Hot topics – or – how to request for help

More than 6000 threads in the forums, only the word “plugin” is hotter than “NextGEN Gallery”. Let me thank you for your patience & help during all the time. To maintain a plugin for such a amount of user is really a big challenge. I know that you need for your projects modification, you have a problem or didn’t understand the way how I realized it in my plugin. The forums should be the right place to get the help. Let me give you some tips to get the best support :

  1. Be patient when you need a answer, sometimes it takes time until somebody answer (more than 1 hour ).
  2. Search first for an answer, maybe someone had the same problem already. With over 6000 threads it could be possible…
  3. Disable all other plugins and test it again, often it’s a conflict with a other plugin.
  4. If the gallery didn’t look good, switch to the default WordPress theme and check the behavior again. If the default theme works fine, contact the theme author.
  5. Use a descriptive subject for your problem (“I have a problem” or “Problems with NextGEN Gallery” is not that best).
  6. Add always the tag “nextgen-gallery” to your request, I’m looking only for this tag.
  7. Be patient when you need a answer, sometimes it takes time until somebody answer (more than 1 day).
  8. Do not post any comment which is not related to that thread, open a new one.
  9. Post a link to your page, often it’s possible to see the problem by looking into the html source.
  10. Don’t request help in the comment section on my blog, it’s the wrong place.
  11. Never ever send me a reminder per mail, I really hate that.
  12. Be patient when you need a answer, sometimes it takes time until somebody answer (more than 1 week).
  13. If you fixed your problem, please give some feedback, it’s important to know when something is solved.
  14. You still need VIP Support ? You can’t wait for an answer in the forums or you hate forums… Well, Yes I can help, consider it’s not cheap , but cheaper than the VIP Support from Automattic 🙂

19 thoughts on “Hot topics – or – how to request for help

  1. carolyn says:

    I am looking for a plug-in which will display my photos, I really like the NextGEN Gallery 1.5.5., however I need something that will display them larger and will load them faster.

    Any ideas/suggestions?

    Thanks in advance,

    PS. super time-sensitive!

  2. Trond says:

    Thanks for a great plugin!

    I struggeled several days to get it working, and close to give up, I had the problem with the “spinning wheel” and pictures not loading.

    I read forums, and tried almost everything that was suggested. Thought the reason for my problems were that I was running W7 64-bit and IIS, but it showed up that it was easier than that.

    In my case it showed out to be a permission problem for the uploaded pictures. (under /gallery).

    The reason for the spinning wheel was, for me, that IIS_USRS didn’t have enough permissions to view the uploaded files.

    This did not cross my mind as I early in the IIS installation had given this user (more than) enough permissions.

    So when manually changing permissions on the picture files, it startet to work!

    But, the issue was not over, when uploading new files, they were still missing the necessary permissions, and problem came back.

    I found the solution for that in:

    So, in the end, the problem with spinning wheel and no loading of pictures was that IIS_IUSRS did not have read access to c:windowstemp.

    It might be that this solution have been posted, but I did not find it.

    My gentle suggestion is that you in the install instructions also includes that it might be smart to check the permissions on c:windowstemp


  3. Hallo,

    ich muss wirklich mal mitteilen, dass die NextGen Gallery ein wirklich hervorragendes Plugin ist. Ich bin wirklich schwer zu begeistern, aber hier wurden meine Erwartungen sogar übertroffen. So ein Plugin wünsche ich mir auch für Joomla. 🙂

    WordPress wird mit dieser Fotogalerie um einiges aufgewertet und lässt sich jetzt noch vielseitiger einsetzen.

    Vielen Dank für dieses grossartige Plugin. Ich werde gleich etwas spenden, denn das hast Du Dir wirklich verdient.

    Gruss Martin

  4. djones says:

    id like to know how to remove the show as slideshow link

  5. Micah says:

    Hey Alex, it was a bit of a learning curve for me to learn NextGEN but my easiest way to learn and get help was to study other’s comments, successes and mistakes. The forums were a good resource for that so I agree with you on that.

    My only request for this plugin is to provide a way to insert the header/footer scripts/css into only gallery pages. Currently, everything is interested into every page, which adds to the overhead of additional requests to load the site. I really hope you can add a feature to cut down on this overhead except for pages/posts/galleries which need them.

    Thanks for all your hard work!!

  6. Hi there,

    First off THANK YOU for the plugin. I am planning to use it on several sites. I currently am using it on Incredible Places and want to gang up several galleries onto one page with thumbnails for each gallery versus showing thumbnails for each image. I tried to create an album and to place each gallery in the album, then attach it to a page – but no code appeared in the page.
    How do I do this?

    Many thanks!


  7. Satinder says:


    I’ve installed NextGen gallery on my WP site, though admin seems to upload the images, but how do i show those pics on the front end site?

    Is there any documentation available?

  8. Kelly says:

    Is it possible to center or right align the slide show like can be done with individual photos?

  9. LJ says:

    The thumbnails in the gallery when I choose ‘show picture list’ is not in any kind of order. How do I get them to show up in nice and neat rows and columns? Thanks! LJ

  10. Hein says:

    Goodmorning Alex,

    I have posted the following on the suggested wordpress forum as wel but i might as wel post it here too as it is kind of a weird problem.

    I used to add pictures to my galleries by importing a image folder, which was an option in nextgen gallery beside uploading single pictures etc..

    But now i only have the single picture upload left.. the gallery folder is set to 777 including subfolders and stil it can not import image folder.

    I thought it was the wp-security scan plugin but i have disabled all the plugins which might be of influence but no luck.

    Could the option for importing image folder be related to apache user settings?

    I hope you can find the time to answer and if not you are thanked anyway for a wonderfull plugin.

    Kind regards,

  11. Hallo Alex,

    I’m using your nice Plugin twice on one page. When I press the “next” or “prev” arrow in the first Galerie, it works fine. But when I go to my second galery and press the button there, the first Galerie is moving.

    It’s the same, if I do it otherwise round.
    Then the second galerie moves. when I klick on the Thmbnals th focus is set to tje reight galerie.

    Is there a possibility to set the focus on the right arrow/galerie??

    I can’t find the spot, where to set this and I don’t know how do write it.

    Thank you very much for help.

  12. sorry: the Galeries are on the page “Loklitäten”.

    and I meant:
    When I klick on the Thumbnails, everything works like it should.

  13. Greetings! I am completely ignorant about how to set up galleries and add photos.My original web designer is not available and I would like to create more galleries to add to my site.Thank You

  14. Tony Zeoli says:

    This is fine. I get it, but there is not answer to my question anywhere that I can easily find.

  15. Tony Zeoli says:

    Yes, I know that now, thanks. I didn’t see this post until after I posted.

    However…no one seems to have been able to help anyone else with this issue so far. It hasn’t really been explained or answered anywhere, and there is no information on the plug-in page about setting the path to blogs.dir/BLOG_ID.

    This is kind of a fail in terms of documentation that I’m hoping will be rectified.

    I present on WordPress and Multimedia at WordcampNYC and Wordcamp Raleigh. Your NextGen is the main gallery I discuss in my presentation, listed here:

    I don’t mind supporting your work through my efforts at all, and if you need help with documentation, please let me know and I will try my best to contribute.


  16. Beat Jau says:

    Hallo Alex

    Nachdem ich Dein Plugin seit einiger Zeit für meine Webseite einsetze, gelange ich heute mit folgender Frage an Dich:

    Beim Upload von Bildern via Plugin wird offenbar und korrekterweise die Bildgrösse unverändert übernommen. Beim Upload via WordPress-Mediathek wird offensichtlich die Bildgrösse verändert, so dass die Bilder in meinem Theme “beschnitten” werden. Ich muss dann jeweils via ftp den Originalupload umbenennen.
    Kennst Du die Thematik?


  17. Rich Okun says:

    Dear Alex;
    GREAT plug in. I am using NextGEN 1.6.2 along with Smooth Gallery 1.2 and love the combination for what I need it for THANK YOU

    I wanted to see if I could move the Alt & Title Text (title of the photo) to the top of the black box that houses the slide show. I cannot seem to find the way to do this and wondered if you could help guide me.

    Much thanks to you.
    Very truly yours

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