE Backtracking Limit : 500000
    * PHP Max Script Execute Time : 30s
    * PHP Exif Modul : Ja ( V1.4 )
    * PHP IPTC Modul : Ja
    * PHP XML Modul : Ja

  20. Wow, Jernej and Croc… way to sound unappreciative of Alex’s work on this plugin.

    “I want to see titles under thumbnails in gallery view.
    I want to see title and description (caption) in any form of single image view (lightbox, slideshow, whatever)”

    … I want to see how much you’re paying Alex to treat him as if you’re the proverbial Egyptian whipping his proverbial slave-ass into finishing his proverbial pyramids quicker.

    For what it’s worth, a few minutes’ work was all it took to write a custom template that showed descriptions and titles in gallery view when I needed to for a client recently, and on the subject of custom files, Croc, all WordPress plugins will overwrite files that you edit on upgrade. It’s about version control and is your own fault if you’re working in that way.

    I haven’t had any problems with the test upgrade that I did this morning of this plugin, so thanks for all your work and time spent at no fee on this, Alex, and best of luck fixing the bugs in your own time.

  21. Jeff says:

    Please please please make it easier to add a link back to the post an image appears in (thumbnail view) in Image Browser. I have no idea how to get back to the original post unless I hit the back button, which isn’t the solution I’m looking for. Please help.

  22. alex.rabe says:


    Thanks for your words, I really appreciate that ! You are one of that users why I’m still work on this…

  23. HI,

    My flash slideshow is running again via the trick:

    if ( NGGALLERY_IREXIST == true && $this->options[‘enableIR’] == ‘1’ && nggGallery::detect_mobile_phone() === false )


  24. Flash slideshow running OK under 1.6.1

    No luck with the non flash version yet ,although

    runs OK on my Iphone 🙂

  25. TradiArt says:

    How nice… admin area looks like the rest of WP! 🙂

    Thank you very much for still working in this fantastic WP plugin!

  26. HELP!! I updated to the new version and completely lost my nivoSlider slide show on the homepage. It’s also doing weird things to my titles. Golly I jutt plain don’t know enough to fix this. I’ve spend many hours putting up a bunch of image galleries and hate to lose it all. This site was almost done last night. Please, if there is any way to go BACK to the previous version, can you tell me how? I’ve really appreciated this plugin in a number of my sites!! It’s the best out there for galleries!

    Thanks !!

    Theresa 😎

  27. Marcos says:

    Since the last 2 upgrades, when I am about to post a new gallery and start to type anything in the post, this error message appears:

    Fatal error: Class ‘nggTags’ not found in /home/marcusbacus/ on line 866

    It seems that it doesn’t affect much the gallery itself or posts with galleries, as I’ve posted 2 galleries already since it happened for the first time and it seems correct and all the old galleries seem fine. I don’t use any different gallery template, customization or anything, just the defaults I guess. It started happening after the 1.6 upgrades. Maybe the bug is just in style and is harmless, but it’s there.

  28. Robert says:

    This is the problem when one´s products become very popular among the intellectually inferior. I lost my custom code as well – but being prepared for being forgetful I make copies of my plugin folder (how easy it is). I too lost all of my galleries and have not gotten them to show again – even after upgrading. But doubtless there is a fix coming. Alright here is the fix – for does who do not get the galleries to display – manually save again the upper settings of each gallery under the “Manage Galleries” part of the plugin.

  29. I’m one of those basic users who use this fantastic plugin for fairly frills-free slideshow type galleries to give readers an impression of our recent events. For me (us) the key thing is straightforward image and album management, and fire & forget set-up. And that’s exactly what it does: reliably, efficiently and easy to use. I really love this plugin and am very happy to see that it is continually growing. Thanks Alex!

  30. Robert says:

    There are however – some valid mistakes that Alex, creator of the plugin as done with the hasty update. First among is the overwriting of the “lang” folder – which is not a standard process. Thereby deleting all customized languages of the user. That could be really bad. Second of all, from what I notice is that the permalink structure has been set to (again?) – that is bad as well and not a standard thing when upgrading a plugin. One can easily fix the first problem but for the second I am still seeking a solution.

  31. Jernej says:

    Chris and Alex… Unappreciative? Perhaps. I’ve been trying to integrate this gallery into my site for over a year now and I still only run it in the background as a “trial version” unable to migrate completely from another gallery plugin with even bigger coding problems and discontinued support (overwriting files with identical file names, no albums etc) But it does the basics right. Displaying single images and galleries (picture list view in NGG). I’ve been patiently waiting for improvements (thankfully I’m in no hurry as the client is me and it’s not a critical feature).

    Is it so unreasonable to expect the slideshow feature to display image information in a consistent manner? But as it is now it sometimes displays the title, sometimes the description and sometimes it displays either one of those (can’t tell which) for half a second as I move the mouse over the image. Or sometimes nothing at all depending on which browser I use.

    If trying to display nested album view i.e. top landing page (album 1 which contains albums 2,3,4… which contain galleries) album-extend.php and album-compact.php both output only title and link (previewurl, galdesc & counter output empty fields). I still haven’t figured out how I could make it work.

    Album compact display mode deforms thumbnails rather than cropping them (I think square thumbnails should be optional anyway).

    I apologize (I really do) if my rant is offending someone but I’m talking about basic functionality of a gallery and common sense not fancy extra features that would only serve a few individuals. Hopefully constructive criticism. I realize you do this on your own time and money but on the other hand these bugs are killing the purpose of the product.

  32. Nickc says:

    Marcos Posted September 8th, 2010 – 22:30

    Since the last 2 upgrades, when I am about to post a new gallery and start to type anything in the post, this error message appears:

    Fatal error: Class ‘nggTags’ not found in /home/marcusbacus/ on line 866

    It seems that it doesn’t affect much the gallery itself or posts with galleries, as I’ve posted 2 galleries already since it happened for the first time and it seems correct and all the old galleries seem fine. I don’t use any different gallery template, customization or anything, just the defaults I guess. It started happening after the 1.6 upgrades. Maybe the bug is just in style and is harmless, but it’s there.

    ……..I have this same problem that Marcos is having and tried fixing it but will not go away… I dont see any visible effects on the galleries but its annoying when your doing a new post it make your life a bit miserable… any fix for this yet… should be simple…

    i think upgrades are necessary and people should stop fussing.

  33. mrurban says:

    I am just getting the spinning icon. how do I fix this, I read that other people have had the same problem but how do I fix it?

  34. Habe das selbe Problem wie Marcos weiter oben berichtet

    seit dem letzte update bekomme ich folgende fehlermeldung:

    Fatal error: Class ‘nggTags’ not found in /www/htdocs/my-server/my-domain/blog/wp-content/plugins/nextgen-gallery/nggfunctions.php on line 866

    keinerlei fehler im frontend, aber im backend immer diese fehlermeldung bei allen artikeln die ich bearbeite

  35. Alessandro says:

    hi Alex, u have done good job, if someone want do other plugin and are better of alex, can do it.

    Alex in version 1.6.1 i’ve only one problem with flash mode for upload images, it say when i upload: 0 images uploaded… it work normally not using flash mode for upload.

    Thanks i hope u fix this.

  36. alex.rabe says:

    For all users with the “Class ‘nggTags’ not found” problem, please check this bugfix :

  37. nico says:

    @alex – bug / solution
    If you’ve never used the flash-version of the slideshow the jcycle-slideshow widget doesn’t even appear in the sidebar.

    Turned out if I add the path to imagerotator.swf and save the options the jcycle-slideshow will be added as a widget. No need to activate the flash-based slideshow just the path must be available.

    thanks for a great plugin!
    donation on it’s way.

  38. Deborah says:

    I have donwloaded the new Plugin . I cant upload my pictures. Wenn i want to upload, i will see them all, but i cant upload,

    Datenbank-Fehler. Kann Galerie nicht hinzufügen!

    What can i do? I have 3 times deavtivatet an deleted this plugin and all my gallerys are away now…

    Have you an idea?

  39. nico says:

    The folder you are using for the gallery has write-permissions ?
    Check tho gallery-options from the dashboard for the path.

  40. alex.rabe says:


    The sidebar bug should be fixed in next release :

  41. Jack says:

    I’m always amazed when someone “upgrades” something on a client’s live site without first running it in a test environment…And then complain to the author when it’s broken, because they’re having to revert to the previous version. Wow, this should be a learning experience.

  42. @Jack

    Be amazed some more, because most of us will not change this habit 🙂

  43. alex.rabe says:

    This is the success of the the automatic plugin upgrader, I releas minimum 2-3 beta version before, but just a few people help testing. I can test whatever I want, a few bugs slip thru the test cycle and I will not establish more tests for this plugin as it’s just a hobby and not a professional, buisness & paid app 🙂

  44. @Alex

    Let me state, that I did never complain about the app.
    I just asked for help and I did get it.
    Thank you for that. I spite of the fact that I do not get the non flash slideshow to work, I still consider it great software.

    I have an Iphone, but the one thing I do not like about it (and the reason that I will not buy an Ipad) is the fact that it does not support flash. I think Flash is a standard like MP3. It may not be the best, but it has won a battle.

    My blog is just a hobby too and it’s existence is not critical 🙂
    Sometimes I take risks.
    Sometimes it is fun to rebuild from scratch. Sometimes I am just lazy.

  45. David says:

    As I am no php expert not even a novice is anyone willing to help me. I would like to add a navigation bar under the images I have in the gallery on the jcycle gallery showing each image number, like

    1 2 3 4

    with the slideshow running automatically as it does now but the ability to click on the number to move directly to that image, eg. click on 4 and image 4 appears.

    I know this can be done, the jcycle page gives an example

    but I do not know what code to add/ change and where and in what file. Any help in simple language would be appreciated. Thanks.

  46. Croc says:

    Quote=Chris Billet “Croc, all WordPress plugins will overwrite files that you edit on upgrade. It’s about version control and is your own fault if you’re working in that way.”

    You are mistaken Chris. Most Woprdpress plugins do not delete custom files. I’m not talking about modified default or core files, but custom made themes skins css etc. This upgrade deletes such custom files, WordPress does not condone plugins doing so.

    I don’t need a test area or have time to waste testing every site change, plugin, version upgrade etc, I leave that to the dev team or authors and keep regular backups. Something breaks, I roll it back-up in a few clicks.

    Many people are having problems with the “upgrade.” As long as it’s constructive, negative feedback is good, learn from it. What Jernej and I had said was constructive.

    I wish I had more time Alex, I really do, I’d be more than happy to contribute to the development of your plugin but I have bills to pay, my clients needs come first.

  47. Arnaud says:

    after reading all the above, I decided to wait a little while before upgrading. Would have done the upgrade anyway first in test environment only.
    I’m however very grateful to Alex for all the work he is putting in this plugin. I use it on multiple sites, and am very satisfied.

    With only one developer, creating this plugin for such a large community all on his own and on top of that, all for free, I really don’t think we have a reason to complain. Compared to most Microsoft products, this plugin contains for less bugs, support is better, and all for FREE !!

    If you experience problems after an upgrade, I would expect this to be reported in a constructive way, so Alex can do something with it.


  48. papermaker says:

    Klickt man auf die Thumbnails der Gallery auf der Startseite, kann man zwar wunderbar die Bilder betrachten, aber man kommt nicht mehr auf das Blog zurück, weder mit dem Rückbutton des Browsers noch mit der Escapetaste.

    Somit kann man zwar die Bilder betrachten, aber man muss dann -ob man will oder nicht- nach dem Betrachten das Blog verlassen.

    Das ist ärgerlich. Oder mache ich da irgendetwas falsch???

    Beste Grüße

  49. Sandy says:

    First. let me say thanks for all of the work you have done on this. I’ve used it several times with great success. After spending the weekend with it, I deleted EVERYTHONG and started over

    This particular site those is giving me some problems. I’m using version 1.60 (I did have 1.6.1 but backed down hoping it would solve my problem. I slowly went thru the installation. i created the gallery, went to the page and added the shortcode. I did this as a gallery. It worked fine on Firefox and IE8 (64 bit). I could click on the thumbnail and the slideshow worked fine. Even on IE which was my earlier problem.

    So then I went back to the setting and changed it to show a slideshow first It worked just fine in firefox…but I’m back to the spinning circles in IE8 again. So…then I went back and changed it back to the way it was originally and it doesn’t work in IE 8 at at unless it is the thumbnails. Can’t click on Show As a Slidwshoe any longer and get it to work. It seems to be the slideshow part of it that I have problems with in IE8.

    I’m at a loss as to what to do next. Below is the error that I’m getting on IE 8

    Webpage error details

    User Agent: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 8.0; Windows NT 6.1; Win64; x64; Trident/4.0; Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1; SV1) ; .NET CLR 2.0.50727; SLCC2; .NET CLR 3.5.30729; .NET CLR 3.0.30729; Media Center PC 6.0; Tablet PC 2.0; .NET4.0C; Creative AutoUpdate v1.40.01)
    Timestamp: Mon, 13 Sep 2010 22:21:59 UTC

    Message: Expected identifier, string or number
    Line: 113290613
    Char: 112
    Code: 0
    URI: http://www.*******.com/about-us/

    Message: Object doesn’t support this property or method
    Line: 234
    Char: 124
    Code: 0
    URI: http://www.********.com/about-us/

    Please, any help will be appreciated. (I will be sending on a donation though this week regardless because I used this before successfully. )

  50. Kyle says:

    pls,add multi pic insert function,i real need this!pls!thx again!!!

  51. Croc says:

    G’Day Alex, that’s exactly what I’m talking about. Customized style.css should not be stored in the plugin directory. I know under Dashboard> Gallery> Styles> you note;

    “Tip : Copy your stylesheet (nggallery.css) to your theme folder, so it will be not lost during a upgrade”

    This should not be necessary, when uninstalling yes, delete all files and database tables, but upgrading a plugin should not delete custom files. As the WordPress dev’s suggest, custom style.css should be stored in /wp-content/user/ or /nextgen-styles/ not the plugin directory and idealy the upgrade routine re-activates whichever style was previously loaded.

    Again as the WP dev team suggest, only a handful of plugins store custom files in the plugins folder, NextGEN is one of them. You don’t need a special hook or filter to get around the problem. Simply change the stylesheet store location. For that matter you could add an “upload your own stylesheet from your computer” button that creates and stores in /nextgen-styles/ to simplify things for novice WP users.

    btw, your sentence isn’t gramatically correct. It should read;

    “Tip : Copy your stylesheet (nggallery.css) to your theme folder so it will not be lost during an upgrade.”

  52. Rosen says:


    I like your gallery very much and it perfectly suits my site. The one that I can not do, is to integrate it in the bar where you do posts and new pages (how you showed in the preview clip. There is no button how it is in the video, from where I can just put a gallery in the post. Where should I turn it on?

  53. Smous says:

    Hi, I am still struggling to get the Nextgen button to show in my back-end when wanting to add a new post. Have you got a fix for that yet. I wanted to delete the whole plugin and re-install it again but it says that all data will be deleted. Any help? Please mail em to my mail address. Thanks

  54. Alessandro says:

    Hey alex, none fix for the flash upload problem?? Thans in advance.

  55. Marcos says:

    Just my 2 cents (I didn’t even tried the fix yet as it’s not even explained what should be done – but I’ve guessed it anyway):

    It’s interesting how a simple report of a bug becomes a battle of egos. I guess that besides many unexperienced users that want to use simple features to help them “code” a page faster and easier, there are some experienced users that use these features as well. And some in this group get really upset with some minor bugs not being fixed or sometimes not even being taken care of (aka “ignored”).

    Regarding not installing a new version in a testing place first (as this being a fault of the administrator of the blog that suddenly displays a bug message): most of the updates I’ve seen for the WP plugins are (and should be) released after they are relatively if not entirely bug-free and somehow tested in multiple environments. Sometimes you see a fresh update a few hours or even shorter after another one had just been released, to fix something wrong in the previous update. There’s nothing wrong in assuming there’s a bug in your software. But it gets wrong when you (speaking generally here and not pointing fingers at anyone) blame the users of your plugin for being not so careful and installing an update before checking if it works or not. Should we all run 2 or 3 “beta versions” of our WP installs just to be safe when installing an update? After countless updates that go faultless, if one breaks your installation now it’s our (the users) fault? Not always.

    Anyone is free I guess to use whichever plugin does it better to your installs. If you think this one or any other is buggy, uninstall it and just try another one. If you’re on the other side of the road though, try to make users of your stuff keep using it, by keeping it bug-free instead of just arguing.

    To expect just compliments on the internet is as foolish as it gets.

  56. Marcos says:

    Went to check the supposed fix to my specific error and I have no idea on how to fix it. Should I replace the .php? My nggallery.php is around 18k, this one is 180k. I guess it’s not just a matter of replacing the nggallery.php, is it?

    As I’ve said, this bug seems to be harmless (so far) so I’ll let it there until it’s properly fixed, whenever it might be. I’m not in the mood of moving 700 images to a new gallery plugin.

  57. Kyle says:

    @ suggestions

    Have it so you can select from most used tags like with posts.

    Have it so you can create a tag list and filter galleries by tags.

    I’ve seen some people hack the tag cloud to do this but I haven’t bothered trying yet as I haven’t seen a flawless example.

    Awesome work!

  58. Croc says:

    Hey Alex, that is an improvement thanks. I also noticed in revision r794 where jQuery was fixed to jquery. That’s the script call problem I refered to in my first post here. Only I had it backwards. Now nextGEN calls wp_enqueue_script correctly it clashes breaking my theme tab_slider and in some cases FCG which doesn’t check if jQuery is already loaded (as you probably know WP itself loads up jQuery). I didn’t look into the corresponding swobject.js? to see if it uses safe mode var $j = jQuery.noConflict (); as I’m sure it does. If all themes and plugins did it could mean an end to starvation, cure for cancer, world peace! lol.

    @ Marcos, yes, just replace your nggallery.php or wait until Alex releases v1.6.2 and the auto upgrade should fix your problem.

  59. Hi,

    Love the gallery and I’ve nearly got it working, but…

    There’s a problem in Safari on a Mac – when the large images come up, the first one’s ok then every subsequent one drops down so it’s half off the screen and not centered any more. It’s also causing the page to shoot up and down rather than leaving it unaffected. Seems to work ok in Firefox for Mac though.

    It does it on the ones on this page too, so it’s not specific to the blog I’m working on, which is here:

    Any ideas?


  60. Malice says:

    NIIIICE. I haven’t upgraded to 3.0 (and I don’t really want to), yet I got the plugin upgrade notification for NextGen. As soon as I upgraded, ALL of my galleries DISAPPEARED and every single page in my admin had a red banner that says “Sorry, NextGEN Gallery works only under WordPress 3.0 or higher” across the top.

    If it doesn’t work in older WP, why am I even getting the option to upgrade it????? If I knew it would BREAK EVERYTHING and MAKE MY ENTIRE GALLERY DISAPPEAR, I would not have upgraded.

    This is totally ridiculous.

  61. Marco says:


    I upgraded from 1.5.5 automatically and all is fine… but once upgraded pictures opens in a new white page and not with java.

    I downgraded to 1.5.5 all is fine again…

    How to upgrade to 1.6.1 and have java again working?

    Furthermore I would like to ask if is possible to:

    Create an album and display it with Compact view, so that all the galleries for this album are with a small thumb. (and is already possible). Once done that I would like that when I open a gallery in the album, is displayed extended (the gallery) or at least the thumbs should be displayed below the Description that now appears only opening pictures.

    Let me know.

    And tnx to Alex for the great work he’s doing with this plug-in.

  62. Marco says:


    I would like to know how to put Html Links in picture descriptions if it is possible, so that links are “clickable” from description under the photo thickbox

  63. Alessandro says:

    Alex, ive the same problem also with the new version of nextgen gallery the flash upload function not work, it say 0 images uploaded…. work only the normal mode… why this???? it happen after upgraded from version 1.5 or something to 1.6.1…

  64. Rasto says:

    NextGEN Gallery is really best.
    But I have 1 problem – my pictures are in one column. How can I fixed it. In setup of gallery is everything right.
    Thank you,

  65. Frank McClung says:

    Alex, you’ve done great work with NextGen. You mention it is a hobby for you, have you ever thought about selling NextGen rights, code, etc. so that it can be professionally developed and maintained? If so, what would be your ballpark asking price?

  66. alex.rabe says:


    It’s my baby, not only a hobby. But everything has a price… Not cheap, but if you really interested contact me by mail

  67. Paul says:

    Hello Alex,

    I love your plugin, but I have two suggestions. At first, in the media upload, you should integrate the image url after line 229:

    <label for="image[][url]”>
    <input id="image[][url]” name=”image[][url]” value=”imageURL ); ?>” type=”text”/>

    Hope you see this code. Second, can you integrate there a search where you can search after images in the media upload, so you just search instead of looking through the list.


  68. Hi Alex,

    I want to give huge props for a great plug-in that is iphone/ipad friendly! I searched high and low for a gallery that would show off the content rather than how funky a designer could get with their knowledge of Flash. Nextgen is also an ease to use on the backend. So… a big thanks!

    That said, I have one big suggestion: is there any way of preloading images? I’d like my viewers to wait as little as possible for content.


    P.S. Here’s a link to my website if you’re curious how I’m using nextgen:

  69. Matt Diamond says:

    Thanks for all the hard work with nggallery.

    Like others, I only got JQuery slideshow to work once I had installed the imagerotator.swf (Flash) file. (Obviously it would be nice if that step was either documented, or unnecessary.)

    I too am getting the spinning wheel when I try to use the JQuery slideshow. However, it works fine in a test copy of my WordPress blog that I run locally (via MAMP). But it doesn’t work on my hosted blog (same content, same browsers!) Maybe that’s a clue that will help you.

    Also, when I upgraded NGallery to 1.6x I think I saw a warning that NGGallery 1.6 prefers a later version of PHP than I’m currently running. Could that be the problem? Just a thought.

    If I can get my host to upgrade PHP soon, I’ll see if that helps.

    Good luck,

  70. Matt Diamond says:

    UPDATE: My non-Flash slideshow problem (endlessly spinning wheel) was fixed by upgrading my website from PHP 4 to PHP 5.

    Hope this helps someone.
    – Matt

  71. Jasper says:

    @ John Goldsmith and Alex Rabe Is there already a possibility to preload images? I am using a custom carousel and see that all large images are not preloaded. I would like them to. Checking AJAX under Gallery does not seem to help/work under Firefix 3.6.10..

  72. @Jasper.

    Ha. I have no idea of it’s possible. I’m a photographer meddling in the shadows of coding. I can’t even figure out how to get a border around my images in the Nexgen slideshow! Anyone?

  73. I finally got the non flash slide show (jquery cycle) option working. I did read a lot on the forums.

    I updated a few things on my site, but nothing seemed to help.
    Switching to the default theme did the trick, but that was not a solution for me. I am not a code wizard, but I started to analyze the differences between the theme I use and the default theme.
    I noticed there was a version of jquery.js included in the theme that I want to use while in the default theme I cannot find one. Updating that one did not help either, but then I simply deleted that version and now it seems to work fine on myy Iphone too. As I understand there is already a js version in WP itself.

    When flash is detected the flash version, that I prefer because of the full screen option, is used.


  74. Kit Green says:

    Thanks again to ALex for his superb plugin and for adding the jQuery slideshow.

    I have a JQuery slideshow working perfectly in Firefox but with considerable distortion in Internet Explorer 8 (I haven’t checked the other versions).

    The images are in a gallery (default view thumbnails) with a slideshow option. Some images are landscape some portrait. The distortion is worse with the portrait images, which IE8 is pulling sideways to fill the whole width available.

    Any ideas anyone? Thanks again.

  75. Matthias says:

    I think NextGEN Gallery is the best gallery-plugin for wordpress.
    But I have a idea for a new feature: a flickr integration. So the user could display his own flickr uploads between pictures from a Gallery which is created with NextGEN Gallery..

    What do you think about this idea?

    P.s. sorry for my bad german-school-english.

  76. Tony Zeoli says:

    Hey Alex:

    Been a long time since I asked you a question here. I have a new job at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. We are using your NextGen Gallery to power photo galleries in a digital news web site launching on Nov. 1.

    I have a question about multisite with domain mapping.

    I’ve enabled NextGen and changed all folders from /wp-content/blogs.dir/* writable to 777.

    I added “wp-content/blogs.dir/%BLOG_ID%/files/” to NextGen Gallery path.

    I have this file structure in blogs.dir


    For some reason, I keep getting that the files are not writable by the server. Things are not working.

    I believe I’m running the latest version of NextGen avail on the Codex. I have not downloaded 1.7 yet, because I saw it was a read only and only in beta.

    Please let me know what you suggest.

    Tony Zeoli

  77. Tony Zeoli says:


    I’m hoping you can please reply as soon as possible. I am trying to connect NextGen via WPMU with domain mapping enabled. I have set the blogs.dir folder and all sub-directories to 777, but 1.6.2 is still telling me that my folder is not writable. We are launching in one week and I really need your help. It looks like from what I’ve read that there is a beta on your Google Code site that solves this issue. Is that correct? When will it be ready? Please reply. Thanks.


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