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Adobe Lightroom

A cool addon plugin for Adobe Lightroom export direct the images to NextGEN gallery. You can optionally create a post including the exported photos (the post is left in draft mode, so you can edit it later).

Download this plugin here.


wordTube Version 2.3.0 released

I’ve uploaded a new version of wordTube to This version contain the new JW Media Player V5.1. The path to the player is now editable, so that you can upload your custom version (You can also use version 4.x, as the player is backward compatible). Please note : In the next version I will remove the flash file from the repository. If you not move your flash player file outside the plugin folder, it will automatic erased during the upgrade routine.

Please verify the path of your player in the wordTube options, if you have any other trouble with the new version, please report it at the forums. Thanks !


Photocrati SuperTheme

The people behind Photocrati create a new Premium Theme with 15 layouts included ! This SuperTheme feature the full power of NextGEN Gallery functions, which is a great thing. I’m especially very happy that they re-style the gallery layout in a really nice way…

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NextGEN Gallery V1.5.0

I’ve uploaded the new version. I would like to highlight three new features :

1. Backup feature : You can now create a backup when you resize the original images, and recover them later if needed
2. Post thumbnail support : I’ve added the full Post Thumbnail support, which is a excellent feature in the new WordPress V3.0 Theme TwentyTen
3. Auto translation file loader : Now you can download via one click the latest language file. look for it in the overview menu

Please let me note, that the current version is not compatible with BuddyPress or WPMU, I will look for this in the next month.

Please report any bug in the forums. Thanks !

Download NextGEN Gallery Version 1.5.0
Release version @


Say thank you !

A german blog call for a campaign on the 15.Oct. :

Donate one Euro (or more) for your favorite developer


That’s a great thing, I think I should donate my favorite plugin…

XMLRPC attack

Tse, tse, tse… 100 attempts in the last two hours. Disabled xmlrpc.php for the moment, should be better until the first rush is over. One friends blog are already attacked, luckily their didn’t damaged too much. Was my fault, didn’t updated the version 😦

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Goodbye PHP4

I’m currently working on some new extension for NextGEN-Gallery. One target is better support to fetch images via a API similar to FlickR. This idea is born since I have my new QNAP NAS : All my images are now located on my NAS and now I would like to show them in a nice slideshow, search for them, organize them to galleries/albums, access from my NAS WordPress blog and so on…
The first tests are great, but for an easier implementation (in this case JSON) I need a PHP5.2 installation. I know that WordPress itself wait as long as possible to switch to PHP5 exclusive, but I can’t wait anymore.

For Version 1.4.X you need PHP5 for the full power of functions, from today I will not longer support PHP4.

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