1. The Album link didn’t link to the gallery page ?

You need to write a page and insert the [ nggallery id=x ] tag. Now go to the Gallery in “Manage gallery” and have a look at the right side at “Page Link to”.  Define here the page of your gallery, not (!) your album page.

2. What the hell is an album and a gallery in NextGEN Gallery ? It’s confusing

Yes, it is (if you compare it with Gallery2 or Coppermine). I thought in the beginning of the development the opposite way is correct and so the structure is :
Gallery is a container for your photos. If you divide your photos into categories you will most likely want a ‘Gallery’ for each collection.
Album would be a collection of one or more Galleries.

3. I didn’t get the Highslide or Lightbox effect working…

NextGEN Gallery supports only Shutter and Thickbox as full integrated effect. All other effects are possible but you need to add them manually. You can use other plugins to add the effect.
Highslide JS plugin or Lightbox JS Plugin

4. I can’t see the thumbnails in FireFox , Internet Explorer show them correct.

This is an open CSS issue. Please have a look in your theme style-sheet and search for max-width: 100%;
Delete this line and the thumbnails are shown also in FireFox.

5. The slideshow didn’t work. I only see the message “The Flash Player and a browser with Javascript  needed..”, but everything is installed and activated.

Make sure you have the following in your template. (It’s in the original WP index.php template, but if you’re creating your own, you may have forgotten to include it) :

<?php wp_head(); ?>

That line would go in between your <HEAD> </HEAD> tags

6. When I try to activate the plugin I get the message : “Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error.”

This problem could happened if you have a low memory_limit in your php environment and a lot of plugins installed. For a simple test deactivate all other plugins and try then to activate NextGEN Gallery again. Please check also if you have a minimum memory_limit of 16Mbyte (as much as possible).

7. I get the message “Fatal error: Allowed memory size of xxx bytes exhausted” or get the “Error : Exceed Memory limit.”. What does this means ?

This problem could happened if you have a low memory_limit in your php environment or you have a very large image (resolution, not size). The memory limit sets the maximum amount of memory in bytes that a script is allowed to allocate. You can either lower the resolution of your images or increase the PHP Memory limit (via ini_set, php.ini or htaccess). If you didn’t know how to do that, please contact your web hoster.

8. There is a huge gap between the gallery and the text ?

This is based on your theme and the gallery style sheet. Look into the NextGEN Gallery Style sheet and search for “clear:both;“. Delete all of them.

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