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Back in town and web,

WordPress 2.3 is knocking at the door and I need to check if this old K2 theme is still working with this version. I answered the mosted question in the forums and must crawl now thru my emails…

During the next weeks I’m not able to work on the pluigns, but I do my best to solve bugs very quick !

Wish you all a nice start in the week….
 Ship my bike

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I’m back on the 24th…

 Have a nice week !

NextGEN AJAXAnd if you like to know what could be a nicer , cleaner admin interface for NextGEN Gallery, then have a look at this discussion.

Your feedback is important… !

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Thanks Google…

Today I received the confirmation that I reached the 100 Dollar limit for my AdSense account (after 9 month of collecting clicks) . This gives me now the possibility to remove the ads and keep this page for more than 2 years complete ads free…

I was never a friend of this ads, but the major increasing of the traffic on this page (last month more than 100 GB), required a more expensive account and I take the ads income as balance for that.

Now enjoy this page without any ads…


Most Popular ?

Today I saw on wordpress.org that NextGEN Gallery reached the download rate of WPG2 – the Gallery2 integration. So what is behind is numbers ?

WPG2 is a very good and easy to handle plugin for the best gallery system you can hosted on your own server (FlickR and Picasa are defined as external solutions). Gallery 2 is by far the most complex PHP gallery solution, I often call it the Typo3 of gallery system.

When I start to study the success of WordPress, I saw that the backend administration is the key to the success. WordPress is complex, but when you visit the first time the backend panel and play around with the option you don’t need to study any documentation.

This is now my problem, with tagging and other new features I increase the number of setting more and more, I need now longer for the design than in the startup. A good and intuitive backend is harder than the programming itself. This is the biggest trap for programmer since Microsoft introduced Windows…

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free software

I followed the last days a interesting discussion about sponsored themes at WordPress. I’m real impressed about Matt’s answer today. I fully agree with his definition and understanding of free software.

I never thought to release wordTube or NextGEN Gallery under a other license than GPL. It’s my very small part for the large WordPress community and as I define it for myself a payback for the development of all the great free products like PHP, MySQL, Apache or a least WordPress.

The positive feedback, ideas and code changes I received are very motivating. Imaging the response on Windows if it was a GPL product ! I believe the whole development will be much faster than the 10000 unmotivated developers from Microsoft, which receive beside the money only a lot of pressure from the management.

I hope we didn’t encounter sponsored plugins sometimes…

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ah , it's summer

After two weeks of rain, I noticed we have summer

Wish you all a sunny Sunday 🙂

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Memory again

Uh, the switch to the new server has a real bad effect : My memory consumption is increased nearly 2 times.

If you read this article , you can see that I have under Apache 2.0.48 / PHP 4.3.x (doesn’t remember) around 10,7 MByte memory usage, now it’s 20,35 MByte !

My web hosting company activate too much modules… 😦 and didn’t accept a higher memory limit than 32 MByte.

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NorwayNormally I didn’t take a seat at the window, but the plane was not so full  and I had the chance to test my mobile phone camera. I wonder if George W. and all the other prime ministers also recognize how beautiful our planet is and if they think we really do our best for the future…

It’s a very seldom moment when I’m sad regarding the development of our clime, hope my child have still the chance to see such a panorama.

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What's behind tera byte ?

We reached already the PETA bytes. I heard some time ago that Ebay is already calculating their hard disc space in peta byte ( which is 1 000 000 000 000 000 byte ), but the memory limit of a PHP environment is sometimes only 8 Mbyte.

Is this a problem ?

The last days I get more feedback from users that they get a fatal error when they activate NextGEN Gallery or a blank screen when uploading some pictures (which is a fault on my side , that I didn’t do a correct error check). Now lets have a look at nextgen.boelinger.com

A simple WordPress installation and only 1 plugin activated :


And now have a look on alexrabe.de  (WordPress plus 22 plugins )


I also calculate the required memory for a 800 x 600 sized jpg, when you want to create a thumbnail : It up to 2,2 MByte in my internal tests… Now go and check you memory_limit 🙂


Due to the fact that most users didn’t understand the behaviour of the PHP GD library. Here an additional test I found on this discussion (taken form http://www.webmasterworld.com/php/3286309.htm ) :

During imagecreatefrom(type) calls, the memory usage is related to the number of pixels in the source image. So, it doesn’t matter if you have 3500×3500 pixels which are all the same color or 3500×3500 pixels of random color noise, the memory allocation will be identical with gd. You can test it by making two JPEGs which are of equal pixel dimensions but dramatically different file sizes then run each through this script.


ini_set(&#039;memory_limit&#039;, -1);
echo &#039;Start: &#039;.memory_get_usage().&#039; <br />';
$filename = '/path-to-your-file/3500x3500-72.jpg';
$im = imagecreatefromjpeg($filename) or die ("Cannot Initialize new gd image stream");
echo 'ImageCreate: '.memory_get_usage().' <br />';
echo 'ImageDestroy: '.memory_get_usage().' <br />';

I ran a 72 KB 3500×3500 JPEG and a 904 KB 3500×3500 image and both used up just under 62 MB of memory (61,392,088 bytes to be exact).


Puh.. not my thing

OK, here is something to laugh :
I start with a jQuery plugin and study the plugin jCarousel . I’m at the moment not able to understand and to use the real basics from jQuery. I configure an array of pictures (this.imgarray) and would like to wrap around a link and some div’s. This is the first result :

// get to start point 
this.container = this.list.parent();
for (var i = 0; i &lt; this.imgarray.length; i++) {

   this.innerHTML = &#039;<a href="'+ this.imgarray&#91;i&#93;&#91;0&#93; +'">';
   this.innerHTML += '<img />';
   this.innerHTML += '</a></div>';
   this.container = this.list.append(this.innerHTML).children();


// add the div container
this.container.wrap('<div class="ngg-gallery-thumbnail-box"></div>');
this.container.wrap('<div class="ngg-gallery-thumbnail"></div>');  

Here the result :

HTML result

Mhh, It’s ok , but  I think it’s the wrong method or to complicated. Could be easier at least… need more time to learn jQuery 😦

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