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NextGEN Gallery in the AppStore

I’m very happy to announce that Morten Andersen create a NextGEN Gallery App for iOS. Upload new images straight from your iPhone to your NextGEN Gallery. You can also edit the title and description of an image, or choose to exclude the image from a gallery. As he offer this App for free, please consider a donation via the About button if you happy with it.

Note : You need NextGEN Gallery Version 1.7.0 or higher to use this App

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iPhone 4G Wishlist

I’m using now about two month my iPhone 3GS and it’s a great experience…  I need my laptop more than 50 -70% less and it’s much better than my HTC Magic Android, but there are some minor things which could be better for the next generation :

  • Add 1-2 LED’s for SMS, Email, Low battery or other notification
  • Rework the popup notification for the locked screen
  • Add folders to the springboard, we really need them !
  • Add a fast scroll down gesture for Safari (For long long comment pages)

More wishes here

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Apple's Lipstick Jungle

Have you seen the brave new world of the series Lipstick Jungle ? If Apple really sold 10 Mio iPhone’s in the last quarter, then  I’m pretty sure that 5 Mio phones are used in this TV series…

More pictures here

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Forums are sometimes horrible…

A wek ago I’ve exchanged my HTC Magic “Android” phone with the iPhone 3GS. My company would normally provide me a Blackberry, but hey I need a Smart-Internet-laptop-in-your-pocket-and-and-not-just-a-email-client-phone ! So I decided to buy me a (SIM unlocked, legal) iPhone. It was easy to setup with my provider (Vodafone Germany), they provide a good document how to setup my iPhone and all works fine (MMS, Internet, Mailbox , Visual Voicemail is  not available) but there is one nasty little problem :

Every time I call or get a call a little popup “Call forwarding active” show up…Really annoying !!!

Now, I start google a bit around and get real frustrated. There are hundreds of “fixes” and “solutions” available in some German forums, no one describe the real problem. The most fixes will are only useful for jailbroken iPhone’s (-> ForwardMSGfix) and a couple of ideas are really stupid. No one describe why this problem happened and after one hour I found some notes about the “ShowCallForwarding” flag in the carrier profile.

With this information I final found a solution for my iPhone without Jailbreak fixes. I really love the Internet and all it’s output, but forums are sometimes give you a wrong direction. Some people wrote silly things and it takes hours to get to the root of your problems…

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NextGEN Gallery for iPhone/iPod Touch

I’m very impressed about the new iPhone Safari Browser. It’s the first mobile web browser which render all pages and show them in a good way (No, I didn’t get money from Apple). For my own purpose I would like to show my family galleries from my web page.  It’s ok with the standard page design, but a iPhone native web page would be even better.

So I get the iUI from Joe Hewitt (Creator of Firebug) and programmed (based on the WordPress Mobile Edition by Alex King) a little plugin to show the galleries in a iPhone native design. Really not very famous, but usefull for me.

Here are some screenshots (With Safari, I didn’t Jailbreak my iPod for now) :

NextGEN Gallery for iPhone - 1 NextGEN Gallery for iPhone - 2 NextGEN Gallery for iPhone - 3 NextGEN Gallery for iPhone - 4

You can see a live demonstration when you visit nextgen.boelinger.com with your iPhone/iPod.

Mhhh, Is anybody interested in this addon ? (if there is enough feedback I will consider to publish this little modification…)

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