30 years later…

Today, the IBM-PC has his birthday ! I’m too young for MS-DOS 1.00, but I remember very good the time when I first time “work” with a PC (Think it was Larry 1 ). My own first computer was a Amiga 500, and stand up : After one year I owned my first 512 Kbyte memory extension…! What was your first computer ?

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  1. Chris says:

    Commodore C16 🙂

  2. Gosch, I am getting old ;-). Mine was a Commodore VC-20 (that’s what it was called in Germany, Volks-Computer). I remember buying a 3.5kByte memory extension for the thing for about 350 Deutsche Mark, leave a lone that the only persistent memory was a tape (datacette I think it was called). That was about the time where in office use CP/M was still dominant and MS-DOS just came up.

  3. Paddy says:

    Sinclair ZX81

  4. Amiga 500 with Batman the movie games suite

  5. My first computer was an IBM PS/2 386 Model 70. Loved that computer, but it was back when I didn’t know the value of things really. It ran Windows 3.11, and had a 120MB Hard Drive. (I think anyway). It was a beautiful machine which was sadly chucked out about a year of ownership. I’m still looking for this computer to add to my collection. My collection consists of a custom built 486 (with a old floppy drive (you know, the big floppy ones) and a newer smaller floppy drive) which runs Windows 3.1. I also have an IBM PC XT 286 which I bought about 6 months ago. Can’t find much information about it, but I hope to do a tear down of it soon!

  6. Lisa says:

    Coleco Adam in 1983. It ran from cassettes and you had to make sure you didn’t boot it with a tape in the drive or the electromagnetic surge when you powered it on would erase the tape. Its power came from what had to be the loudest daisy wheel printer in the world. No printer, no power. You could hear that thing all over the house.

  7. i had a Timex/Sinclair – small little thing,used a TV as the monitor. Had 2k memory, 16k with the expansion. saved programs onto cassette tapes.

  8. TI994a says:

    Oh yeah, mischakugelrund Vic 20 !
    I was playing with the TI system at the time…before IBM even had a PC out. I have every generation of motherboards, memory & CPU form 8086 to current, for some odd reason I haven’t figured out.
    My first PC HD was a 5Mb! I remember buying a 5 1/4 RLL HD 100Mb for $500.
    Hey, any ‘Heath-Kit’ memories out there?
    (we’re really dating ourselves now . . .

  9. Briongloid says:

    **** COMMODORE 64 BASIC V2****



  10. Aaron says:

    TI-99/4a. Used it to learn BASIC. Stored my programs on cassette tape. Man I thought that was cool. 🙂

  11. Garratt says:

    Commodore Vic20, 2 years later got the commodore 64, in AUS. And a few years after that the Atari Amstrad personal computer was released and after that the IBM286, 386, 486, then the Pentium!
    My most expensive computer was the Pentium with MMX chip, at the time I spent a lot of cash on it. It really was a sweet PC. Had a soundblaster, and kickass graphics.

    Even my current PC: amd 6 core 4.3Ghz, 8GB 1600mhz RAM, 80GB Sata3 SSD, 2TB WD HDD, NVIDIA 2GB 560TI, 700W PSU, 27″ LG monitor (whole system under $2000). Not worth as much as I spent on the Pentium with MMX chip…

  12. Javi says:

    my first computer: Amstrad PC 1512 (RAM 512 Kbytes, Graphics: CGA (four colors) , 0 MB H.D., Intel 8086 … )

  13. Yep I also in the Amiga 500 camp, my parents had bought a 48K Sinclair ZX Spectrum but me memories of that are hazy.

    I still have that Amiga and the only ridiculous expansion was a 300mb External hard disk along with a 512KB memory expansion.

    Nice post.


  14. Turtleknits says:

    A Kaypro portable with a 6 inch (?) screen. Portable in the sense a large heavt suitcase is portable. It had two 5.
    5 inch floppy drives and ran CP/M ( I bet on the wrong horse: I thought CP/M was better than MS/DOS).

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