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NextGEN Gallery for iPhone/iPod Touch

I’m very impressed about the new iPhone Safari Browser. It’s the first mobile web browser which render all pages and show them in a good way (No, I didn’t get money from Apple). For my own purpose I would like to show my family galleries from my web page.  It’s ok with the standard page design, but a iPhone native web page would be even better.

So I get the iUI from Joe Hewitt (Creator of Firebug) and programmed (based on the WordPress Mobile Edition by Alex King) a little plugin to show the galleries in a iPhone native design. Really not very famous, but usefull for me.

Here are some screenshots (With Safari, I didn’t Jailbreak my iPod for now) :

NextGEN Gallery for iPhone - 1 NextGEN Gallery for iPhone - 2 NextGEN Gallery for iPhone - 3 NextGEN Gallery for iPhone - 4

You can see a live demonstration when you visit nextgen.boelinger.com with your iPhone/iPod.

Mhhh, Is anybody interested in this addon ? (if there is enough feedback I will consider to publish this little modification…)

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