Windows Live Photo Gallery with NextGEN

I’m happy to report that the people from Krangoo create a new addon for for Windows Live Photo Gallery that enables you to upload photos from your computer to NextGEN Gallery.

Download & check the details here


8 thoughts on “Windows Live Photo Gallery with NextGEN

  1. Dave says:

    Looks awesome… I just downloaded it, but wont have time till tomorrow to try it out.. it looks like it will be more user friendly than the plugin… I will let ya know..


  2. Josef Ulander says:

    Awesome! Works great.

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it… Just one quick question (or two). Does it do music with the slideshows? If so I can find where and if not to do you recommend a specific plug in that works well with it?
    Thanks! Diane

  4. jim says:

    Hello. I just downloaded Live Photo Gallery. But when I click on the WordPress icon to add my “blog” where I have my next gen plugin installed, I enter my website address, user name and password and I get an error: “Unable to connect to this blog”.
    Why am I getting this, is there something I need to do additionally on my website or word press settings?

  5. Addie says:

    @jim: did you enable the remote publishing feature in WordPress?

    Have a look at this FAQ:

    Hope this works. If not: leave a remark on the support forum on the Krangoo site and we will look into it.

  6. Azalea Inn says:

    I cannot get the Windows Live Photo Gallery to connect to my wordpress blog either though I have enabled correctly. Any other suggestions?

  7. Addie says:

    @Azelea Inn:

    One of our support engineers had good look at your website and it turns out that your hosting provider has modified the site in such a way that our plugin cannot connect to it. The website hides the so called “Really Simple Discovery” option which is used by our plugin to find the Remote Publishing features of the site.

    Most of the times this is done to make the site more secure (which is questionable, but I leave that to the security guys out there).

    We are about to release an updated version of the plugin. That plugin will try other options to find the Remote Publishing interface of the website and should work at least for your site.

    For now you are left with 2 options:
    1.Contact your hosting provider and ask him to stop hiding the “Really Simple Discovery” option on the site.
    2.Wait for the release of the new plugin (planned to be released by the end of May/early June).

  8. Addie says:

    I am pleased to announce that a new version has been released today. This one should fix the issues as mentioned here and on the support forum of our website.

    If you find any issues or have questions about the plugin, please address them at our support forum. We will have an occasional look at this post as well, but our focus is on our own website.

    Enjoy the new version!

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