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Goodbye Flash ?

I’m working now a couple of weeks on a new slideshow options, which is based on pure Javascript, so it’s possible to view them as well on a iPad/iPhone and other mobile devices.  I estimated that it will take just a couple of hours, but I ran into various challenges. I would like to share some of my problems :

First of all I looked for all the great jQuery Plugins on the market, here you find IMHO the best ones. I thought that I just need to grab one of these slideshow plugins and add this to my code, but I came across a couple of problems to replace the existing flash solution.  A flash slideshow solves three  issues :

  • Any theme related style sheet didn’t affected the flash layout
  • It load images step by step
  • It can resize mixed image formats ( portrait / landscape )

NextGEN Gallery is a plugin which should nearly handle all kind of themes / layout / formats, if you look into the samples above you find a lot of great designed slideshow, but they will not fit to every theme layout. So I need to pickup a solution which requires a minimum of styling, the rest should be pat of the theme author.

Another point : The most jQuery Slideshow plugins are not designed for loading speed, they parse a hidden div/ul list which contain the images. This is ok for 5-10 images, but not for a gallery which can contain 100+ images. A page load will blow up. So I need to add a AJAX based loading for the images.  I study a couple of plugins and decided to use jQuery Cycle, it contains a lot of functions and can handle a AJAX loading of images.

In the second step I’m looking for a reliable solution to resize a image to the wanted size and keep the ratio, also jQuery Cycle has here some problems. introduce a slideshow feature and while I study the solution I recognize that they resize the images on server side, no need to  handle this later in the script code. Very good for bandwidth, but I need to cache resized images in this case , otherwise your web hoster and your server cpu usage will blow up.

Currently I load the full images step by step and setup then the wanted container  height, I’m still working on a  solution to center images. You can watch a first result here :

Any hints / comments  for a better solution are welcome


jQuery takes a flight of fancy ?

WordPress used it, Google use it and also I use it. I’m a big fan of jQuery and the work of this team. But now I get problems in combination with the interface elements. Firefox shows a couple of problems in combination with V1.2.1 and IE7 didn’t work at all…

After I study the forums around this problem, I found out that the changes since 1.1.4 get in conflict with the interface lib. I found no response from any jQuery developer, the interface lib is dead. Ok, I know that jQuery.UI is the successor and all attention is put on this plugin, but it’s by far not at the level as the older interface lib. I used the sortable / draggable feature in NextGEN Gallery and I hope I get in the future a similar feature with jQuery.UI.

For now I need to go back to Version 1.1.3…

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Bugfixes for IIS

So I uploaded a new bugfix release which contain only minor changes for IIS, I hope I catched the most of them. I’m already started the 0.8x branch in the last days, but this next release will take a longer time than in the past. I’m reading all feature wishes and requirements and try now to merge the most wanted request into this version.

One of this points is a better AJAX / jQuery function for the pagination, if someone have good ideas or is disposed to help, please contact me. It will speed up the development…


My jQuery fight

Here now the first preview of my jQuery integration.

At the moment I get a headache about the page reload, which is new since I integrated it into NextGEN Gallery. I think I remove the fade effect, cause it’s also not nice for the border effect…

Troubles over troubles…

Please give me feedback if the naviagation didn’t work in your browser (and of course which browser /OS as note)

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Implement today my first jQuery plugin into NextGEN gallery, nothing works like it should be… cancelled for today. PHP is much better : Added create page function and new sort option in 15-20 minutes…


I need memory

Yes, the jQuery plugin is working, but not in a good manner. If i show this plugin the jQuery community, oh god …. I can hear what they say. Anyway, I upload in a couple of days this example to gt some feedback with Firefox, Opera, Safari and all other silly browsers.

At the end I hope some jQuery programmer will help me to optimize this one, my journey to JavaScript end at this point. Three long long days for a very very little feature is not very productive…

Today I go back to my good old PHP and implement a better memory checking. I get some feedback that the thumbnail generation ends into an white screen, so I rework the checking for memory : A picture with 800 x 600 could cause already a error if the server limit is 8-12 Mbyte.

The image itself need 1-2 Mybte , but a WordPress Installation with a couple of plugin requires very fast up to 10 MByte (this is what I measure at my localhost system).

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Puh.. not my thing

OK, here is something to laugh :
I start with a jQuery plugin and study the plugin jCarousel . I’m at the moment not able to understand and to use the real basics from jQuery. I configure an array of pictures (this.imgarray) and would like to wrap around a link and some div’s. This is the first result :

// get to start point 
this.container = this.list.parent();
for (var i = 0; i < this.imgarray.length; i++) {

   this.innerHTML = &#039;<a href="'+ this.imgarray&#91;i&#93;&#91;0&#93; +'">';
   this.innerHTML += '<img />';
   this.innerHTML += '</a></div>';
   this.container = this.list.append(this.innerHTML).children();


// add the div container
this.container.wrap('<div class="ngg-gallery-thumbnail-box"></div>');
this.container.wrap('<div class="ngg-gallery-thumbnail"></div>');  

Here the result :

HTML result

Mhh, It’s ok , but  I think it’s the wrong method or to complicated. Could be easier at least… need more time to learn jQuery 😦

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