Release of NextGEN Gallery 1.9.0

WordPress 3.3 is coming with big steps, so it’s time to update NextGEN Gallery. As said in my previous posts, I’ve included Plupload to this plugin as soon as you jump to WordPress 3.3 version. Moreover I fixed a couple of bugs. Here is a short list :

  • NEW : Keep images transparency for PNG and GIF format
  • NEW : Switch to Plupload, support now HTML5 Upload (only with WordPress 3.3)
  • NEW : Added client side resize feature (only with WordPress 3.3)
  • NEW : Support for gallery templates in album shortcodes [ album id=x template=”name” gallery=”templatename” ]
  • NEW : Added new hook ngg_delete_picture
  • Changed : Updated to jQuery Cycle Version 2.9995
  • Changed : Always cache the single pictures, remove option
  • Bugfix : Couldn’t use bulk operation for serach results
  • Bugfix : Bugfix for Edit thumbnails under IE 8 + 9
  • Bugfix : Allow empty altext in ngg.editImage
  • Bugfix : Various PHP notice fixes
  • Bugfix : Resize fix for Shutter effect and mobile Browser
  • Bugfix : FTP Import missing slug field into database
  • Bugfix : Check also EXIF field “DateTimeOriginal” for timestamp

Download NextGEN Gallery Version 1.9.0
Release Version @

48 thoughts on “Release of NextGEN Gallery 1.9.0

  1. ballet news says:

    Sine upgrading the plugin this morning I cannot get the page ‘add galleries’ This is a serious problem for me.

    Please can you tell me what’s gone wrong and how to fix it ? I have an urgent requirement to get a gallery uploaded by tonight. thanks

  2. Alex Rabe says:

    Please post any question in the forums . Thanks !

  3. ballet news says:

    Would really appreciate a response though – this is a major issue !

  4. I too have the same problem with NextGen Gallery. I have WordPress 3.2.1.
    Do not scroll through the photo galleries.

    Bartolomeo Di Monaco – Italy

  5. Kathy says:

    I’m needing to update my header but do not have the option to see “Header” under Custom Header. I’m currently using 3.2.1.

    Please advise – Thank you.

  6. Noixdarec says:

    One more suggestion: the plugin does capture the geocodes (latitude, longitude) from EXIF, which is great! But these data are put into photo descriptions. Could it be possible to
    1. Put them in separate fields,
    2. and put them in generated XMLs
    For further uses such as working with Google Maps it would be very very useful.

    Please have a look at my testing page:
    (pic paths and titles are from xml generated by NextGen, but the geo locations are entered by hand for now)

    Best regards,


  7. Angi Wiggins says:

    Since upgrading the plugin this morning I cannot get the page ‘add galleries’ either!

  8. Problem adding images. I upgraded this morning.

  9. Bachsau says:

    Pagination and Slideshow doesn’t work anymore. Fuck off!

  10. Bachsau says:

    Hmmm, seems to work again after editing the page. Maybe there’s a bug in Nextgen Gallery when using quick edit on pages? I just used quick edit to change the page order, and that seems to have broken the gallery.

  11. Caj006 says:

    Any chance you can give NextGen the ability to implement videos into a gallery in addition to images? I know tons of people have been asking for this over the last couple of years. Is there a plan to ad this or is this never going to be a consideration for NextGen?

  12. rivo says:

    Since the update, I can’t load images to galleries, it says the gallery does not exist. Using wordpress 3.2.1. I urgently need a fix for this bug — or how to revert to the previous version!!

  13. rivo says:

    On further research, my “non-existent” galleries were the ones still empty — deleting and recreating the gallery seems to work. And I seem to be able to normally add images to the galleries with pictures.

  14. Ronny says:

    Since I cleared my cache the SinglePic functionality in pages is not working anymore – i run the lates version and removed and inserted several pictures as “SinglePic” in the page but the picture does never show up. Any idea what is broken? I use IE 9

  15. chatychaty says:

    Please can you tell me what’s gone wrong and how to fix it ? I have an urgent requirement to get a gallery uploaded by tonight.


  16. Bachsau says:

    @Caj006: I’m using JW Player plugin to display videos on my blog. It’s as easy to set up as NextGEN Gallery. Give it a try!

  17. Kevin says:

    If I enlarge my thumbnails they look blurry and stretched in Firefox. I have posted in the forums, but no reply. Do I have to make a donation to get this fixed? Am I the only one with this issue??

  18. Juan says:


    Very good plugin; but i can’t activate it. The plugins page turns white when i activate it.

    I have installed the Lightbox plus plugin and when i turn off it i can activate the NextGEN Gallery. But the problem is i need both plugings.

    Can you help me activating it? Thanks!

  19. Omar says:

    Was hoping that this would finally fix, once and for all, the issue of adding text under the thumbs. Using [nggallery id=1 template=caption] never worked for me, no matter what theme I used.

  20. Mendim says:

    Hello,today i open my site and kaspersky internet security display a notification for trojan in this file

    i open that file i see encoded data

  21. csmillio says:

    I am experiencing what may appear to be a glitch in the program. When I attempt to upload photos to create a gallery–the screen goes blank and nothing displays at all. There is no way that I can upload photos to continue using Nextgen….Please help me figure this plugin out. It seems to be more of my taste than the others and I prefer using Nextgen.



  22. Diego says:

    the new version still seems to have the old bug with displaying albums in internet explorer. The thumbnails keep getting displayed as “stripes” (also in the standard wordpress theme).

    The solution for me was to put the width and height directly into the thumbnail’s CSS.

    The solution in detail can be found here:


  23. F Scheltens says:


    would it be possible to make the tags like [nggtags gallery=part-1] show the images in the same order in which they appear in the gallery?
    I currently use this to show specific photo´s from one gallery in one part of my post, and other photo´s further down. (I don´t use separate galleries for everything to keep the number of galleries manageable.)
    The problem is that i have image-10.jpg preceding image-2.jpg, which i don´t want.

  24. vivi says:

    rivo i have the same problem with u.

    after upgrading to version 3.3 i cant upload images to gallery. do u have the solution to it already?

    appreciate if someone could help. thanks


  25. copacetic says:

    will there be a native comments system introduced to the new Nextgen Gallery, particularly one that allows comments on individual photos? Or is that a concern for other developers to deal with?

  26. Fantastic plugin! Slideshow Widget could use some love though. Any chance for some development in that area to make it more efficient and robust? Many thanks!

    Needing something to address the little things from this post here:

    Much appreciated!

  27. Ana says:

    After all updates I still cannot use Thumbnail Editor – interestingly, left side is either blank or black – both in FF but on different websites. IE simply does not display any image – just a little red cross. This is extremely frustrating and while looking for help, I can see that I am not the only one – unfortunately, no help available.

  28. todayweekly says:

    1、NextGEN Gallery can’t solve the larger pic such as 983*1406 ?

    and why the name of the pic will be changed after it’s uploaded ?


    2、 sometimes,it can not find the pictures uploaded by ftp

    3、if pictures can be zoomed some percent which is I designed ,that will be attractive

    thanks ,happy new year.

  29. Achim says:

    ich kann keine Galerie mehr über den Artikel-Editor einfügen. Wenn nman den Button:”Wähle oder suche Galerie” drückt, läuft das warten Zeichen und nichts mehr passiert. Ich muss die Galerien jetzt Handisch eingeben. Bilder oder Album einfügen geht auch nicht.
    War glaub ich auch schon vor dem Update. Ging aber schon…
    Gruß Achim

  30. Nick says:

    Are you available for freelance work? Need S3 support. true s3 support. Email me?

  31. Christian says:

    I am trying to restore my NGG tables from a backup, but when I do, even though those restored galleries and photos are functional again, I lose the ability to create new galleries and to add new images to existing galleries. When I attempt to add a gallery, it is created on my server, but Nextgen does not recognize it. The backup is from a previous version (though I don’t know which) of Nextgen and someone suggested it may be a database issue with a reference to the older version. I don’t know where to look. I’ve tried to ask for help in the forums, but no avail…only other people with a similar problem. Anyone have a suggestion? Thanks. ~C

  32. Free Bird says:

    It’s a reality : the last update HAVE A BIG PROBLEM and it is not the wordpress forum witch can resolve it.

    I use NEXTgen gallery before it, never problem. I have update WP to 3.3, no souci. But I have update NEXTgen and it’s impossible to load images, or with some and some difficulties.

    Please, can you publishing an update for correct the bugs ?

    Thank you. It’s urgent for all the NextGen users.

  33. Q says:

    It seems not support IE6

  34. George says:

    Does anyone know a way to include a link that would show all the images within a gallery?

    We currently have the pagination set, but the client wants to have an option to show all.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  35. inge says:

    Reading about all this problems with updating NextGEN Gallery I simply don’t have the guts to do it. I don’t have the time for this kind om problems. Please let us all know when you have an update that performs well in WordPress 3.3

  36. Yukoner says:

    Love the plugin! Just wondering if you are going to implement a random function for the slideshow shortcode?

  37. sclark says:

    Is there a way to show a slideshow with only specific tags? I don’t want to duplicate the photos into another album but I need to pull only specifically tagged photos from my main album into a slideshow onto one of my pages. Can you please post the shortcode to do this? I see the shortcode to do it with just a gallery, but I need JUST A SLIDESHOW, no gallery thumbs, and just the ones that have a tag of “passport”.

  38. Hi there,

    I recently uploaded a few galleries to and they went fine, as you can see but as of today the plugin won’t let me upload images. I can add new galleries just fine but when I go to add images, select the image and the gallery to upload to and then click the “Upload” button it does absolutely nothing. No error, no response. Have tried it in two different users with no luck. Please help!

    I’ve had no luck getting any kind of support or replies on inquiries about this plugin on the forum up to this point and while I prefer it I can’t use it if it won’t work. And if I found there was some support for it so that it would work I’d happily make a donation. 😦

  39. Lobius says:

    Slideshow isn’t working right.

    It produces a blank slide at the start.

    I cannot find anything in options.

    Any ideas?

    My development server:


  40. bobby den says:

    why when i use nggDisplayRandomImages got that in my html non breakin space entry-content is annoying, that destroy the design of the page…i feel was ok before update any clue


  41. dolec says:

    Slideshow doesnt work it only shows loading icon what can cause the problem? Gallery works fine but when use : slideshow tag nothing happens:)

  42. Laxi says:

    Hello there,

    I m Using NexGen Gallery on my website. and it gives me error while uploading image and making thumb

    Exceed Memory Limit: Require 31.2Mbyte

    Any idea how to fix this ?

  43. pozicky says:

    same problom like Laxi


  44. Anette says:


    thank you for the nextgen gallery. Everything works fine, there’s only 1 little thing i can’t fix.
    In in IE8 Gallery Thumbnails show vertically streched.

    I’ve been google-ing two days allready to try to solve this.
    Different solutions, not one is working correctly.
    Who can give me THE ultimate solution?
    ( The theme I work with is Mosaico)

  45. jim says:

    Since upgrading(and being informed that it’s 100% compatible with my theme)I can no longer sort my gallery. When I go to sort it, all it gives me is a list-vertically aligned on the page. No pictures, no sorting ability. Any fixes planned?

  46. Ken Fisher says:


    I have purchased wordtube and it does nearly everything I require. The exception is to independantly order individual playlists. There seems a function to do this but I cant edit it and its always set to 0. I am new to wordpress so am I missing something? Any help would be appreciated.

  47. Joel says:

    I’m trying to figure out how to include the title text field as well as the description when the photo opens in the lightbox. So it would look like this

    Title of photo (hovering above photo)

    This seems like it would be something simple, but no one seems to have pursued this option. I tried the plugin “”NextGEN Custom Fields” which was promising, but then I can’t seem to find which php page to place the code in, or perhaps which css property to apply it to.

    Any thoughts?


  48. Shahee says:

    [nggallery id=2] is loading gallery id 1 !?! why is this happening? I can’t seem to get any response on the forums.

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