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Update successful…

I change this morning to WordPress version 2.1 , and I have luck, no major problem with all the plugins. Two problems encounter , which I fixed very easily…

RS-Discuss : New post entries will automatic needs to stripslash , cause the database behaviour is changed in Wp2.1

myGallery : The TinyMCE Button didn’t work and the prototype version causes problems. So I commented out the script and fixed it for the button until a release from myGallery for 2.1 is avaiable.

I like the saving of post during I writing , it’s a real good feature !

WordPress 2.1 released ! Time to update the plugins…

So it’s out now, WordPress 2.1

I installed already some time ago a test version and didn’t encounter big problems with my plugins. So I hope also my plugins will work in the “live” operation of your blogs. I will update my blog very soon to v2.1, I need first to wait for the update of myGallery (or I need to do it my own way) , then remaining problem for the plugins is the TinyMCE button issue, which is detailed explained here.

A sample script for a button integration in TinyMCE you can download by An-Archos. Thanks to his work and Viper007Bond , that they already sorted out the problem. So it’s time now for the plugin authors to say “Designed for WordPress 2.1 or not ?”


Wordpress 2.1



forums are online…

Thanks to Mark, that I at the end find a good and easy Forum plugin.

I can recommend it and hope that the plugin author will update and work on it as long as possible… RS-Discuss

Anyway, i would like to request now everbody to post in this forums for support, otherwise I loose total overview about the discussion (Wordtube has already 70 comments).

What’s going on…

After the first success of wordTube (more that 700 Downloads !), I need a forum !

So I search for a simple and easy integration into WordPress. I started with WP-Forum, which is a real good one, but my narrow page design bring me to bbPress. It’s a little bit buggy and unstable , but on a very good way to be a good WordPress addon.

I hope I can release my forum this weekend…

Download counter …

Today i added a new download counter, to get a better statistic from where the people download the plugin. Again i found a couple of very good tools / plugins, but some of them are really bad programmed.

At the end I choose the Download manager from Kaf Oseo. It’s for my purpose the best one, but I miss some information statistic on the blog page itself. So I start to rewrite it, that you can see when the file is changed and how many times it’s already downloaded. You can see that now at wordTube, myFlash and wp-table page.

If somebody is interested in this little hack, send me a short mail.

wordTube released… another wordpress video FLV plugin

Hello there,

today I finished my first version of wordTube : a easy Flash Player Plugin for FLV files in the style of YouTube or Google video. I hope it’s also so usefull,  as the wp-Table plugin. Again I program this plugin in a way that also a non HTML programmer is able to insert a (.flv) Flash video in a quick and easy way.

See a example at

A good (german) description how to convert a video into FLV format you can found at

Download the plugin here : wordTube

Merry christmas


P.S. I have terrible problems with the CDATA (XHTML) string , I need to solved that, but now is christmas time 🙂

Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

XHTML valid or not , that’s the question…

Now after I get some response that my wp-Table plugin is not XHTML valid, I updated the code and integrate a CSS control. You can now create you own style with the wp-table.css file.

If you upgrade from a old version, please deactivate the plugin one time, otherwise the tables will not be updated.

Download wp-Table 1.20 here

It’s getting complicated…

Uh, after some days I need to release a first bugfix version, cause some users at the board of getting a problem with undefined variables, during debugging I found a failure for showing the description.

Here is now version wp-Table V1.11