IE Users – Welcome to rounded corners !

Downloaded the IE9 Beta yesterday to test the “new” experience and I’m really happy to welcome all IE user now to rounded corner. I’ve tested jQuery UI dialog and the progressbar, when you upload your images. It look’s really much better then in IE8 (or IE7, don’t talk about IE6) :

And here IE 8 mode (the ugly of the web) :


2 thoughts on “IE Users – Welcome to rounded corners !

  1. ivan says:

    Hey Alex, that’s awesome!
    I have to shamefully admit I had no idea rounded corners in IE were in the pipeline to begin with. That’s great news!

    Just out of curiosity, which one of the standard CSS rules does IE read to get the rounded corners in a first place?

    Or do we now have to add yet another rule when coding pages just to satisfy the eccentrics =)

    I know – nothing to do with your plugin (which is awesome, BTW), but still on the topic

    Cheers, my man!

  2. Rain Wilber says:

    The new version of IE (i.e. version 9) supports the border-radius css property and its sub-properties. Finally, they’ve rounded out their edges and are soft!

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