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Google Chart API

Great new Some updated stuff from google… a Chart API, which returns you a image with the chart you defined in your GET/POST request. This is just the first step to have the global power, in the next step Google can now maniplulate all charts in that way, that their own products are always the front runner 🙂

Example :

Test of Google Chart API


Apple's Lipstick Jungle

Have you seen the brave new world of the series Lipstick Jungle ? If Apple really sold 10 Mio iPhone’s in the last quarter, then  I’m pretty sure that 5 Mio phones are used in this TV series…

More pictures here

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Forums are sometimes horrible…

A wek ago I’ve exchanged my HTC Magic “Android” phone with the iPhone 3GS. My company would normally provide me a Blackberry, but hey I need a Smart-Internet-laptop-in-your-pocket-and-and-not-just-a-email-client-phone ! So I decided to buy me a (SIM unlocked, legal) iPhone. It was easy to setup with my provider (Vodafone Germany), they provide a good document how to setup my iPhone and all works fine (MMS, Internet, Mailbox , Visual Voicemail is  not available) but there is one nasty little problem :

Every time I call or get a call a little popup “Call forwarding active” show up…Really annoying !!!

Now, I start google a bit around and get real frustrated. There are hundreds of “fixes” and “solutions” available in some German forums, no one describe the real problem. The most fixes will are only useful for jailbroken iPhone’s (-> ForwardMSGfix) and a couple of ideas are really stupid. No one describe why this problem happened and after one hour I found some notes about the “ShowCallForwarding” flag in the carrier profile.

With this information I final found a solution for my iPhone without Jailbreak fixes. I really love the Internet and all it’s output, but forums are sometimes give you a wrong direction. Some people wrote silly things and it takes hours to get to the root of your problems…

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Javascript overload

QNAP BackendI setup this weekend my new NAS (QNAP TS-219). It’s very fast and I finished the installation within 2 hours. Then I start to play with the features & functions. The admin backend is really nice and easy to understand, but I recognize that it require a lot of loading time… Switched on firebug and get shocked, I never have seen so much javascript libraries loaded at the same time… Overall 2 MB (!) and nearly all existing Javascript frameworks. Hey QNAP Guys , a nice backend is cool, but try a smaller footprint.

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All by your lonesome…

Starting from Monday I have have no more connection to the world, no Internet , no telephone … AHH ! For more than two weeks, due to the fact that T-Com don’t rush if you are a customer from a competitor… And I’m loosing my 100MBit VDSL2 😦 and must downgrade to 18MBit ADSL2.  Is the Web2.0 still working with only a 18Mbit connection ? Cannot believe it…


Happy new year !

Whooaa… 2009 is there. Wish you all the best for the new year ! The last year was really exciting for me, my new project starts walking and we are moving now to our new flat. I’m also very impressed to be one of the TOP 10 WordPress Plugin developer in 2008 (and he only count the NextGEN Gallery downloads, without wordTube and wp-Table).

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