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Today I worked hard on the database structure of NextGEN Gallery. As there is a strong demand for nicer permalinks, I need to add some new database fields. It’s a horrible work if you would like to keep always a backward compatibility. I remember very good the beginning of this plugin, it’s a delight to add new features when you didn’t need to consider to break existing features. Anyway, it’s also motivating when so much people use my plugins.

At the end of my day I add a little new function for my own needs. Post a image from the manage gallery page with just one click, hope you like it :


3 thoughts on “Publish post with one click

  1. Funny Pranks says:

    Can we use this function right now?

    We installed plugin today…


  2. alex.rabe says:

    It’s implemented only in the upcoming V1.7.0, see

  3. I love this function. Can you use in bulk actions so it can publish many images – each in a separate post?

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