Apple or Deutsche Bank ?

What a crazy world. Apple is more worth than the 30 Top Europe Banks… Can you understand such a development ?

Something went wrong in this world…


4 thoughts on “Apple or Deutsche Bank ?

  1. Quentin says:

    Something went wrong???
    I’d say something finally got right!
    Banks are basically blood suckers that just get creative at finding news ways of taking away other people’s money. They do not make new products, and on the other hand, the worldwide economy is at the mercy of their blind lust for more money.
    How much of a bank activity is actual service when compared to all the speculation and trading activities.
    Apple, on the other hand, you can love or hate their products, but at least they make something.
    And it appears they did something right because people are willingly giving their money to them in order to get their products.
    Apple has creativity, patents and fans.
    Banks are kept going by either underpaid or exploited engineers, a bunch of traders who appear to live in a different dimension, and a lot of people to feed on.
    Just think in terms of input and output, this may have nothing to do with the scale of “worth” that you are talking about, but I am glad banks get a run for their money once in a while.

  2. While Apple has indeed become much less likable over the years – they still make great stuff and they are still THE one company that brought andn brings beauty and style to the world of tech.

    Banks on the other hand are, well, Quentin already said that in detail. Some time ago those “Geldwechsler” and “Wucherer” were considered to be on the same level of society as whores (which is kinda offensive to the love-workers…) and they were not allowed to go about their business in the more respectable quarters of town…

    And that was at a time where we are talking about “real” money at least – not the virtual amounts of today that only serve one purpose: to grab a firm hold on every human being, enslaved for his/her lifetime by virtual debt…

  3. KaREN WHITE says:

    Yes, completely. Steve Jobs understood branding and marketing, to the enth degree (meaning beyond what is normally understood).

    It isn’t that any product was the do all or end all, it was that Apple positioned itself under Jobs as a creative crucible, forging ahead, doing things not necessarily understood nor thought wise (how Apple was branded), versus all the others in the market, who reacted and said, why one shouldn’t. Apple embraced why one could.

  4. Jonathan says:

    I wrote about this at length here:

    I would like to write more, but I cannot figure out what only the short code comes up when I try to post an image…no thumbnail…jeepers…

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