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I’m back on the 24th…

 Have a nice week !

NextGEN AJAXAnd if you like to know what could be a nicer , cleaner admin interface for NextGEN Gallery, then have a look at this discussion.

Your feedback is important… !

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ah , it's summer

After two weeks of rain, I noticed we have summer

Wish you all a sunny Sunday ūüôā

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Memory again

Uh, the switch to the new server has a real bad effect : My memory consumption is increased nearly 2 times.

If you read this article , you can see that I have under Apache 2.0.48 / PHP 4.3.x (doesn’t remember) around 10,7 MByte memory usage, now it’s 20,35 MByte !

My web hosting company activate too much modules… ūüė¶ and didn’t accept a higher memory limit than 32 MByte.

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Level 5

Today I switched to a new server and jump from MySQL 4 to¬†Version 5. It take a long time during the day, but that’s the price¬†if you pay for your web hosting 2,99 Euro …



NorwayNormally¬†I didn’t take a seat at the window, but the plane was not so full¬†¬†and I had the chance to test my¬†mobile phone camera. I wonder if¬†George W. and all the other prime ministers also recognize how beautiful our planet is and if¬†they think we¬†really do our best for the future…

It’s a very seldom moment when I’m sad¬†regarding the¬†development of our clime, hope my child have still the chance to see such a panorama.

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7.44 meters – The flood is knocking at the door


A short note : 7.44 meters this afternoon, my beautiful brown rhine river¬†ūüôā

Actual status here : http://www.hochwasserinfo-koeln.de¬†. I rethink to buy a water protected Laptop, otherwise I have the first underwater WordPress blog in this world…


Who the f*** is Horst Schl√§mmer ?

Hi friends,

today I found a funny Blog (http://schlaemmerblog.tv/), which uses my wordTube Plugin. All people (or nearly everybody) in Germany knows this person, but I would like to introduce you a famous german comedian :

SORRY the file is not longer available….

You can find the orginal content here : http://schlaemmerblog.tv/?p=32
The blog is sponsored by Volkswagen, but nobody send me as small¬†donation for my work a Golf ūüė¶¬† I’m very sad…

Da wisst Ihr Bescheid,


P.S: It brings me to the idea to integrated a Showcast for all the pages which uses the wordTube Plugin, if you like this idea , send me a link to your page via email or add a comment….