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80.000 Blogs

The people behind the introduced a new pie chart. It returns a percentage breakdown of the versions being actively used by that plugin’s users. I’m very surprised how many user are currently uses (or activated) NextGEN Gallery. It’s more than 80.000 blogs worldwide… More over I’m astonished how many user are not updating to the latest version, only 18% installed the latest version….

WordPress 3.0 Memory Requirements: 256 MB

In the last weeks after the release of WordPress 3.0 I got again a lot of failure reports in the forums like :

I am getting the following error on a fresh install. Any idea why?

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 16777216 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 58368 bytes) in /vservers/mysite/htdocs/wp-content/plugins/nextgen-gallery/widgets/widgets.php on line 308

The reason is the increased memory needs for WordPress itself, a developer noticed that they raised the requirement up to 256MB ! Although this value is currently absolute unrealistic for a shared hosting, it means you need to increase your memory limit. I tested my plugin here with 48MB and 64MB limits and it works fine… If you can use the plugin but you are not longer able to create thumbnails, please remind my blog post two years ago, it’s the same issue…


New antenna ?

Back from my vacation, I found a interesting new antenna ( is this the 5G network ? ):

Most expensive browser

Today my iPad arrived at home. Since a couple of weeks I already ask myself : Do I really need a device which I just use for the web and email reading ?

Are i’m now a Apple fanboy ?

Since the keynote from godfather Steve and my final order placement, I often think about the sense to have a third mobile browser device (Laptop / Desktop, phone , tablet ), i can’t give a real answer.

Yes, I love my Apple products (iPhone & iPod touch), nevertheless I didn’t buy everything from Apple just to the fact that it looks better. I recently decided against a MacBook and ordered a Sony Vaio laptop, which is a great device (Full HD, Bluray, HDMI ) with a very good OS (Yes, Microsoft you did right with Win 7).

The main reason why I give the iPad a try , is due to the iPhone OS. I had some terrible expirence with my first Android (HTC Magic), which is now 1 year later not longer supported/upgradable. I know that Android is getting better and better, but to be honest, it needs a long time to get to the level of the iPhone OS.

I remember very good the time when I had the first iPod Touch my hands, I was thrilled from the UI/Concept (And there was no App Store, just Firmware 1.1.2 !). Till today it is a delight to work with the iPhone/iPod touch, it changes thew way I use the computer. If I analyse the amount of time I need a computer, then i use today approx. 30% (of my time) my laptop ( work, development, DVD, stuff where I need a full OS ) and 70% the iPhone/iPod (email, news, feeds, browser, ebay, weather etc.). I’m interesting how the iPad fits into my “tech” needs…

P.S. : I have some great ideas to sync images with WordPress/NextGEN Gallery/QNAP NAS/iPad, maybe I need to buy a Macbook for development some Apps 😦

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Transfer iTunes library

Could it be really so hard to move my entire music library to a new computer as described here ? Could not believe that Apple didn’t provide a more user friendly way….

iPhone 4G Wishlist

I’m using now about two month my iPhone 3GS and it’s a great experience…  I need my laptop more than 50 -70% less and it’s much better than my HTC Magic Android, but there are some minor things which could be better for the next generation :

  • Add 1-2 LED’s for SMS, Email, Low battery or other notification
  • Rework the popup notification for the locked screen
  • Add folders to the springboard, we really need them !
  • Add a fast scroll down gesture for Safari (For long long comment pages)

More wishes here

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Revision 6892


Today, three years ago created Matt my first plugin account (wp-table)….