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Most expensive browser

Today my iPad arrived at home. Since a couple of weeks I already ask myself : Do I really need a device which I just use for the web and email reading ?

Are i’m now a Apple fanboy ?

Since the keynote from godfather Steve and my final order placement, I often think about the sense to have a third mobile browser device (Laptop / Desktop, phone , tablet ), i can’t give a real answer.

Yes, I love my Apple products (iPhone & iPod touch), nevertheless I didn’t buy everything from Apple just to the fact that it looks better. I recently decided against a MacBook and ordered a Sony Vaio laptop, which is a great device (Full HD, Bluray, HDMI ) with a very good OS (Yes, Microsoft you did right with Win 7).

The main reason why I give the iPad a try , is due to the iPhone OS. I had some terrible expirence with my first Android (HTC Magic), which is now 1 year later not longer supported/upgradable. I know that Android is getting better and better, but to be honest, it needs a long time to get to the level of the iPhone OS.

I remember very good the time when I had the first iPod Touch my hands, I was thrilled from the UI/Concept (And there was no App Store, just Firmware 1.1.2 !). Till today it is a delight to work with the iPhone/iPod touch, it changes thew way I use the computer. If I analyse the amount of time I need a computer, then i use today approx. 30% (of my time) my laptop ( work, development, DVD, stuff where I need a full OS ) and 70% the iPhone/iPod (email, news, feeds, browser, ebay, weather etc.). I’m interesting how the iPad fits into my “tech” needs…

P.S. : I have some great ideas to sync images with WordPress/NextGEN Gallery/QNAP NAS/iPad, maybe I need to buy a Macbook for development some Apps ūüė¶

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Transfer iTunes library

Could it be really so hard to move my entire music library to a new computer as described here ? Could not believe that Apple didn’t provide a more user friendly way….

iPhone 4G Wishlist

I’m using now about two month my iPhone 3GS and it’s a great experience…¬† I need my laptop more than 50 -70% less and it’s much better than my HTC Magic Android, but there are some minor things which could be better for the next generation :

  • Add 1-2 LED’s for SMS, Email, Low battery¬†or other notification
  • Rework the popup notification¬†for the locked screen
  • Add folders to the springboard, we really need them !
  • Add a fast scroll down gesture for Safari (For long long comment pages)

More wishes here

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Revision 6892


Today, three years ago created Matt my first plugin account (wp-table)….

Traffic, Memory & WP Super Cache

During last week I’m working on a new server. As my hoster didn’t accept anymore the traffic on my shared hosting, I need to move it to a virtual server. I want to share some experience with you about this adventure :

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Moved to new server

Since one hour, I moved all content to my new server. There are still some memory issues and problems, but now I can re-enable the feeds… let me know when you receive any error message

feeds are disabled

My traffic reached a new limit, my hoster didn’t accept anymore the CPU usage on my Webhosting. So I need to transfer now to a dedicated (virtual) server, until I moved everything I need at first disable the feed system.

bad idea

I know two bad ideas to protect your content against  content stealth :

  1. Disable per javascript the right click  to avoid that somebody get the source code,
  2. and for PHP to crypt your code with eval + gzinflate +base64_decode.

¬†It’s better not to publish anything before doing such a silly thing…



Very cool flash work seen at :


See here : Personas


I’m offline for some holidays till the 30.August 2009…. Wish you a nice week

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