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Google Chart API

Great new Some updated stuff from google… a Chart API, which returns you a image with the chart you defined in your GET/POST request. This is just the first step to have the global power, in the next step Google can now maniplulate all charts in that way, that their own products are always the front runner 🙂

Example :

Test of Google Chart API


Google Streetview in Cologne

Gotcha ! This morning I saw Google in cologne

Google Streetview

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wordTube released… another wordpress video FLV plugin

Hello there,

today I finished my first version of wordTube : a easy Flash Player Plugin for FLV files in the style of YouTube or Google video. I hope it’s also so usefull,  as the wp-Table plugin. Again I program this plugin in a way that also a non HTML programmer is able to insert a (.flv) Flash video in a quick and easy way.

See a example at samba-koeln.de

A good (german) description how to convert a video into FLV format you can found at die.netzspielwiese.de

Download the plugin here : wordTube

Merry christmas


P.S. I have terrible problems with the CDATA (XHTML) string , I need to solved that, but now is christmas time 🙂

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