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Google Streetview in Cologne

Gotcha ! This morning I saw Google in cologne

Google Streetview

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Shared Hosting

I hate shared hosting… it’s a pain. Two days offline, Reason : “SQL load is to high…”. I didn’t get before any note, any warning, any message or email. They simply shut down the page. Great… Happy weekend

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Germany's Next Topmodel

I’m back in town and enjoy the summer…

Germany's Next Topmodel

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Take a break

I will take a short vacation until 09.June… I need to work at my handicap ūüôā

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This weekend…

no development, no wordpress, no computer, why ?

Cologne, May 2008

Enjoy it…

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Personal note. Playtime last weekend : 22 std : 15 min : 16 sec in three days… (Beside : 3 J√§germeister,¬†2 Sambuca, 4 Tequilla, 2 Cuba Libre and¬†4-5 K√∂lsch in one night…) Ugh…

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Hello Summer ???

Seriously, it’s March… END OF March ! And my hobby is golf. I remember that in my youth (must be 15 years ago) snow is falling in the city… But hey, we have MARCH ! Why the hell do I wake up in the morning an see this ????


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