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No I’m not dead, just take a longer break… or should I say : Blame it on my Playstation 3 ? Anyway just released in this minutes a new WordTube version which added the ability to sort a playlist. Not that big thing, the next step should be a integration of HTML5 video tags.

Have a nice sunday !


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  1. Jason says:

    Awesome news. Can’t wait for an HTML 5 version for iPad and mobile. Any ideas how long until it might be ready for release?

    This is an awesome plugin. Using it daily. Well done 🙂

  2. Steffi says:

    hello alex, just updated on 2.4.0 and suddenly my videos do not appear in my posts anymore. any ideas?

  3. Glammilk says:

    I have solved this problem, simply having registered in options anew a way to player.swf

  4. Steffi says:

    thank you Glammilk, I have found it 🙂

  5. Rainer says:

    Version: 2.4.0.: The path of the Player will deleted.
    The videos do not appear. The tip of Glammilk does not work.

  6. Glammilk says:

    Write down here it in General Options: wp-content/uploads/player.swf

  7. Audi says:

    I would like to discuss what happens when a video cannot be displayed, and the GetFlashPlayer message is displayed instead.

    In the ScriptHeader() function, the SWFObject class name is set to…
    $this->swfobject->classname = ‘wordtube ‘. $playmode . $id;

    This could result in a tag with a class name “wordtube single3” (for example).

    This element is already nested within a element, which leads to the following HTML…
    GetFlashPlayer message goes here

    My problem is, I cannot assign a CSS style just for the error message. I cannot use the .wordtube class because I don’t necessarily want the style applied to working videos (in which case the nested containing the GetFlashPlayer message is replaced with the video).

    I would like to propose the message class name be changed to something constant and distinct so that CSS styles can be applied. For example…
    $this->swfobject->classname = ‘wt_message’;

    This is working great on my site. If you like to see it in action, just turn off your Javascript and visit http://IllowaCycleCenter.com. Once there look around for a post with a big orange box. This is the (modified) GetFlashPlayer message (with style). You will see this on all non-YouTube videos (YouTube will still work). To see the video just turn on your Javascript and refresh. Perfect video with no warning style.

    Thanks for your time, and for the great plug-in.
    – Audi

  8. Audi says:

    Well, the HTML examples were stripped from my previous post making it hard to read; but, hopefully you get the idea.

  9. Rainer says:

    Thanks, glammilk, now it works…

  10. LUCHOSAR says:

    Greetings from Colombia.
    Install in the version 2.92 and 4.3 but no thumbnails appear … shame is a wonderful plugin.

  11. luchosar says:

    Ya encontre la solucion:
    colocamos en la sidebar esto:

  12. LUCHOSAR says:


    if(function_exists(‘wt_GetPlaylist’)){echo wt_GetPlaylist(0,”player.swf”,”playlist”);} ?

  13. Gavo says:


    I have put support for the alignment of a simple video, but my colleague did update admin plugin. Now I have nothing. : (I would ask, can not be added to the alignment of the video? (float left right center etc). Huh? This is a question for the author plugin.

    google translate

  14. Jimmy says:

    there is a solution to use these 2 plugin together?
    (wordtube and simple tags)

    when I activate the auto link in simple tags, it will block the wordTube unique video

    i have wordtube 2.4.0 ande simple tags 1.8

    sorry for my bad ingles (google) XD

  15. Jayla Starr says:

    Please help me.
    I updated wordpress and the wordtube plug-in is no longer working. OMG I am freaking out. I tried everything. I un-installed and re-installed it. Deactivated and re-activated.

    http://justjayla.com/members-diary/ is the site I am referring to. My other blog http://justjayla.com/ is working fine.

  16. greydutch says:

    I am an absolute beginner. This plugin was recommended in a German tutorial and I installed as described (wordtube in the plugin directory and player.swf and yt.swf to the uploads directory. I have then uploaded a flv file to my uploads directory but it won’t show. When I click the wordtube button it offers no file/last media/random media but the file I uploaded is not to be seen.

    What am I doing wrong? I would love to be able to insert video clips and hope that this problem can be solved.

    Mayn thanks.

  17. greydutch says:

    I have made some progress! Rather than using an FTP client for uploading I have used the wordtube entry from the media menu instead to upload a flv file and this file is now indeed shown when I click on the wordtube button.

    However, when I select this file to be inserted in my article, the following is added:

    [media id=1 width=320 height=240]

    The file itself is not available and nowhere to be seen.

    I am not getting any further and would greatly appreciate some help. Thanks a lot

  18. Katie says:

    Hi Alex,
    Thank you so much for creating this plugin – its so easy to use. I just have a couple questions. I want my video to display bigger. I have reset the height and width in the settings, but it doesnt change on the live site. Also, I want to put a frame around it, and center the display.

    Thank you!

  19. Cindy says:

    Hi WordTube was working before update 3.1.1.

    Now I have “Get the Flash Player to see the wordTube Media Player.” displayed where the video was before.

    I checked and I have the latest FP version. I’ve checked and error is on multiple browsers (Chrome & Safari; I’m on Macbook) I have latest version of WT 2.4.0 and it states here that it works but it’s not.

    I checked Settings / WordTube / General Options and path to player.swf is wp-content/uploads/player.swf and I checked and player.swf is in uploads directory. I’ve tried downloading a new player.swf.

    What have I missed?

    Thanks for your assistance.

  20. Steve says:

    Awesome work there with the WordTube Player.. it works really well so thankyou. Looking forward to the html5 version coming out

  21. Joshua says:

    Thaks you its fine Glammilk

  22. Jason says:

    Any lightbox support for Wordtube?

  23. Jason says:

    Hey, im trying to put up a player at the top of my page but want it to be a random video with no playlist. I was able to put up a player with a playlist.

    Any ideas or suggestions?

  24. Hello,
    How is it possible to integrate “wordTube” on a home page like this:
    Below the menu?
    it is possible to integrate it into a page, an article, but on a homepage is that possible?

    thank you

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