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I’m reading every day the forum posts, really. I didn’t answer each day, but I study nearly every request & problem. With Version 1.7.0 I introduced a new auto complete feature, this feature works fine on all of my blogs and test blogs. Unfortunately it also has some side effect, it requires a newer script library then WordPress currently shipped out. So I added this new version manually, but some plugins & themes didn’t handle script calls in the right way.
Very often I need to request to disable other plugins & themes, just to test if the failure is really inside NextGEN Gallery or not. For this purpose I’m introduce now my first version of a plugin health check :

This new  tool can be used via the overview menu and it checks for a couple of common problems :

  1. NextGEN Gallery requires PHP 5.2 or higher, as it uses a JSON function
  2. A check if a other plugin conflicts with the JSON function (Autocomplete & the slideshow will not work in this case)
  3. A check for the memory limit of your server
  4. And it verify if your theme calls wp_head & wp_footer

I’m not sure if it causes false positive results, but it maybe help us all to verify if NextGEN Gallery can run fine on your blog. The new Version 1.7.3 is now available.


32 thoughts on “Plugin Health check

  1. Naor says:

    Hey alex,

    Thanks for the new feature.

    But I have a question, a few months ago I wrote on the WordPress forums of your plugin about a strange problem with flash uploader not working with Google Chrome, any news about that?

    I really like your plugin but it’s annoying that I can’t use the flash uploader with Google Chrome.

  2. Jackie says:

    I’ve upgraded, but can’t find the plugin health check option…

  3. Sylwia says:

    I get a failure at the “Check theme compatibility”. Does it mean it won’t work with my theme, which is Platform?

    I also get this error when I’m trying to upload new pics:

    Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 67108864 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 7204 bytes) in /home/xxxxxx/ftp/wp-content/plugins/nextgen-gallery/lib/ on line 937

    The pic I was trying to upload had just over 800 KB

  4. cathy says:

    Evidently there is a conflict with the theme I want to use handcrafted by randy jensen based on paul irish’s boilerplate. Do you know if the problem with Nextgen gallery is that jquery is loaded at the bottom of the page in this theme?

  5. Have you been asked to address the fact that when displaying images of different widths, those with the smaller widths are not centered, but left-justified instead? Is there a style setting one can use to address this issue?

  6. Thanks for adding this plugin check. I have been having issues with the Slideshow function since the last upgrade of Next Gen. It was working fine, and then the Slideshow would no longer load. I tried dozens of fixes to no avail, and then found the plugin check today.

    According to the plugin check, there is a conflict with another plugin. So far I haven’t been able to figure out which one, and since the site is now live I’m hesistant to disable certain ones.

    Are you aware of plugins which can be in conflict over the JSON function?

    Thanks very much in advance.


  7. jameydesigns says:

    Iv installed the plugin right, so the lightbox effect works when i’m working from the local server, but as soon as I view it live on the web it doesn’t work…Can someone please help me? tell me what im missing or doing wrong

  8. Gary says:

    Problem with both health check and slide show using theme ‘eveningshade 1.2’ by Pixel Theme Studio. The error is ‘theme conflict’ in health checker, and a rotating loader when trying to insert a slideshow.

    Unless there’s a fix (especially in regard to the slideshow), I can’t use NextGEN.

    Hope there’s some solution.


  9. Nicolas says:

    I do confirm a fale positive on the “Check theme compatibility” on a twentyten based theme, which obviously (and checked) has both wp_head() and wp_footer() calls.

    Great plugin Alex, keep the good work 🙂


  10. jakub says:

    on my site healt check doesnˇt work , if i click on check compab. i see working but do nothing a wait cca 20 min and i see that same …
    where is problem ?

  11. ymj says:

    hi alex!Bug report.

    I use ssl on my admin pages. when i click plugin check,it cause a js error :”msg is null”.

    I check it and it seems because the “domain” of “settings” in “nggPluginCheck” didn’t use https but http.

    When you fix it, would you please notice me? thanks:)

  12. Gary says:

    How do I tell what plugin this one is conflicting with? I still can’t get slideshow to work!


  13. Hector Lima says:

    hi, Alex, thanks for the new feature. i get “Missing the call to in your theme” every time upon “checking theme compatibility” in my personal blog, which uses the Thematic Theme Framework & Sugar Cane theme.

    same with, which uses TwentyTen. I can only use the Image Browser with the Ajax option – which I would be fine with if it didn’t load the next image at the same point the page is. since i’m using NextGen to display comic pages it forces the reader to scroll up again.

    is there any fix for that, or any plugin that it might be conflicting with? thanks a lot in advance!

  14. PL Monteiro says:

    I have been running around here and wordpress looking for the latest pot file for a pt_PT translation. The one bundled with v1.7.3 has a string saying it’s not updated to version 1.7.3 but I can’t find an updated pot or english po in your site here, or in the wordpress plugin page.

    Perhaps in the languages support page you could add a link to the relevant pot file? Thanks.

  15. Slambino says:


    I love this NexGen Plug in – but it stopped working a short time ago – I cannot create new gallery any longer. ‘Nothing’ happens – I get no error I get no problem – nothing is happening at all. Is there somewhere I can ask my host to check? I manually create and populate the folders too but the import feature is not picked up or doing anything either?

    Please can you help?


  16. Tyson says:

    ngg_get_ttffont() in wp-contentpluginsnextgen-galleryadminsetting.php

    this call to get_ttffont bombs with the latest version. when i turn off the flash uploader it works. but uploading one by one is a pain. are you trying to grab fonts from the web servers os? if that is the case, i don’t believe i have that type of access.

  17. robographer says:

    Alex, please read the forum because a lot of people (including me) have problems with nggallery at the moment.

    I didn’t list my problem because it is the same as the problems described in the forum, so I am waiting for your answer.


  18. Tyson says:

    sorry i’m not on the forum with this.

    but I think you may need a:

    if(class_exists(‘nggOptions’) != true)
    //the class

    add some function_exists checks on the 4 functions at the bottom of adminsettings.php.

    seems to work for me, anyway but i’m not a php coder.

    Great plugin man!

  19. Christian says:

    I’m trying to adjust the thumbnail’s width generated by the gallery so the 6 images showing fill the width of the parent div. Looks like I’ll have to make this adjustment in the code. If so, can you tell me where to find that line declaring the thumbnail’s width?
    Thank you.

  20. Mike Verta says:

    Weird… the plugin’s been working fine for a couple of days, and suddenly my Slideshow Widget isn’t loading the images it was yesterday. It just sits there spinning. I’ve tried re-loading it, and the plug-in check says everything’s working! Ideas?


  21. btz says:

    everything works fine, only the flash uploader don”t work, i”ve tried it on mozila & explorer
    when i hit the button ”browse” nothing is happening 😦

  22. Maniputus says:

    Where can I download the health check plugin working on two sites and having issues with the gallery and would like to narrow down the problem and hope your plugin can help

  23. Steve C. says:

    The plugin checker is working great for me. I did, however, encounter a bug — took a bit of digging and a second pair of eyes, but eventually we found that an image file cannot have the same name as a page /slideshow by that name.

    Example: I cannot name a JPEG “crown-molding” and have it all run correctly if the page/directory within which it resides is also named: crown-molding — the page would only show the thumbnail of that JPEG image, not the full page created to display that and other examples of crown molding.

    Didn’t seem to matter if the image file ended in .JPG or not — it apparently wasn’t heeding the file-type suffix somehow. Once we found that issue (after a bit of digging and searching!), the page renders the slideshow properly now instead of a single image thumbnail.

  24. mike says:

    heck compatibility reports
    ‘Missing the call to in your theme’
    Theme is K2 1.1 but it doesn’t tell me what call its missing?

    I don’t yet make much use of the gallery so its not a big issue for me yet.

  25. TradiArt says:

    This solution is brilliant. It’s so important, that there must be a menu element in Gallery dropdown only for this feature.

    Also, will be really appreciated, that when a test hasn’t passed, let us know how to solve it.

    Again, congratulations.

  26. Curt says:

    Love your theme, and there seems to be a weird issue with W3 Total Cache, even after putting in the imagerotator swf file.

    When I upload new images, it just turns to a white box (like a hotlink protection look), while all the thumbnails uploaded before W3TC CDN enabled all look fine.

    You can see what I mean here:

  27. Sam says:

    First of all, thank you for this awesome plugin!
    The health-check is a very great idea and for some errors this might work out well. Today however i encountered a damn problem with another plugin. NextGEN is not at fault, but the problem might occur with other plugins, too:

    I’m using The-Events-Calendar and this replaces the template with a plugin-template. And this funtionality seems to break the correct initialization of nextGEN Gallery as the sidebar widget won’t work on every calendar-page. “swfobject is not defined”

    So i replaced the Calendar-Plugins “template_redirect” to a file which is identical to the default index.php of twentyten theme.
    NextGEN Widget is still broken.

    So idk if the problem is really the other plugin or if it’s the template_redirect functionality which most likely some other plugins use, too (maybe you do, too..? idk)

    Here’s the URL

    But other than that, the plugin works great 😉

    thanks again

  28. Lev says:

    Hi Alex
    I love your PLUGIN but I have several issues with it..
    I hope you can point me to the correct resolution..
    Before bothering you I try WP FORUM..
    It seem so hard to get help sometimes
    But I am hopping some one will pont me to a right direction..
    Here is the problem:
    First SLIDE SHOW refuse to work …. the loading animation spinning and spinning and nothing happened.
    ( I really do not need slide show , so is there way to rive link?
    Second this one is frustrate me more then any thing if you click on thumb in gallery normally I should get 60% transparent screen with image but one time it wok and another time it just pops new window in the browser.
    And the final issue is that when the gallery preview is closed and page opens up I get WHITE Square at the top of the page and until i refresh page it is there….. some thing is VERY WRONG.
    Can any one tell me what if any thing I am doing wrong..
    if you like to see what I am talking about here is link
    Thank you in advance


  29. Jason T says:

    How can I change the font size in the caption box? it is tiny.

  30. Lev says:

    Hi Alex
    I have not her for you and I was wondering
    Is their any way you can tell me why is this great plug in do not want to work for me.
    I am really lost here please if you can find time to at list look at it..


  31. I have Donated ^__^ Please don’t stop your support and work for this plugin,, it’s the best there was, is and ever will be in WordPress Gallery plugin.

  32. Chris Quinn says:

    I don’t see anywhere on the plugin page where it says it requires PHP 5.2. It wasn’t until I installed and then tried to activate the plugin that I was presented with the error message. Anyway to bypass this?

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