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V1.2.0 RC 2 – final candidate

As reported in the forums, I fix a problem with umlauts and special chars. Here is the download link

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New bugfix release

Today, I uploaded some bugfixes for NextGEN Gallery. It’s no mandatory update for everyone, only minor things will be fixed. See changelog for more…

The development for v1.00 is still in progress, but based on my new project everything needs more time now. Currently I’m prepare a refactor of some old code. After two year experience and grown knowledge with PHP, WordPress and the plugin, a lot of things needs to be better… learning by doing.

In the forums I received a lot of feature requests, so I will include in the next time more filters, hooks and template function that this plugin is more extensible. You can watch the progress at the GoogleCode. It already contains a extended role system, so that a author can only edit his own galleries… (Please note : The current trunk is from time to time not working, so don’t use the code in a live system until you know what you do)

Final remark :If you like this plugin, it would be great if you can rate the plugin at wordpress.org (Currently 153 ratings). Thanks !

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